boom bam besh it is time to empty the trash part 2 is here folks,be prepared to escape and slay the beast and destroy beast system step by step:

Rise from your grave zomby matrix hypnotrance slave sheeple of illuminati draconian overloards of chaos,separate ye from them!Rise up you have been all divided,rise up and separate from them,run away from Luciferian blueprind 3d holographic illusionary matrix hypnotrance mindtought inducing bombardings of fallenangels and demons of illuminati hive mind Luciferian Anti-Christ Cancerous Consciousness bluepring toughtform & Babylonian World Empire!Dettach from nonsance,sports,schools,chaching fake and materialistic stuff,just what you need,and no need for the most expencive stuff that you work too much in slavery mode,the vampires sucking your energy and more money having and spending on drugs,alchool and prostitution,love your self don´t do that crap,repent,change,rise up and wise up,learn stuff from my blogs,wake up,ignore brainwashing duality fearbased mindset and duality in racial discrimination,sex gender and age discriminations,pro death no more pro death which means homosexuality and abortion,gays and lesbians get this into your tiny brains wake the hell up and shut up and clean yourselves and get delivered of demons and ind oposite sex,don´t bring your bafunery crap to slander truth,be frutful and multiply you aint gona multiply when you have same sex partner,and you phedofile freaks,you are going down also if you don´t stop and change your ways and repair the and redeem the evil you done to little kids and teens,and apologise to them,to yourself,to God and to nature and repent and rise up and wise up and change and stop that crazy crap and wake the hell up and clean yourselves up and abortionist clinics close that holocause death camps and rebuke and bind in the name of YAHSUHUA fallen archangel Molek who ye servee as god that basterd is not God and is made by God,and later on rebelled and wants to be served as one as it´s master satan also,and survives here of death energy suffering here before beeing thrown to burn in hell forever and beeing feed of death energy and suffering and buchering selfish moronic basterdised fools do,get that nasty parasite out of your head and stop serving that beast that death entity as your idol as your god,that beast has done nothing to you if you stay that way butchering babies you gonna go down with that beast and burn in hell forever,your ass gonna burn up,drug and alchol addicts clean yourselves up i gave prayers for each and evry one of you wake up don´ be freaks,stop all that crap and nonsance you do and wake the hell up and look arround you what is happening grim reapers are chopping heads off don´t let angel of death such your soul in and torment you in hell,shut up and don´t you dare to reply back with your crap i will block you and report as a spam and block you and report you as spammers and scare the crap in your dreams i gonna enter and make you not wona sleep ever again in your life and pray for your judment and destruction and angels gonna go your way and you gonna get more messted up,wake the hell up folks!

Re-learning our origins is to reflect the resurrected genetic code as it is then after you chang and clean yourself in every cell of your body new spiritual dna moleculs come now i will pray that as many as can read this and get waken up and read my other blogs and that no satanic unfultrators get on your way with spells and curses to stop you on your way to escape this,if you are ascention/rapture fanatic,you aint gonna get transended out of here,put your actions on the light right on times this planet is speeding up.It is the blueprint that lies at the center of your pineal gland third eye chackra.
Illuminati draco dark cabal want you calcified not to be able to get then delivered of your demons and then to think,redeem accept YAHUSHUA as your messiah repent and turn away from sin,illusion,distractions,all the crap and nonsance and discrimination,sports,politics-politricks,fake stuff,and demonic “entertainmant” and clubs and all that crap and low vibrational music and drugs and alcohool that create demonic stringhold and mess with your mind demons enter in and with demonic music you do crazy stuff and they shoot you or police come and arrest you and all that crap,you better wake up and change we are speding up,yu better get right and bang that beast and pull others from all the crap out there,you must wake up and rise up on time,because it is shorter there are crazy things happening and soo many distraction that is is insane what is going on,you must escape all this and if you don´t then you gonna suffer and go down with that beast!
it is in center of your brain stop drinking flourided water of your home,bottled ones buy and drink lemon´s juice to activate pineal gland be at sun as much as you can,then eat  fruits and vegetables and use flouride toothpaste,then stop watching television,and do more exxercise when you have time,pray for more intuition and wisdom and that your pineal gland get melenated with melanin and melatonin and higher vibrational energy frequency and more spiritual molecules like dmt and dopamine your brain to produce more,

Oregano Oil and Neem Extract

Both oregano oil and neem extract help in the purification process, helping to remove existing calcification within the pineal gland, in addition to purifying the body’s systems, especially the endocrine system then

Joy of the Mountains Oregano Oil (100% Certified Organic)

Wild Oregano Oil, Super Strength, 100% Organic

Neem Aura Neem Leaf Extract


Raw Cacao

Raw, organic chocolate in its purest form can help detoxify the pineal gland because of cacao’s high antioxidant content. Cacao will also help stimulate the third eye.

