Kabbalist “Superstring” Physics

 The psudo science is religion and this another new age religion as also is astrology which have psychic and meduim cults and magasines and media and scientology has for psudo science religion exoteric new age movment,as the esoteric one which just occult there is all religions in one as original ecumental movment new age movment these things drive from mystery religion of kaballah mysticism all of them!

This subject belongs with the seven part series entitled “Kabbala”.  It could be added to Part II where several examples of confirmed historical facts reveal that today’s Big Bang Paradigm of evolutionary cosmology is derived from the Pharisee Religion’s “holy book” Kabbala,the Zohar  that is going back at least to the first century A.D and is channeled by that occultist channeling no other being then Satan/Lucifer,making way for one world religion thru kabalistic help.


At the time of those writings a good bit of information which included references to “Superstrings”, but it is mixed with lies,big time!An understanding of the mind-set that has produced this huge and utterly amazing and willful deception surrounding the connections between the mystic Kabbala and modern satanic religions continues to grow.Also from that Crislam originates and Chatolicism,and Enochian magic and many magical systems from kaballah.You have no idea to begin with.


So—laying aside a growing pile of hard copies of articles on the subject—it is time to focus on the “creation” context embodied in one well written twelve page article by Ajaenna E. Ziman for the “Kabbalah Centre” entitled “Adam & Atom”.  (The full electronic URL reference is):


(emph. added and page numbers given throughout.  My remarks in red)



“Physicists in cult of the illuminati and the kaballah prist Dr. Michio Kaku and Fred Alan Wolf who is also Kabbalist Theologian as Rav Berg is,are discussing the differences and mostly the similarities between physics and Kabbalah”, the author notes up front. (p.1)   Theoretical physicist Kaku lays the foundation, saying: “By unraveling the mystery of creation, a God-like power would be put into the hands of humans.” So he is advocating evolving to godhood as you see this is luciferian gnostic doctrine and ye shall be as gods the thing that satan told adam and eve!


Then, theoretical physicist Wolf explains: “The strength of physics is that it gives us physical proof.  Its weakness is that it does not provide us with any subjective insight. That is a job for the mystic.”  ENTER THE KABBALIST is the next heading.These are demonic mystery school CIA agents and satanic prists and disinformation agents of the first order and Vatican´s jesuit coajuctors and leaders of Ecumental movment and the new age movment one world luciferian religion and are new word order genuine resisting people reporters and police inspectors who expose them the frauds they are and who expose the crap they sell and who is generaly against new world order luciferian fachism rule!


“…Kabbalah can explain the mathematics of physics as well as providing a deeper, spiritual comprehension of religion’s literal teachings”, says Kabbalist Rav Berg.  The author explains: “In other words, Kabbalah gives us the tools to understand the languages of both science and religion.” genuine science is not religion and the religion is satanic and of satan and the illuminati and the psudo science is religion and their one of their religions and the thing is that they are satanic Vatican illuminati jesuit askenazi draco elite agents and masters of deception these who advocate this and Michio Kaku is demonicly possessed by draconian fallen angel CIA shill and controlling hand and balance inspector of all controlled opposition movments he is also that the very dangerous invividual!


[Lest there be any doubt thus far that theoretical physics and the “holy book”

Kabbala work together to present an “origins scenario” that the world has

been led to believe is supported solely by secular science with no religious

connections, we proceed with further quotes]:


Author Ziman tells us that Kabbalah and physics “…work together to draw a picture of the mysteries of such phenomena as the big bang, parallel universes, relativity theory, and the superstring theory.”-The thing is that this hogwash all is just not hogwash blashemous heretical paganistic unscientific unspiritual religious antichrist satanic/luciferian demonic peace of transdemonic junk that has ever been putted out there,the thing is with explosion destruction comes and not creation here is example:if you put bomb in car it won´t  create new car but destroy an already excisting one,so this luciferian myth and mysticism and religious hogwash is religious worldwide abuse of souls of humanity which they put out there and stay away from that and pray for judment and wrath of God to destroy and annihilate these peace of satanic demonic junk basterds of hell´s beast mouth´s serpants they are,you must be the same wicked beyong words to describe evil if you are not against them,you must be able to see that they are evil and not just to be told that they are evil,there is no point of return i expose only these,so don´t you dare to sit and do nothing you are hold accountable for what you know pray for their death and suffering and tell others to do the same!



 “The wisdom of Kabbalah predates Einstein, Newton, Galileo, the giving of the Torah, even the big bang.  Kabbalah was and is present as energy, as the wisdom of nature, law, and metaphysics, and is, therefore, the seed of everything.”  

Now hold on this is what these basterds claim it is in violation with the torah and even with science what they call is psudo science the religion the witchcraft new age religion clown parody on life insane contradicting parodical life laughing of guffing circus the carneval show for infidels!

[Rom. 1:18-25]


Near the end (p.10) we learn that: “The historic linage of this school of thought can be traced back to the 2nd century.” [And further back than that: Try the Babylonian Captivity!]


[So, “superstrings theory” is yet another blatant example of how contra-scientific-unscientific, God-hating Pharisee Kabbalist Occultists (using theoretical non-science and phony psudo physics-creating new age religion) have deceived the whole world into believing that 15 billion years of Big Bang Evolutionism has produced all that exists,now kids are not naive to swallow that parody!  Anyone can know that evolution is a lie by just studying the facts.  But now anyone can also know that evolution is a double-damned lie. It has never been “secular” science as the world has been led to believe.  Rather, it has been a long labor of a Cabal of Pharisee Religionists to destroy the Bible’s credibility from Creation tolead people away from YAHUSHUA as Messiah and only way to Heaven,and establish new world order lead by fallen angels who are with this new age religion worshiped as “aliens/-ascended masters”  the new deceptive title.That labor will soon be known to all to have been in vain.]  (Matt. 24:35; Matt. 16:18)