Don´t go  for the sake of your soul todavidblaine wordpress page it is illuminati agent jesuit coajuctor that lacks of spiritual discerment,he is CIA white knight who spreads disinformation,he is scam artist,the thing is he is right in exposing scammers like himself like:

Pimping Preachers Rap

Moyce Jayer

Cope Kenland

Dreflo Collar 

Benny Hinn,or money´s Hinny Winy i should say!


TELEVANGOLY Board Game is true and here are others who he gets right are beeing false:

Cyrus I. Scofield – Jesuit Coajuctor

Johnn Todd and 

William Schnoebelen he gets wrong they are true they are not false phrophets he is jelous of them they were what they were before,Bill Schnoebelen was a Satanic and Voodoo High Priest, 2nd degree Church of Satan, New Age guru, occultist, channeler, 90th degree Mason, Knight Templar,practicing vampire,transyuggothian magic practitioner and a member of the Illuminati!

But that is past he repented and got cleaned up,but the person with “End Time Musings” crap is jelous!

Doc Marquis yes he got him right he is Jesuit Coajuctor but anyways he gets a lot of good info exposing illuminati but he is still practicing witchcraft-astrology-kaballah to sell some things which is sin!

Anyways here we go next what ones he gots right:

Fritz Springmeier he also got wrong the thing is i expose some things more then him but he is not false here we go anyways forget about right ones focus now on frauds that this”davidblaine” jesuit coajuctor got right that they are conman:

Doctor Deagle-Jesuit Coajuctor fanaticism promoting agent…..

 Joel Osteen is jesuit coajuctor and vatican assasin and vatican jesuit ecumental movment agent and satanic unfultrator and walking blasphemy and burning in hell his body is jacked for draconian reptilian fallen angel who drives that pale faced body that is like monster you can see with new fresh already yesterday got spiritual discerment that!

anyways list goes what ones he got right:

Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, bishop of Limburg is vatican jesuit knoghts templar occultist and kabbalah prist

Pope Francis he got right because that is jesuit ecumental movment head that is satanic high prist and knights templar grand inspector and commander general possessed by second child of satan/lucifer the hermes archdemon who has role of biblical false phrophet beeing able to cause fire from haven falling-haarp weather machine control with transyuggothian magic (magic+technology=hermetics) with hermetics as you know this pope is extremly satanic!

These he got right he forgot Pastor mike Hoggart and pastorgeorgec and Doctor Scott Johnson is false teacher also that so called doctor is demonicly possessed by draconian fallen angel he made a blasphemy of the Holy Spirit IMMAYAH ShekainYah,he is dammed repobrate demonic junk spawn of satan illuminati´s but kissing doll who kiss their but and do blowjob for half truth info to spread on internet and he is liar he says he is against homosexuality since he has no God´s power to live holy he is there put by illuminati to promote people with Leviathon as their spiritual annointing the fallen cherubim known also as poseidon in bermundas triangle spiritual city zone of death living the spirit of pride and religious worldly antichrist counterfit annointing witchcraft rebellion spirit that 97 % world who is going to hell have,all those claiming to have religion and even those claiming to have not giving themselves religious and anti religious names and titles and chategories of foolishnes not having connection with God(1 Samuel 3:1-10)(spiritual connection/annointing,fellowship,spiritu­al discerment and wisdom,knowlage and intuition),those all having not that beeing religious by default going to hell beeing possessed by worldly spirits who are under command and spiritual connection directly connected with Leviathon the Lucifer/Satan´s agent in Atlantis spiritual City of Atlantic ocean and not under YAHUSHUA´S blood covering having blood of YAHUSHUA as their seal but seal of kaballah´s astrometaphysical part of magical system known as astrology-the horoscope signs under the sign the seal of fallen celestial being having command over archdemons who having command under demons who have command under elementals making by their will akashic records things happen there for people accepting their curses as their counterfit destiny and not Destiny of true God YAHUVEH THE FATHER AND IMMAYAH THE HOLY SPIRIT-MOTHER AND YAHUSHUA THE MESSIAH KINSMAN REDEEMER!

This is just an examample of false ones,here are more of them:

this demonic site


Gerald Gardner the sorr for mistake disinfo yea they lie,they are masons themselves slandering genuine ones,some they got right as their own who are still masons and lie that they are ex ones but are just goverement´s controlled opposition jesuit coajucting false phrophet disinfo agents and CIA  shills like

Leo Zagami and


 and here is Zagami exposing illuminati he is really giving some truths there,but remember he is agent,anyways he is on project camelot remember that movment and project avalon are also jesuit orders just as jones and icke protest activing new age movment shill cults watch Zagami and learn,and pray for discerment to know truths from hidding and lies and half truths:

James Casbolt is white knight shriner freemason

Aaron McCollum also

Idylwild Group is sub nesara masonic order

Mark Richards is illuminati coajuctor

Bob lazar is CIA shill

This is disinformation facebok page which is run and promoted by fallen angels themselves with all info that is false completly that is satanic all to the core nothing true there also do not get deceived by their pure crap illusion there all is illusion there the thing is that they are satanic to the core all


DRAKE Baily is cia illuminati shill puppet agent

Bob Larson is Jesuit Coajuctor who is using angel magic of Jogn D. which is enochian angel magic white magic is also sin in one video he invoked angel saying i place angel of the lord and said later demon dissobeying him in his name and not in the name of YAHUSHUA and he as 21.december 2012 passed as Lucifer/Satan landed on Earth to be there as he uses translated name he Bob uses also so counterfit annointing in the name of Satan really,and the thing is exorcism is pagan delivernance from demonic spirits which is not biblical and occultic in all ways as you see how he does,he is in sin of witchcraft he cast many fallen angels and demons out but YAHUSHUA will say to him depart from me into lake of fire created for devil and his angels if he does not repent of Enochian Protestand angel magic,the thing is people have no control over holy angels only in the name of YAHUSHUA OVER FALLEN ONES,but the thing is over holy ones who obey are not holy ones but fallen ones and they are the pleadian and andromedan elites who help protestand and chatolic jesuits they are keepers and they are guardians also and the ones giving power are in the aura of jesuits so the thing is this protestant is lukewarm fraud he can leave religious spirit and get really connected to God but he pays work with money which is forbidden in bible just see and inspect him inside out you will see that he is not what he seems to be!

see here more of them,and these are all what i listed exept those who i defended and the thing is that they are all puppets do not get deceived by them!