Alive and Aware Certified Organic Raw Cacao Nibs

Navitas Naturals Cacao Powder, Organic

Earth Circle Organics Verified Raw Balinese Cacao Powder

Chlorophyll-rich Superfoods

Supplements like spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass and blue-green algae are examples of chlorophyll-rich superfoods that offer similar benefits to eating leafy greens but with much more nutrition packed into a small serving. These supplements assist in the decalcification of the pineal gland due to their strong detoxification properties.

Recommended products:

Ultimate Superfoods Raw Chlorella/Spirulina Tablets

NuSci Organic Spirulina Powder

Mercola Organic Broken Cell Wall Chlorella

Swanson Greenfoods  100% Certified Organic Chlorella Powder

Klamath Blue Green Algae Capsules

Rejuvenate Forever Organic Wheatgrass Growing Kit

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

A natural detoxifier, raw apple cider vinegar helps decalcify the pineal gland due to its malic acid properties. Malic acid is an organic compound that gives fruits their sour taste. When taken as a supplement, it supports the digestive system and helps the body detoxify. Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits,ensure that the brand you buy is raw and packaged in a glass container.

Bragg Apple Cidar Vinegar, Organic Raw Unflavored


Many of us have been exposed to sodium fluoride due to fluoridation of our water systems, and this has also resulted in the calcification of the pineal gland. Iodine, naturally occurring in plants such as seaweed, effectively improves the removal of sodium fluoride via urine. Unfortunately, the Western diet has left us deficient of this vital mineral while our bodies need it most. To avoid calcium deficiency when taking iodine supplements, a diet incorporating many organic foods such as kale, broccoli, almonds, oranges, flax seed, sesame seeds, dill, thyme and other dried herbs is recommended. It is suggested that a non-GMO lecithin supplement is also taken to compliment iodine intake.

Organic Blue Ice Skate Fish Oil and Activator X (Vitamin K1/K2)

If you’d like to take a natural supplement to decalcify your pineal gland, organic blue ice skate fish oil may be one of the most powerful options out there. This oil contains Activator X – a detoxifier discovered by Weston Price that combines Vitamins K1 and K2 – which allows for the body to remove calcium from various locations throughout the body, such as the pineal gland and the arteries. Instead of eliminating the excess calcium, as iodine does, Activator X places it in areas where calcium is most needed, such as bones and teeth. It has been reported to reverse damage done by calcification which results in diseases such as atherosclerosis and osteoporosis. It also helps reverse tooth decay. It is suggested that Activator X supplements are be taken with Vitamin A and D3.


Another good supplement that can be used to remove fluoride from the human body is the mineral Boron. It is naturally present in beets, which can be eaten raw, steamed, cooked as well as in a powder supplement. It is also present in other foods, such as dried plums. Borax is an inexpensive source of boron that can be bought in most grocery stores,and stop eating processed foods and meats,stop drinking alcohool and smoking tobacco and weed and  stop drinking coffeine products as coffe and nesscoffe and energy drinks and all can products,and stop drinking pepsi and cola and all that gas drinks drink ice tea,tea,and herbal drinks,and fruit juices and stuff like that and sleep from 10 pm to 2 am and in 3 am do prayer one at least,and to to wc then and analise your dreams and sleep one more hour from 6 am to 7 am and pray once after you get up and analise that other stuff before you sleep again visualise what you already dreamed the first time looking at your hands and visualising that and you will have continuing of that in next one,and then eat popcorn and fruits and non sedative bread and honey,then do littel bit prayer and spiritual warfare and all healthy like that evry day before and after work and school and read teh bible focus on it and your dreams and prayer and healthy foods and get back to nature and dettach from stuff and read my blogs and in dreams visualise that you close your eyes and then pray in dream and you will in that aware dream get into lucid dream completly then pray in that state that God send you holy angels to reveal you stuff  then pray that you have wisdom and discerment and determination and that you get not deceived by fallen angels who counterfit original ones and test evry spirit wherever they are the ones you prayed for and sent by God or intruders,if false ones come first rebuke and bind then in the name of YAHSUHUA and say to them to get away and that you need them not and look better and you test another ones and they need to be holy ones but still test and then ask them about stuff you want to know if you want more and help others then pray to God to command  them to pray for you and protect your body while you visualise yourself close eyes in that lucid dream and be awake and pray that you get out of that more and you can see fully exit your body and pray that God guides you and astraly go to dreams you prayed for protections of persons and help them and  after you want evrything ended just imagine yourself awake and you will wake up.


