Spiritual Lust

The spiritual lust is the lust for to serve a counerfit idol or counterfit spirituality or religion as total spiritual enslavement. To get deceived as that is satan and his angels motivating these desires.


If you are drawn to one of the most biggest cults today of new age as “Christianity” then I urge you to beware and get out of it and study the bible and pray to understand it more,because as many times i said God does not have religion and that is paganism strait easter and christmas is evil.Christianity has gone in the error of Balaam—greedy and counterfit spirituality in a way of spiriual enslavement and blasphemy.

Are You On The Broad Path To Destruction?

 The religion not important which one is kind to you, it soothes your soul with a type of light from the fallen angelic deception game table.

People are drawn to you by these fallen angels, confirming that you have made the choice in life to be a slave to illuminati front organisations or even nesara the new age movments who are more spiritual but also again counterfit spirituality.You give up your “id” and “ego” pursuits in favour of spirituality and think that this has made you spiritual—and it has—but you have made a fatal mistake. You took the third eye elslavement to these fallen angelic forces who created religion and run it.

You are now a false fake and phoney. You appear to be respectable, loving, enlightened in the ways of the world but you are fool in God´s eyes,and you are practicing counterfit things the copy cat of devil in original and beeing devil´s puppet,but if you do not repent then you will not be ascended into haven,but instead you will be condemned to Hell forever.

You will know somehow that you sold out. In life we can deceive ourselves.

You must know that time is runing out get yourself right and dettach,get out of religion whatever one you are in and get right with God and also get out of any “ashtar command lightworker ascention agenda groups” because you will get dupped by these devils sonner or later also!