Heresy and Blasphemy of the demonic junk is exposed and corrupt fruits:

1. Contradicts written scripture

2. Gives false prophecies

3. Promotes Dominionism,which is illuminati doctrine,she promotes in that way joining illuminati

4. Promotes New Age Doctrines of Mary and saints worship

5. Says outlandish things about heaven that don’t line up with anything else,she has been in astral projectin now remember God can take phrophets to haven but this one describes agharta and shambala fake counterfit have astral realm in the higher air of the atmosphere of this planet which is crystal astral city which is not the haven of God and God´s throne!

6. Contradicts herself

7. Encourages people to vote for a Mormon

8. Holds up occult stuff

9. Charges money for her stuff,knowlage you give away for free that God gave you when God give you knowlage and wisdom you really would not come up with idea to charge it only when satan gives counterfit and too much truth with at least one lie that will destroy whole foundation of truth it will and that is false phrophet of the highest degree and jesuit coajuctor knights templar freemaonic deception con artist.