Our Soul integration is not for the privileged individual, it is a global agendato get people spiritualy blinded and enslaved by religion and all deceptions and sugar coated truths mixed with lies, It is not a way out but a way forward when you do all what i said,pray to understand stuff what you know not from here.It is not through which we leave the body to ascend to another realm. The bodies we have now are the matrix upon which we will resurrect and later ascend to the transcendental body.
The gods in all religions and religion in general as i many times said in my blogs is evil and these are fallen angelic entities deceiving people and beeing worshiped as gods who have made manipulation system that is the most fundamental and powerful manipulation of consciousness in the history of the human race. It is through these religious structures that our most empowering connection with true God has been short circuited our direct communion with our own source creation,with our own creator.This has been made possible by the disconnection of circuits of electromagnetic source intelligence comminication devices of spiritual sences of pineal and pituitary glands that scientists call in their classified secret documents 6th sence or spiritual eyes,and mystics call it third eye,that would otherwise draw us into the truth and power against the enemy.
Through the reconnection of these circuits our innate knowledge of Creator who gives source of informations thru dreams and visions and gives knowlage and wisdom and intuition and understanding will unfold through the progressive revelation of our own individual glands. As a race we have reached a point at which we can awaken to the magnitude of the truth of ourselves and the predicament in which we find ourselves.
But not always enough…….
The worst nightmare of illuminati draco dark cabal is when people activate those spiritual glands and then they pray to genuine God having no religion and religious witchcraft rebellious antichrist spirit……
Search the melody that kicks but of evil spirits that want to bring your harmony down,pray against them!
Escape evrything from this matrix 3d holographim Luciferian blueprint system,be awake!
1 Corinthians 3:19 says: For the wisdom of this world is foolishness before God. For it is written, “He is the one who catches the wise in their craftiness.”
————–Job 5:13 He catches the wise in their craftiness, and the schemes of the wily are swept away.
Proverbs 14:8 The wisdom of the prudent is to give thought to their ways, but the folly of fools is deception.
Proverbs 21:30 There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the LORD YAHUSHUA.
1 Corinthians 1:20 Where is the wise man? Where is the scholar? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? (the obvious answer is yes!)
1 Corinthians 4:6 Now, brothers, I have applied these things to myself and Apollos for your benefit, so that you may learn from us the meaning of the saying, “Do not go beyond what is written.” Then you will not take pride in one man over against another.
Ephesians4:14 Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of men in their deceitful scheming.
________________________________________James 3:15 Such “wisdom” does not come down from heaven but is earthly, unspiritual, of the devil.

Illusion is evryware,you have to ultralise and paralize it!
There is never end of nightmares you just have to neutralise them in this matrix over here while in this realm! 
Evry illusion that Draconian fallen astral Luciferian celestial races work over is against you that wants to bring you low and wants to torment your soul after you die in hell forever,you can escape it!
God revealed humanity the way,but the devil never stopped doing matrix and evil,and devil leads people to look for salvation in Religion,Technology,Witchcraft¬,Aliens,Illuminati,Secret Knowlege,The Self,Intelligence,Right Action,Politics,Meditation-yoga,Discipline,Military,Drugs,Money,food,sports,materialism,sexual perversion,demonic music,hollywood fake stuff glamour,Positive Words &then they will scorn you if you find real only original Salvation in YAHUVEH & his son YAHUSHUA(Which means God saves)(Yahshua=Jesus)(Christ-Messiah)DEVILS DECIVES MUCH,BECAUSE


We are on the brink of a transitional phase of awakening. In order to overcome the narcotic-like denial state which has led to our pathological obedience, we must look to our biochemical signals that send emotion based response patterns of our subconscious cooperation with the mortal consensus.  We cannot be sentimental about the behavior modifying archetypes that have been cast in the soap opera of our false history, nor can we leave behind those prescribed and regurgitated philosophies only to adopt another. 

Spiritually, it is time to mature into an autonomous relationship with the benevolent CREATOR of our creation without the censorship of religious witchcraft mind control spell slavery lunacy duality based fear based mindset of them and their error heretic pagan satanic counterfiting sugarcoated half truths mixed with lies and full of lunacy and fanatic strange occult fire.

