The pyramids served many purposes. One purpose was that of initiation and ceremonial rites, both for humans and the magickal workings of the Gods aka satan´s fallen angels(aliens),there are many heiroglyphics that depict the Gods tuning their chakras with a rod like instrument.These energy centers were revealed to ceremonial magicans in mystery schools for their occultic purposes.There are more than seven chakras, although the seven are the main ones,there are 13,and the energy of 13 chackras in occultism they use against people their own energy with energy centers of chackras.The hook and the flail were part of the tuning tools.There is a mural on a wall at Abu Simbel. Horus is holding the rod to the back of Osiris’s head, right at the point that is the primary doorway to the 8th chakra. They slide the hook up and down the rod to tune the chakra. Osiris is standing with an erection. Sexual energy is a paramount component in the rite of ressurection and immortality which is the doctrine of freemasonery and that is kundalini magic of kundalini ckackra the sex chackra. Kundalini is sexual; the life force. Sexual energy is that of the life force, as it has the power to create life through another human being via sexual intercourse intercourse. Sexual energy runs up and down the spine during the tuning process.That is serpant energy,the serpant elementals elemental spirits go from kundalini to third eye chackra and open thord eye to demons who connect to fallen angels who give psychic powers.

The Egyptian Ankh symbolizes eternal life and that eternal life is linked to the breath by freemasonic doctrine. The Ankh is linked to both sexual energy and the breath. There is a third dimension of consciousness. We are on the second. There are many levels, like stair steps.

One of the major teachings was the overcoming of fear. Only when one surpasses all personal fears, can higher levels be accessed. Fear is the primary force that stops a person from advancing spiritually. Fears must first be overcome here on Earth. To reach this goal, the Egyptians built special temples along the Nile. There are 12, along with the great pyramid making 13. 1+3=4. All referring to satan and the falen angels and demons given certain mathematical applications, come out as 13. 4 was satan’s original number.

The temple at Kom Ombo represents the second chakra. This temple is dedicated to polarity, duality;the basis of sexuality and  Gods aka the satan´s fallen angels are associated with it- Sobek, the crocodile God and Horus. The Ancient Egyptians would create experiences in these temples that would push initiates past their fears to become stronger. Moving into the unknown. There was a water hole, full of crocodiles. The initiate, with only one breath would emerge under water, not knowing what to expect and the test was to come out of the water in another area than the way they went in. Initiates did not know that the crocodiles were fully fed. They had to remain calm and in control to navigate the water.

The sarcophagus in the King’s chamber was used for the adepts as one of their final tests. The pyramids were built precisely along powerful Earth energy lines and used by the worlocks for their ritual workings. One would lie in the sarcophagus in the corect position and a powerful beam would hit the 3rd eye chakra. Beneath the great pyramid are the Halls of Amenti, the womb of the Earth. The adept would begin a specific type of meditation and the experience would be so blissful, there were some who never returned. Part of the initiation was the conditioning of the student to remember to return to their bodies after the experience.

The final initiation is held in the King’s chamber. This was a 4-5 minute ceremony that happened in the center of the room. An Ankh was drawn on the 3rd eye of the initiate.

Lucifer/Satan created the Brotherhood of the Snake for humans to be able to advance to higher levels of occultic powers.Fallen angels themelves were the teachers.Some of them, such as Thoth aka Archangel Metatron and Isis (Lilith) were main in the name and saying their name using to command or invoke or summon lesser ones. Isis is also known as Astaroth.

The Secret Societies have been present in the history of occultism for a very long time. It all started thousands and thousands of years ago with the “Brotherhood of the Snake”, a secret society that goes back all the way to the time of Garden of Eden and in Lemuria and Atlantis.

Most secret societies have been created with a purpose to keep hidden, spiritual and occult knowledge away from the masses, to be shared only by a selected few of the Power Elite, who have generationally ruled over mankind behind the scenes since ancient times.

People who have reached the top in society, whether it is in science, politics, music and art, Hollywood, banking or whatnot, have done so merely because they were smart, had talent and/or high intelligence,no, they had access to hidden information that common people don’t have access to and they had access to the same fallen angels.Einstein, Ford, Carnegie, Clinton, Bush, Obama – the list goes on – they all had help from one secret society at least and at least from 10 fallen angels.

Secret societies are also called Brotherhoods for a reason. Once you become a member you swear allegiance to the Brotherhood and promise to serve them before ANYTHING else. This is very important to understand, because it means that the President of the United States swore an allegiance to serve the Brotherhood BEFORE he serves the country. With other words, the Brotherhood owns him and ultimately decides what he should or shouldn’t do because it is run by fallen angels directly. You are in the hands of the higher rank members of the secret society you’re signed up with, and this becomes more obvious the higher up their ladder you climb in occultic systems.

 On a very high level, from where the powers-that-be operate, various esoteric and powerful information is exchanged so that these “special” people, almost always of the certain 13 Bloodlines, can reach the goals that they decide for themselves and others. So much for the “American Dream” where we all are supposed to have a chance to become rich and powerful in the land of opportunities if we put our minds to it. This, of course, is just an illusion and will not happen unless you are “one of them” and go to the “right schools”. Every once in a while, some “common person” slips through the crack and actually becomes something big on his/her own, WITHOUT help from the Brotherhood, but this is very unusual. Even if so, you are not very likely to keep your success if you in any way step on the feet of the powers-that-be. If you do, they will destroy you or your wealth. The truth is that this person of the people who actually made it, did it despite the efforts from the Brotherhood to make it almost impossible.

This is how the world is, and has always been, set up. A few people in power have access to some very secret spiritual (and other kind of) knowledge which gives them the privilege to step a hundred miles ahead of us “common people”, to make sure THEY keep the power, and they keep it within their bloodlines.

Usually, “common” people are welcome to apply for membership in secret societies and are sometimes accepted, but 98% or so are just “foot people”, a face outwards toward the society and never reach the top, where the true secret knowledge is taught for the “worthy”. Therefore, it’s just smoke and mirrors for most members, and on the surface the secret societies serve as charity organizations, or help organizations to show the world that they are indeed benevolent and there is nothing to fear. 

The direction that an “Alien Agenda” is on the Government’s table as one among many other options to ring in a One World Government and a One World Dictator. They want to create an ‘outside threat’, a fake Alien Invasion, so that the countries of this world will be willing to unite as ONE, to fight the ‘threat’ from outer space.Then Illuminati Goal is completed in starting agends of order out of chaos.This is what we are getting prepared for in mass media right now, where they report more UFO sightings than perhaps ever before. Although there is some of occultic societies that reveal more stuff like nesara just to rail people in for these so called light workers to indoctrinate people as part of disclousure agenda!



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