Global Warming is illusion lie told by illuminati this is propaganda material but i made blog about,they actualy with chemtrail fake so called planes the ufos starchips the fallen angels in fuel air to get this all colder because sun flayers will activate grids of earth and pineal glands will be activated and people will be spiritualy aware and later they will from this nano chemtrails special edition add chips connected to satanic csuper soulders who are demonicly possessed to by satan´s command put psychotronic mind control those without spiritual discerment attacks who from air took in nanotec poison chem air their pineal gland if is not connected with God they will then be deceived by this ELF tec mincd control(electro magnetic low friquency).The thing is that these demonic spirits in possessed illuminati and nesara puppets use propaganda first to control people and propaganda like this fear is to harvest that low vibrational energy and to insert all these demonic spirits into people with fear and them suck them dry illuminati involves manipulations wich are hermetic(hermetics=technology+magic together),this is plan by this propaganda:

The thing is they spray to get this atmosphare cold,the demonic hiararchy is like this they need evrything cold and cool here to make people sich then parasites take over the body they with sorcery/pharma witchcraft posion poison pilsl demonise people and parasites with that connect with elelemntals who are children of demons who are demons commanding them possess people and are spiritualy connected with their parents fallen angels who are in fake starchip ufos counterfit merkabah so called planes,not single one of them who spills that white material with nanonites has ever been never never not one or single of them passenger plane and they are satanic infultrators they are poisoning so the weak possessed people when they get this cold,once God allows atmosphere to be clear they use this for holographic show also project blue beam satelite and laser technology fallen angels thrue demons gained in give info of geo location on earth and they beem there synthetic telephaty to people of their religions and get out like and they see then all the religious figures and unite under one world goverement,you see that is connected,

here is another example:

Dueling Chemtrail planes , no way could this be a passenger plane, the FAA would not allow 2 passenger planes to get this close to each other and actually cross paths. I have another photo to add..