Concepts instigated by the loudest voice that could carry down the corridors of time, spoken by predominant demonicly possessed alpha males and women abusing and hating and bible editind gay phedofile priests who censore rights of eaquality and charity and love and edit bible of God like sabbath and other commandments and put racial and age and superiority and superiority over women in the bible in the book of timothy where is spoken of rights about women and they put shut up on them because they are wiser,and remember i the writer and man and i know that women are wiser i am not strange or anything but know the truth,only homosexuals and satanists who are that change many stuff int he buible with crap,change the laws add and remove and twist bible and remove the names of trinity and they burn in hell and lead others also astray and abuse those who speak against them the truths and call them witches and wizards and heretics and burn them that was done in the past now kill in silent and eat them these cannibals were then and now but now it is not public nothing has changed they are basterds possessed by draconian fallen angelic beings blood suckers,and they eat people and rape little children.
“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is his good, pleasing and perfect will.” – Romans 12:2
Keep seeking the truth everyone! Don’t let the sheeple pull you back into their mindset and lifestyle womited from devil thru illuminati.
“Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ) is come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that confesseth not that YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ) is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.” – 1 John 4:1-3 (KJV)
If these are one of those NEW WORLD ORDER chips they inject on ya, then “I think I’m infected”=MTV=EMPTY WEE!
“Yesterday we obeyed kings
and bent our necks before emperors.
But today we kneel only to truth,
follow only beauty,
and obey only love.”
GOD IS LOVE,SO THEREFORE OBEY LOVE AND LIGHT AND IGNORE ILLUMINATI,FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM,BE CALLED EVIL NAMES BY SYSTEM,THEN YOU ARE SOMETHING,BE HATED BY SOMEBODY,YOU THEN DID SOMETHING IN LIFE!“The more wisdom you obtain, the more you shut your mouth. This is because the more that you learn, the more you realize that there are even more things that you do not know. The true mark of an idiot is a loudmouth, the true mark of a wise man is humility”

How do you expect kids to listen to their parents when Tarzan lives half naked, Cinderella comes home at midnight, Pinocchio lies all the time, Aladdin is the king of thieves, Batman drives 200 mph, Sleeping Beauty is lazy, and Snow White lives with 7 guys. We shouldn’t be surprised when kids misbehave, they get it from their story books.
To TROLLS OUT THERE:hey if you can´t defend demons and fallen angels in your body that you hide,and say that you are “bored” of truth,they screw yourself,and go to illusionary matrix 3d holographic system in hypnotrance back to hell where you came from!


Revelation 13:16

And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead.

Psychotronic Mind-Control – Synthetic Telepathy is going to be used on people who have brainwashed state to be more brainwashed-the people who are in deep hypnotrance state having demons in their aura,these evil spirits will report on chackra of their commanders fallen angels who are in nasa´s satelites,and they will see holographs and hear sounds of their religion=mind control of their gods speaking and will be lead so slavery called Satan´s New World Order!Pray that YAHUSHUA protcts you from this!
Phil 3:18-19 For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ: 19 whose end is destruction, whose god is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame—who set their mind on earthly things.

Ephesians 5:8-11 For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light 9 (for the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, righteousness, and truth), 10 finding out what is acceptable to the Lord. 11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.

Gold is the money of kings; Silver the money of gentlemen; Barter the money of peasants; But debt is the money of slaves.
Money is illusion and worthless!
Stand alone if you have to. Don’t follow the mainstream zombi brainwashed puppets of illuminati and nesara crowd!
the zombies are the people who think zombies are only on TV and don’t ask the question ” who are the zombies ? “if they are stuck in a trance while watching a reality show – they are a zombie

if they stand in long lines waiting for there free flu shot – they are a zombie

if they wait for the last minute to run to walmart to stock up before a storm – they are zombies

if they believe the news on TV – they are zombies

They will be zombies one day when demons and fallen angels possess their bodies and dead bodies of the ones who´s souls are burning in hell right now!

If school,work or tv tells them you need to drink or eat this obey this or consume this,they are dooing that right then at that moment,well they are zombies at some degree already!
Albert Einstein – “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”
John 15:19 If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.

The Earth is like a Hollywood stage… full of propaganda and hidden agendas…
Puppet master game,world is a hollywood stage combined of mass illusions and suffering of the sheeple,endless wars and dictatorships and anarchy of any manner way and type and form called in different names,draconian illuminati overloards of chaos use Nesara omegans as a scapegoat playing both sides and preparing world for psychotronic nightmare!
Humanity is today being subjected to massive levels and intensities of electromagnetic radiation and frequencies in its myriad of forms on a daily basis.From televisions, radios, electrical appliances, computers, microwave ovens and cell phones to radio broadcast stations, cell phone towers, power lines, ELF and VLF (extremely and very low frequency) transmitters, space-based psychotronic arrays and even solar flares, Mankind is under assault from natural and artificial electromagnetic energy as never experienced before in human history.

Holy Scripture has revealed that Lucifer/Satan (the Devil, the chief fallen cherub) is the prince of the power of the air. As electromagnetic frequenciess proliferate on Earth, many new 4th and 5th dimensional “stargates” are sure to open for Lucifer’s fallen angelic kingdom- 1/3rd of the heavenly host- to more fully integrate and externalize on in these anarchy evil days they lead this world to before the Judgement(Armageddon the world dommination,and return of Alpha Omega YAHSUHUA THE MESSIAH).

