satanic super soilders inkovoking draconians into them for ability of remote view ,this ability is watching somebody more in an awake state more then lucid dream and astral projection this is ability we can use by help of God and or by help of devil,by third eye,as this mental travel is now in full force world division creating ritual to create chaos has started and the thing is this chaos is important as order out of chaos needs to be put there,like you have chaos created people hunger thirst and ask help and then a figure appears and shows help,they will do one major false flag operation like draconian elite of fallen celestial beings will attack playing bad cop elite and other fallen celestial beings the elite of pleadians,andromedans and arcturians sirius a and b and c will come and help and they will create counterfit ascention,the new and all the world is staged to show thret by winner takes the earth by playing of football and they planned that draco wiln and after they win they as are all of the good and bad ones here from 21.december in 2012 as i said they will start then just now showing project blue beam holographic technology show of attacks they will manage that they attack like the good ones who are pleadians,draconians already own military,judges and doctors,schools,hospitals,sports,inndustry,media,academia,politics,music and hollywood and all entertainmant industry in general,vatican:religion in generala nd unity gathering luciferian new world order ecuental movment,science/religion/politics,cia and other inteligance agency newtoorks and organisations,interpol,nsa,nasa,nesara,fba,dia,dea,mosad,bilderbergs,freemasons,kkk,police,army,navy,airforce,ufo cults,controlled opopositions and controlled opposition cults of activism and revolutions,skull and bones and their psy ops programms of area 51 and monsanto,mcdonalds,technology,beo and genetic engenering,light speed travel technology of area 72,and many others they control the whole world but they are some of them never left our atmosphere and anyways all of good cop elite some were here before 21.december anyways globaly they control these things completly,and they after showing that pleadians will show removal of them and greys and insectoids who are their helping elites,and anyways after that pleadians will rule in help they will rule and after they have elements shows they fork for and with draco and mantis and greys they will be falsley also removed by andromedans and after thier rule they got cought the arcturian elite will show up and clean the earth from all the pollution and wars to 525 million who are mark of the beast dammed only remaining here in 3d and after 12 % ascend they will kill 2 % of others who are scuentology cult religion members and will kill astrologyy slaves and 5 % will ascend with counterfit false ascention and they are having fallen angelic merkabah with chip mark of the beast alchemy false all counterfit with goolden teath and other 5 % won´t have that they will just have counterfit merkabah like other 5% and 85% will have enslavements by draco after pleadian faction shows up and killing of revelation 9 by necronomicon legions of fallen cherubim and seraphim under rule of abyss legions of 4 trapped archangels in river Euphrates will kill secondly others 5 % of these 10 and will take technology and draco others of 75% first group of people after meteors and disasters and monsanto agenda 21 and calcification and those who first received mark of the beast will have and only 75 % of those first killed and 5 % yes they will be also and other 5 will they let and they are high level freemasons in vimanas the synthetic merkabahs will have high technology and high level demonic possession to bomb and use against YAHUSHUA and holy archangels and 288000 saints who ascended/raptured were with original DNA light codons who are 3% so 97 % goes to hell and 3% in haven and as the 80% is wiped out and 17% is ascended with counterfit MARK OF THE BEAST DNA COUNTERFIT LIGHT CODONES MERKABAH that will and 2% so 15% counterfit merkabah and 2% with completly synthetic merkabah the so called spaceships will go and fight ahgainst YAHUSHUA and his archangels and saints and will lose on armageddon,and then will earth go to genuine 5D completly and this 3d hell will merge with 2d and 1d complete hell no lower then that and will be only put to abyss for 1000 years and after that some of them with lucifer realised to fight for a season to get beated again and thrown to hell and they will be there forever that is another lower realm then all and there to stay,so the thing is that this spy agency spying is linked to linking major ones and conflicts will start and creating chaos,many will die out in chaos,after world war3 the help this and that will be temporary and all that will be something to be laughed on because it was all planned at the beginning the occult meaning in evry false flag staged event,the thing is that they are trying to do this more and more and more to make people more crazy and such their energy of fear and this is energy harvest and soul capturing technology the draco does and this news annoincing is good info like “European Agencies, NSA Collaborate on Mass Spying Against European Population!” but there is fear based mind control spell in it also not on the one who posted that but to ones who allowed the document to be declassified and many of declassified ones on controlled oposition agents who reveal stuff who give is the thing that they use that energy and minc control spells of fear and agony o you know people illuminati gonna do this to us and they gonna do that o they scums this and that they want people to revolt into one direction into one whearhouse where activist leading cult leaders show them and go in and then get trapped by elites who use puppets just like them for that,illuminati are not stupied don´t be fooled that is foolish of you to think they are not dooing that when they are and when they are even sometimes by other controlled opposition agents even admitting who are more masked and more important,they expose eachother for more money and audiance and more energy to such of fear,they all work together and have the same agenda and they are vatican assasins and they give just sugarcoated half truths mixed with lies and fearbased duality mindset of lunacy based rebelling showing off so that we may know who you are to catch you and track you just protest we will take care of you and eat you and tare you apart when we have enough fun watching you and laughing at you protesting against us,so don´t get me wrong that i am spreading fear here i am just showing you what they do and think and say that is their agenda they have sub agendas but one is main and the same they are all in together with and for!

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  • All these western intelligence agencies are part of the one and the same Illuminist spying network. The people at the top are one and the same Illuminists-Satanists. You are seeing a lot of politician snakes putting on a show of feigned righteous indignation just to disperse the anger of the sheeple. Things will quietened and these spying will continue and increase, with “assurance” from the Illuminist politician snakes that it will not! It is the Global Surveillance Militarized-Police State –> ‘666’!
  • European Agencies, NSA Collaborate on Mass Spying Against European Population! 
    by Alejandro López, World Socialist Web Site, 
    New leaked documents by former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden reported in the Guardian disclose the close partnership between the European intelligence services and the NSA in mass surveillance of internet and phone traffic over the past five years. They give a glimpse of how a…

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