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Fallen archangel Miranda that i talked about in my other blog before is now editing and moderating and taking care and control of these satanic mind control shows,no guard of knights of malta and some freemasonic and esoteric orders and sects and cults now they prepare open satanic debate over one satanic system to another,it is game they enjoy playing while creating confusin to people´s minds making chaos and pushing implementation of their satanic/luciferian agenda known as :”order out of chaos”.

Lau Re-awakens:

Crowley has summoned from a long slumber an ancient demonic fallen cherubim known as Lau, who was buried deep sleeping in the Andaman Islands. Lau is actually a soul eater being best of itś kind just to be used for fanatics of these satanic shows,originally from the Kuieper Belt who has been on earth for 4000 years but has been asleep for the past 1,000. Its also some of his hybrids who hitched a ride on ISON are on earth now all,this starship is driven by fallen female archangel Minerva the ex commander of Miranda.Lau is hungry and has been devouring the souls of hundreds of people on the island group in the Indian Ocean and its making its way into Burma, Thailand and Vietnam to feast on more souls. Meanwhile, at least 15,000 people across the globe have been eaten by reptilian invasion forces from alpha 1 sector of fallen angelic reptilian legions.The Idylwild Group and Andromeda Council sub alpha4 luciferian forces have been dispatched to take care of this to make more games, with the help of the reptilian commander known as The HiJacker,i will later put in new blog post his name and functions and other stuff about him what satan´s comamnds are for him.


It is true that the Colorado floods hindered Crowley’s and the Tall Whites’(FALLEN PRINCIPALITIES that work for Lucifer´s editing of some akashic records) plans for the destruction of Syria.It was the Arcturians who were behind it,this luciferian elite is most of race of virtues the fallen virtues,these have beein preparing to make new more simple wicca witchcraft religion of elemental magic for kids and make it look innocent propaganda advertising on tv and low level indoctrination.This is also why Crowley and Co. moved their operations from Mt, Weather to under the Getty in Los Angeles.

Nato Connections: CIA/Process Church Revelations

Karen Buckalew the nehemiah center cult of unity gatherinc unated nation´s luciferian new world order curch that burns months in hell that her body is reanimated now by brook the fallen hemaphrodit fallen archangel that leads 88 legions of archdemons and 88 legions of demons and 88 legions of elementals themselves having their own,the thing is that they have now new plans for mind control and this one as sex slave is bi sexual icon of that satanic white hats omegan cult.

The luciferian controlled oppositon avalon and camelot´s omegan cult of Idylwild Group has been investigating Katherine Buckalew of her satanic network local porn industry “connection” to the CIA,also connections to the Process Church the local sect just of it and as a Project Mannequin handler of Monarch prostitutes and “sex kittens” under her command she had demonised with demons from 11 do 14 years old girls involved in child porn and elite prositution and kundalini sex magic praticing educators of other girls their age providing them to politicians and judges for more money and satanic influence from prostitution rituals with them to influence in deffence one of their sect members in judning trail in human ritual killing satanic sacrafice rituals to gain more power for new world order agenda to speed it up now tranied in sex magic to bribe judges and polititians to urther their plans and give more power to their cults and sects and religious movments.She is known as “Madame Honey Trapper” in the other satanic agencies because of the white paper she wrote, “The Honey Trap Process,” as her satanic code name title for Mannequin and Monarch CIA MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL SLAVE TRAINING HANDLER players.

Those who see their website and love it are demonise d already and get to be even more.They have pure demonic doctrines of devils and lies and luciferianism plain and open with bible verses to mock God.They have been busy but they will bring everyone up-to-date.

Consider this interview with James Casbolt where she attempts to trigger and handle him, but fails in her CIA psyop mission to trigger an alter:

This is just an example,he gives away more info,but the thing is they give here more truth about fallen angels and hybrids and monsters and that stuff just to gain truth of people and get them to their cult to steal and eat souls with help of also of fallen cherubim