Amongst the psychotronic technologies and projects that have recently brought mind altering and mind controlling electromagnetic spectrum frequencies to the mind of Man include; the Russian Tesla Magnifying ‘Woodpecker’ transmitter near Kiev in the Ukraine (began July 4, 1976), H.A.A.R.P. (the High Atmospheric Auroral Research Project) based in Gakona Alaska USA, G.W.E.N. (Ground Wave Emergency Network) of -300- transmitter towers spread across the USA, so-called “non-lethal” radio, microwave, ultrasonic and acoustic ELF(electromagnetic low friquency-the voice spoken to head by these signals spoken on microphone by demonicly possessed illuminati possessed by fallen angelic reptilian entities) and VLF (extremely and very low frequency) generators and transmitters, a proliferation of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of cellular phone towers, a global array of land, sea and space-based satellite systems using radiation, electromagnetic, sonic and laser technologies and energies, as well as the emergence of “Wi-Fi” clouds and hotspots (for wireless internet access) in many cities throughout the world.

The central rationale behind electromagnetic/psychotronic mind control technology is that it is a battle for the human mind.

Satan/Lucifer himself is the boss of program manager for Non-Lethal Psychotronic Weaponry at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico USA, has called it “the new mental battlefield”. People are beeing victims of electromagnetic mind control include; Mind Wars, The Mind Race, Psychic Warfare, The Body Electric, Operation Mind Control, Psychic Dictatorship,fallen angels Play This HAARP, Psychic Control of the Mind: Towards a Psychocivilized Society, Crosscurrents etc…

The arsenal of electromagnetic/psychotronic weapons used to manipulate, control and entrain the human mind are an integral part of the overall battle plan of the New World Order. The secrecy involved in the development and propagation of electromagnetic mind control technologies reflects the tremendous power that is inherent in them. To state it bluntly, whoever controls this technology controls the minds of all humanity.The technical capability to remotely influence 6.5 billion human brains with the sole intent of manipulating human behavior, the human nervous system, the human psyche, the thoughts, moods and mental states and health of the masses,constitutes a level of tyranny never before witnessed in all of human history.

Acoustic “psycho-correction”, behavior modification, remote neural monitoring, psychic and biophysical warfare, brain-wave entrainment, bioelectromagnetics, subliminal programming, psychotronic mind control etc… are all the terminologies used to describe the insidious and invisible assault being waged upon the collective human psyche by electromagnetic technologies of the time of Atlantis once more after 5000 years again brought to 21st century once more.You can pray that you get protected from this and pray for others to be protected by the blood of YAHSUHUA and by the annointing of the Holy Spirit and Holy angelic guardians from such a psychotronic nightmare.

Brain wave manipulation from a distance using phased and pulse-modulated infrasonic and ultrasonic generated frequencies designed to control the very thoughts and feelings of a subjected populace is every dictator’s dream come true.

Because the human mind is so sensitive and vulnerable to outside electromagnetic intrusion and has no natural ability to erect a “firewall” to protect itself, biowarfare on the mind may prove to be one of the most effective means of projecting power by the planet’s priviledged elite in their quest to establish Luciferian New World Order.

Beyond the planetary electromagnetic frequency weapons now in place and operating (Russian Woodpecker, HAARP, GWEN etc…), there are large arrays of ELF/microwave cellular phone tower grids being erected and already operating at the local community level in many areas. These towers are are putting out levels of power that exceed all cellular phone requirements by a large margin, with the hidden purpose of exerting electromagnetic mind control influence over entire populated areas- specifically tailored to each community.

Supernaturally, one can deduce that the fallen angelic spiritual realm utilizes these new frequencies (mediums of light, sound, color, levels of consciousness and intelligence), allowing spiritual entities-fallen angels and their children demons -to work behind the scenes within the human psyche to control and manipulate the lives, thoughts, convictions, habits and hearts of mankind- so as to induce all to submit and worship the god of this world,Lucifer which is puppet master of this world which is not God but fallen celestial being the source of all evil,the egoistic tyrant made by genuine creator GOD ELOHIM „I AM“YAHUVEH,YAHUSHUA,IMMAYAH,LATER REBELED AND BECAME UNIVERSAL TERRORIST AND PUPPET MASTER OF THIS WORLD .
I will put link of my new blog when it´s finished,there are mind blowing stuff about this puppet master game
But…. You Can’t Tear Down the Gates of Heaven! thus saith, Yahushua the Messiah!!

