resist it because that is satanic material that counterfits merkabah uses of fallen angels who will posses bodies and make people have psychic powers that will help benifit illuminati with new age movment to support their agenda and cause!White Powder Gold – The Mono Atomic Destruction of Mankind

Alchemy is the foundation of the New Age Movement coming to the forefront as the Age of Aquarius.

I have found through my research that Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh, the gifts given to the Son of God, Yahushua when He was born in Bethlehem some 2000 years ago are being imitated and manipulated as building blocks and bribes of the coming New Age Messiah “Sananda – Jesus” or a variety of names he refers to himself as such as Immanuel and Esu.

The Bible depicts two particular beasts in the book of Revelation chapter 13 that would arrive in the last days to conquer, subdue, and deceive mankind; the Antichrist and the False Prophet.This “Jesus” that is coming, complete with a Hollywood production in the skies of a mockery of the Second Coming of Christ, also referred to as the Blue Beam Project, is this prophesied False Prophet, the second beast.

This white powder gold, monoatomic gold, is an alchemic recreation of the Biblical myrrh. According to Hebrew Masoretic text Myrrh is a pale yellow gum which grows from a shrub in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Arabia, which was used as a spice, medicine and making of the holy oil of the tabernacle. This myrrh can be crushed into a white powder form, or even liquefied to be used in “life water” and energy drinks. And “Jesus” will be a huge supporter of it. In fact, it will be mandatory to drink the Kool-Aid if you want to survive in the coming ‘kingdom’ of the Age of Aquarius on earth. Drink it and die, don’t drink it and die. Here’s a real choice, lock and load. Defend yourselves, your families, and your property from these coming barbarians.

There are even some of those who refer to this white gold as Manna. They claim it’s the same Manna God fed the Israelites with when they roamed the desert after their exodus from Egypt. A two-second look at Scripture reveals this isn’t so and it’s just another lie from the New Age.

Manna used in the wilderness was a non-leavened “Matzo” type cracker/bread. It was collected in the mornings and if not eaten would spoil. On the other hand, the New Age Manna offers immortality and longevity of life, is a powder as opposed to a bread or cracker, and if it was capable of spoiling it certainly couldn’t offer longevity as an appeal to the masses.

The Elixir of Life or Just a Lie?

Coming to earth as an falllen angelic being and trying to masquerade as holy celestial beings but are fallen celestial beings,these have alchemically found a way to formulate myrrh and sell it to the public as the fountain of youth promising immortality, longevity of life, and a newer, better, healthier, body and counterfic ascention.

Those already brainwashed by these buzzwords from the New Age camp should ask themselves, where’s the proof? Since this is an alleged ancient technology and herbal medicine formulated into a powder or drink, where are the humans on earth who are 200, 500, or even 1,000 years old who are living examples of the wonders of mono atomic gold?

This alchemy has its base in Hindu dominated Delhi, India. The land of many, many gods who are these fallen celestial beings and a poverty stricken one at that. If this alchemy worked why it isn’t helping the Indians and curing them of their diseases and giving them longevity of life? After all, it’s being promoted as the ‘cure all’ for health problems and diseases. If the Indians aren’t fooled by white powder gold, then why are so many Americans being deceived by it?

Frankincense is said to be a sweet sense given when the resin of a frankincense tree is burned.There’s no doubt that these propaganda materials probably have a very bad odor of that fake gold to them and disguise it with this perfume. Many people who have for one reason or another been in contact with those evil fallen celestial demonic beings have reported the smell of sulfur associated with these beings. Brimstone, the fires of Hell, are sulfuric.

They come with bribes…I come to you with the truth of what they really bring. Damnation to those who follow them.

The Real Intention of Mono Atomic Gold

Israel will be mesmerized by the coming panoramic satellite in the sky review of the history of mankind. They will embrace this ake messiah sananda as the genuine Yahushua the messiah of the Bible the Son of God,the sananda is fake and they will not use name YAHUSHUA remember it is original name they will use translated ocult name! Already is used only from 21.december IN 2012 name YAHUSHUA only has power! Those with their eyes opened should flee the state at that time, for their destruction is right around the corner.

This fake messiah will align with other false prophets offering gold, frankincense and myrrh…money, perfume, and voodoo Kool-Aid to bribe mankind into changing their carbon based DNA into a crystalline fallen angelic DNA causing a cellular permutation, a mimicry and mockery of a resurrected and glorified body.

