i provided evrything there don´t ask me stupied questions i don´t talk to scumbag basterds who have commited 3 unforgivable sins i told you you arte doomed for hell,don´t accuse God accuse yourself for not holding toughts induced to you by psychic attacks and rebuking and binding external manipulative beings who induce toughts who are vibrations and vibratuions are energy,hold them don´t take them to heart and speak loudly like blasphemy then they the demonic beings have right to take over your body and mind and you completly won´t know what you are dooing then,if you sell your soul to father of all lies to get truth about God,you are lost,i got  this even from some fools,goodbye burn in hell and leave this blog alone,i told you so!You don´t get to go to enemy´s camp to get the truth when there are plain lies devil can give you knowlage and partial twisted one even 90% of truth but never completly and will add in lies and can give you from usless souless material wealth and power as you are some kind of God but never eternal joy but only suffering and these riches and partial knowlage is not worth your soul,so when satanists tell join devil and devil can give you evrything that does not mean literally as they are lied to,remember expect nothing good from father of all lies,it is just evrything said right there!