illuminati draconian overloards of chaos serve you on plate food of illusion,sorcery practiced on you evry day,you are beeing manipulated sheeple!
CULTure is not your friend!
get back to nature………
Don´t polute nature,and don´t ask yourself why you are sick,it is because you polluted the same nature you live in,you polluted yourownself!!!
Eтᴇʀɴᴀʟ Lovᴇ °☆ Pυʀιтч •¨☆ ☾ღ ゚♡゚・☆ ° Nᴀтυʀᴇ ☾°☆¸. * ● ¸ ☾ °☆  ¸. * ●☆` Fʀᴇᴇᴅoм ° ☾ °☆  ¸. * ● ¸ ☾Lιɢʜт ☼ °☆ ¸. * Gʟoʀч ●•´○ ღ☆・Tʀυтʜ * ●☾ °☆ ¸. * ☾Jυsтιcᴇ °☼ ☾Hoᴘᴇ °☆ ☾ °☆¸. ●sᴡᴇᴇтɴᴇss:¨•ღ. •¨☆Loчᴀʟтч ●*☼¸.☆☾☾•ღ☆☾ •Wιsᴅoм •☾•¨☆☾•☾☆☾¨ღ •♫¸¸.♥* ʜoɴᴇsтч ღ☾ °☆ ☼ ♡゚・☆°ᴄoυʀᴀɢᴇ☾°☆ ☼☆☾ ° ♫¸¸.♥Sᴇɴsιтιvιтч ❤ ☆. • ○ °✿*.• Fᴀιтʜғυʟɴᴇss✿*.•○°♫¸¸.♥* Pᴀтιᴇɴᴄᴇ✿*.• ღ* . •☆♥*ᴄoɴsтᴀɴᴄч ✿☆¸.✿☆¸.☆Ŧoʀтιтυᴅᴇ ღ ❤ ☆. •○ ° Hᴀʀмoɴч °☆¸.☆Lovᴇʟιɴᴇss°。.•°•♫¸¸.♥* ✿ ☼ ☆☾ ° ♫¸¸. ❤ ☆. • ☆. • ○ °Vιᴄтoʀч•°•♫¸¸.
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❤❤Wʜᴀт Goᴅ ʜᴀs נoιɴᴇᴅ тoɢᴇтʜᴇʀ, ʟᴇт ɴo human or devil,or monster,beast,nor any other creatuce sᴇᴘᴀʀᴀтᴇ!❤❤
╔═☼L❤VE☼══════.▄▀▀▄▀▀▄─☆╔╗╔═╦═╦═╦═╗ ╠═════☼L❤VE☼══.▀▄▀▄▀▄▀☆─║╚╣╬╠╗║╔╣╩╣ ╚═════════☼L❤VE☼.▀▄▀───☆╚═╩═╝╚═╝╚═╝☆ αℓɯαɣs iη ɣour Heαr† ❤♡───✫───:¨•.•¨:─ᶬᶸᶜᶣ╓─♡╖╓──♡─╥─♡╖╓♡─╥─♡─╖ ♡───✫───:¨•.•¨:─ᶬᶸᶜᶣ║♡░╙╢♡░╫░║♡░╙╜░♡║♡░╨╢ ♡─────✫─:¨•.•¨:─ᶬᶸᶜᶣ╙─♡─╨──♡─╨─♡──♡─╨──♡╜ßRÍGHT♡ßԼΞSSÍПGS♡OƑ­♡Ŀ☼√Ξ
☼❥──────█▀▀─█───█─█▀▀─█▀▀─█▀█▀█❥───█▀█▀█─▀── █▀▄▀█──█▀▀❥ჱ♥☼ ☼❥──────▄▄█─█▄▀▄█─██▄─██▄──▄█▄─❥────▄█▄─▄█▄ ▄█───█▄─██▄❥ჱ♥☼

██║─▄█▀▄║██║█║██▀║*♥*ωιʂʜιηɢ yøʊ ʜαppy ŧιɱєʂ αlωαyʂ ❀ ──❥──*♥* ██║─██║█║██║█║██▀║*♥*ωiէн ʂɱιlєʂ【ツ】♥ʜαяɱøny☼ ʟøʋɛ ❥αηd pɛα¢є─☮ ███║▀██▀║▀██▀║███║*♥*pɛα¢є♥ℒℴѵℯpɛα¢є♥ℒℴѵℯpɛα¢є♥ℒℴѵℯpɛα¢є♥ℒℴѵ­ℯ─☯