The typical human DNA has 2 strands. According to New Age teachings it is counterfit of that before the fall of man in the Garden of Eden that we were created with 12 strands of DNA and after the fall that 10 of them were closed or shut off. It is the intention of Satan and hisfallen celestial beings under his command to turn back the clock and undo what God did at the Garden of Eden and turn back on all 12 strands of DNA. This is an abomination and mockery of God’s judgment on mankind.

They have found that by tweaking human DNA they can cause humans to appear divine like, even ‘godlike.’ The New Agers call it ‘ascension’ or obtaining a ‘light body’ and refer to their earth based soldiers as lightworkers,this is counterfit ascention of what really very choosen few will have with original,not that,only with original true DNA,but they will counterfit that,that is not original ascention/rapture glorified bodies of 288000 of 2 groups of 144000 saints of YAHUSUHA.






dilute-encoded-pattern-gender-process-death (the continual consumption of this voodoo juice will eventually lead to your death, not longevity),that will make artificial zomby invasion with new agers who took that!.

president-permutation (a complete change or transformation)




Babylon-pact-cleansing-myrrh (Babylon is a term referred to as the United States, the USA will make a treaty enforcing the consumption of this myrrh either known or unknown to the general public.)







If you’ve noticed the energy drinks being promoted on television they contain many of the myrrh, white mono atomic gold buzzwords such as rejuvenation, longevity, life water, even vitamin water, and feature lizards.

They want to change your DNA! They want to dilute it so that mankind becomes androgynous. In other words, effeminate. Neither solely male or female. Like they are. These fallen angels, masquerading as HOLY angelic beings are effeminate, homosexuals, and bi-sexuals. This counterfit fake coming fake messiah masquerading as “Jesus” is an effeminate,half man half womanly being. Talk about nauseating…and he and they aren’t going to change, so they plan to change the DNA of humans on earth to pollute and dilute God’s creation of mankind.

According to the dictionary:

an·drog·y·nous [an-droj-uh-nuhs]
1. being both male and female; hermaphroditic.
2. having both masculine and feminine characteristics with whole body not just with brainsides.
3. having an ambiguous (non-specific) sexual identity.
4. neither clearly masculine nor clearly feminine in appearance
Women who consume mono atomic gold will have their DNA changed to where they give birth to androgynous children. And men will become more like women. Those born from these women, the children, will be hermaphrodites with both male and female genitalia.

This is Satan’s plan to ultimately defile and try to defeat God’s creation on earth of man and woman.

It has nothing to do with anything more than it does destroying God’s original creation. Satan hates mankind, and this is one of his plans of destroying it.

So how do they sell it to the masses? Bribe them with immortality and tell them they can become like “gods.”

The Bible codes reveal a worldwide holocaust, disaster, death and destruction for those who consume it.

Don’t drink the voodoo hocus pocus Kool-aid! And certainly don’t snort it! it is sorcery!

It’s being put into various energy drinks and bottled water now. There are even medicines online devoted to mono atomic, white powder gold as a cure all for various health problems.

The more one drinks, snorts, or consumes this white powder gold they will develop a glowing aura about them. They will look like they are glowing, this is what they mean by “illuminated.”

This mocks a glorified, resurrected, angelic, glow that one would receive after passing from this life and going on into heaven.

Satan doesn’t have his own light so he, along with his cohorts from the Ashtar Command and other commands he has under him directly or indirectly,so that it so they can deceive mankind into thinking they are legitimate angelic beings from heaven, or even to higher fallen celestial beings giving them deceptive titles like gods and Ascended Masters.

They refer to it as “Bringing Heaven to Earth” and will attempt to establish a heavenly kingdom on earth based on what Satan has seen from the real heaven he’s trying to imitate and copy. These beings aren’t from heaven folks they were kicked out and can’t even get back there! Their only goal is establish a facade on earth so they can destroy God’s creation through this fake and phoney “light and love” and all the other voodoo terminology they use that sounds good to the brainwashed and deceived.

It’s a charade folks. It’s a lie. All they can do is mimic, imitate, and copy the Most High God as they attempt to deceive mankind any way they can so they can conquer, control, and destroy the earth.

Don’t fall for it!

You’ve been warned!