☆•*•.¸¸. Lovᴇ чoυ ɱч ʟovᴇ, ɱч ʜυʙʙч!☆ •*´¨`*☆•*´¨`*•.¸¸.☆•*•.¸¸▒❤❤▒

☼❥──────█▀▀─█───█─█▀▀─█▀▀─█▀█▀█❥───█▀█▀█─▀── █▀▄▀█──█▀▀❥ჱ♥☼ ☼❥──────▄▄█─█▄▀▄█─██▄─██▄──▄█▄─❥────▄█▄─▄█▄ ▄█───█▄─██▄❥ჱ♥☼

☆★☆▐▌─▌─▐▌─▐▀▌▐▀▌█─█★▐▀▄──▐▌─▌─▐▌☆★☆ ☆★☆▐██▌▐▄▄▌▐▄▌▐▄▌▀▄▀★▐──▌▐▄▄▌▀▄▀─☆★☆ ☆★☆▐▌─▌▐──▌▐──▐───█─★▐▄▀─▐──▌─█──☆★☆.Şuɴʂнιɴє.☼⊱☼⊱☼


❥──☆──▀█▀──▄███▄███▄─▄███▄███▄【₤öṽễ】【❤】 ❥───☆──█───███─▄─███─███▀█▀███.▀█▀▀█ ❥────☆─█────▀█─▀─█▀───▀█─█─█▀.──███ ❥────☆▄█▄▄█──.▀██▀──────▀▄▄▀───▄█▄▄█


╔═☼L❤VE☼══════.▄▀▀▄▀▀▄─☆╔╗╔═╦═╦═╦═╗ ╠═════☼L❤VE☼══.▀▄▀▄▀▄▀☆─║╚╣╬╠╗║╔╣╩╣ ╚═════════☼L❤VE☼.▀▄▀───☆╚═╩═╝╚═╝╚═╝☆ † ❤

❧───┐░┌┌░┌┌─┐┌─┐░┌─┐┌─┐░┐░┌─┐┐░┌┌─┐───❣❧ ❧───├─┤├░├├┌┐└─┐░├░┤├┐░░├░├░┤├░┤├┐────❣❧ ❧───┘░└└─┘└─┘└─┘░└─┘┘░░░└─└─┘└─┘└─┘───❣❧

★¸.•`¯´♥ ►Pєαcє ғαiтʜ ╚ÍGH†◄ ♥´¯`•.¸★

★¸.•´★¸.•*´¨)¸.•*¨)★ (¸. •´★( ¸.•°★°•.☆.•°´¯¯°•☆•°´¯¯°•.☆ ԼƠƔЄ♥ ☺─▄▀▀▄▀▀▄─╔╗╔╗╔╗╔╗╔══╗╔══╗─▄▀▀▄▀▀▄─☺ ☺─▀▄▀░▀▄▀─║╠╣║║║║║║║═╗╚══╗─▀▄▀░▀▄▀─☺ ☺───▀▄▀───╚╝╚╝╚══╝╚══╝╚══╝───▀▄▀───☺

❤LОVЄ❤BLЄϟϟЇИGϟ❤─▄██▄██▄─▄██▄██▄─▄██▄██▄─❤LОVЄ❤BLЄϟϟЇИGϟ❤ ❤LОVЄ❤BLЄϟϟЇИGϟ❤─▀█████▀─▀█████▀─▀█████▀─❤LОVЄ❤BLЄϟϟЇИGϟ❤ ❤LОVЄ❤BLЄϟϟЇИGϟ❤───▀█▀─────▀█▀─────▀█▀───❤LОVЄ❤BLЄϟϟЇИGϟ❤

♥¸¸.•*¨*•❤ ⋯♡ßRÍGHT♡ßԼΞSSÍПGS♡OƑ♡Ŀ☼√Ξ❤¸¸.•*¨*•☼♥‿.٩(◠‿◠)۶.‿♥

┌┐┐░┌┌─┌─┌┬┐░┐░┌┌─┌─.┐┌┘┌─.┬┐░┬░…..╰╮──────── └┐┤┬├├░├░░┤░░┤┬├├░├░.├┤░├░.┤├┌┤░.o(◕␣~)o────── └┘└┴┘└─└─░┴░░└┴┘└─└─.┘└┐└─.┘└└┘░…(“)..(“)ღ¸.•´¯`•.»ღ

✦───▄▄─▄▄▀▀▄▀▀▄──✧╓──╖░╓────╖╓─╖╓─╖╓───╖✦ ✧──███████░░░▄▀──✦║░░║░║░╓╖░║║░║║░║║░╙─╢✧ ✦───▀███▀─▀▄▀────✧║░░╙╖║░╙╜░║║░╙╜░║║░╓─╢✦ ✧─────▀──────────✦╙───╜╙────╜╙────╜╙───╜

❀────ღ║░╔═╗╗░╔╔═╗ღ║░║║░║╔═╗╔═╗ღ─(\(\.(¯`••´¯)../)/) ──❀──ღ║░║░║║░║╠═╝ღ╠═╣║░║║═╦╚═╗ღ─(=’:’).`•.¸.•´(‘:’  ღ ❀────ღ╚═╚═╝╚═╝╚═╝ღ║░║╚═╝╚═╝╚═╝ღO((“)(“)……(“)(“))O❤

░▄▀▀▄▀▀▄⋆┊╔╦╗░░░░▄░░░╗╔░░░░░░⋆┊▄▀▀▄▀▀▄ ░█─────█┊⋆║║║┌┐┌┐┬┌─░╠╣┐┌┌┐┌┐┊⋆█─────█ ░░▀▄─▄▀░⋆┊╝░╚└┴└┤┴└─░╝╚└┘└┤└┐⋆┊░▀▄─▄▀░ ░░░░▀░░░┊⋆░░░░░└┘░░░░░░░░└┘└┘┊⋆░░░▀░░░

┼┼✽───▀█▀────▀█─█▀─────────────────────• ✽┼┼────█─╔══╗─█─█─╔══╗──░♥▄▀▀▄▀▀▄♥░…ƸӜƷ ┼┼✽────█─╚══╝─▀▄▀─╠═╣───♥░▀▄───▄▀░♥✽.( ‘.’) ✽┼┼───▄█▄▄█───────╚══╝──░♥░░▀▄▀░░♥░…(“)(“)

─♥♥♥─╥──╦╔╗║║╔╦╗──────║─╔╗────╔╗──⋱ ⋮ ⋰─────♥╰☼╮♥╰☼╮♥ ♥─♥─♥║──║║╗╠╣─║─╔╗╦╗╦╗║─╚╝╚╗╔╝╠╝─⋯⋯♡⋯⋯──♥╰☼╮♥╰☼╮♥╰☼╮♥ ─♥♥♥─╚═╝╩╚╝║║─╩─╠╣║║╩╝╚═╝──╚╝─╚╝──⋰ ⋮ ⋱─────♥╰☼╮♥╰☼╮♥

☼──▄▀▀▄▀▀▄──✰──▄▀▀▄▀▀▄──☼─▄▀▀▄▀▀▄──✰───────✰─────────☼ ☼──▀▄───▄▀──✰──▀▄───▄▀──☼─▀▄───▄▀─────☼────────✰ ☼────▀▄▀────✰────▀▄▀────☼───▀▄▀─ ❤ĿO√Ξ❤&HAPPINESS٩(◠.‿◠)۶☼─╰❤╮

─██░───██▀██░██░██░█▀▀█░☣✦♡═══════════♡✦ʙʟᴇssɪɴɢs ᴏғ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ─██░───██░██░██░██░█▀░─░☣✦♡═══════════♡✦ʙʟᴇssɪɴɢs ᴏғ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ─██▄██░██▄██░─█▄█░─█▄▄█░☣✦♡═══════════♡✦ʙʟᴇssɪɴɢs ᴏғ ʟᴏᴠᴇ

─██─██─██─██▀▀─██▀▀─▄██▄██▄─██─██─██─██▀▀─██▀▀─ ─████▄─██─▀▀██─▀▀██─▀█████▀─████▄─██─▀▀██─▀▀██─ ─██─██─██─████─████───▀█▀───██─██─██─████─████

______✰█▒█──██.█▒█──██.█▒█▀▀▀─.█▒█▀▀▀♥ ❤⋆ℐ ℒℴѵℯ ƴℴυ⋆·•*•.¸.•*❥ ______✰█▒█████.█▒█──██.█▒█─▀██.█▒██▒█✰✱❤⋆ℐ ℒℴѵℯ ƴℴυ ɱч ℒℴѵℯ♥ ______✰█▒█─®██.█▒█████.█▒█▄▄██.▄▄▄█▒█✰♥ ❤⋆ℐ ℐ ℒℴѵℯ ƴℴυ

AND HERE IS QUESTION FOR DUMB AND NUMB SHEEPLE: “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?” —Galatians 4:16
The Earth is like a Hollywood stage… full of propaganda and hidden agendas…
Luciferian Anti-Christ Cancerous Consciousness & Babylonian World Empire
Both Black Magic and White Magic occultists have the same New World Order goals, and much of the same methods. Each system is also planning to produce, or stage, a super human, a fully enlightened World Teacher, at the End of their Plan!! White Magic occultists call him The Christ, while Black Magic occultists call him, The Antichrist.<1> White Magic Occultic authors have also expressed concern that their Christ, once he has tasted power, might turn into the Left Hand Path and use his powers for Evil.<2>