Spiritual warfare is important people must stop and realise and watch stop signs,pray for determination and awarness and intuition and wisdom,because sataic infultration and satanic orb of influence is now running rumpant and people must wake up and do spiritual warfare parents you are hold accountable more for what you know this halloween is holiday set apart for devil,chatolic crap is another excuse and religion in general no celebration but spiritual warfare needed to be done.

Try change change is good do not get deceived by the beast!

change for example stop saying trick or treat trick or treat give me something good to eat,eat and drink wisdom and knowlage from God,mystery and intuition,truth,holy stuff,and focus on helping others and spreading love and peace and warnings of judment and encouragement and good news and bad news and good new only for those who accept hope bad for those who remain evil,do something productive and change saying of trick or treat to something like this:

The Holy Spirit IMMAYAH is my helper
Now and forever
The one who is always by my side.
The Holy Spirit is my helper
Now and forever
The one who is always by my side.
She strengthens me when Im weak and worn
Takes away from me desires of this world
She teaches me to love and forgive
Shows me how to pray and fills me with the word
The mysteries of God she makes known to me
The truth now Im able to see
Wisdom and counsel she gives to me
And fills me with power from above,
Yu want me to sing come on wake up people you are sleeping sheeple do once in your life something meaningfull!
This dark satanic time that is used for rituals this devil uses to gain more energy and power and since this satanic year is completly as returned all fallen celestial beings in 2012 21.december then after more rituals and now as this was done here now they are dooing this more they prepare this world for this age of aquarius we entered into age of illusion the illusion spells and rituals and incantations and all these rituals and distractions ispecialy as halloween satanic rituals happen they have pandora´s cubic demonic black box and they put souls here those who are more carried away this is occultic practice to put masks on yourselves and that attracts these forces and possesses,this is strait occultism,majority when dies goes to hell,they end up there and they just as this generation is more perversed this generation is now more dooing this crap the stuff is like this they get sucked to synthetic merkabah rtheir energy and putted who give energy above earth as quarantine is lifted up in 21.december 2012 and all demonic spirits are here now from then and as they by witchcraft get to put you into by spells cast on those who put masks they may get defiled by occult and get trapped by pandora´s box monitored in satan´s hall of records called akashik records,and then draconian illuminati warlocks and sorcerers initiate people as they come to 97th degree in freemasonery or don´t repent and get themselves away and cleanse they by synthetic merkabah the vimanas starships in upper levels of atmosphere here get souls suck by ring and send up to their ships who beam up little bit higher above the earth into saturn cubic box,God allows on halloween more souls to get sucked into pandora´s box now is the time of trial and tribulation majority ait´t gonna make it.
just wake up and see the danger,live holy,spread the message,just watch out what you do and where you go and pray!
Watch not to be satanic sacrafice food of illuminati draconian beasts sorcerers and witchces and warlocks,and watch what you say and where,because air has recording hermetical devices(hermetics=technology+magic together combined) and they use to drive people crazy and use things they say against them by akasik records and make zombies of people,don´t watch tv it projects powerful ion energies and controls mind,creates zombies,it is evil,it is even by illuminati omegan organisation thru hollywood also their organisation warned in movie “they live” as they revealed the truth there,you must wake up and forsake these beasts from niburu these draconian annunaki illuminati shapeshifting energy and blood vampires that are polititians,preacers,teachers,false televangelist phrophets,tv preachers,preachers,popes,kings,presidents,banksters,media icons,media operatives,mtv,fake jews we were warned in the bible the akanazi kayzar kkk,freemasonic devils,new age cult leaders,religious leaders of religion in general,vatican jesuit warlocks that are abusers of children and women and their wives who are witches who wcall themselves mothers of darkness and their housbands call themselves pastors and shepards but they lead sheep astry call themselves fathers,their father is satan,the father of all lies who´s native language is lies and illusions the liar the trickster the illusionist the manipulator and master counterfiter the walking blasphemy,and academia schools,hostital doctors which are sorcerers and hospitals are nothing but a gravecamps,then your sports the sport teams,military,congres,your presidents,magasines,and many other things and organisations that when i even remember not at a second that will offend sorry ass of brainwashed idiots who are braindead and dirty,and they never watch for balance and stop signs,and don´t want to heel and cleanse themselves and cover things up.
Wake up,here is more info:
They use pyramids ti now connect all earth grids and as all are here demonic fallen ones and some were till yesterday imprisoned in earth and now are realised and they all prepare people to work and do stuff they need they help the elites to prepare the age for the rule of Satan/Lucifer and the thing is thatas he is also on earth now they prepare the way and try to steal and calcify and capture and cash in souls as many as they can to later as they rail in mark of the beast cashless society they will then enjoy these dark beings the vampires.

Money is moon energy mon-ey moon energy currency when you burn money you can see the parasitic demonic faces in smoke these are sacraficial spirits and money as in the bible is written is root of all evil,devil invented money to create adrtificial illusinary twisted reality matrix to steal and dewour souls as it is written in the bible that he is to  steal kill and destroy,and the thing is as he is deceiver and illusionist now illusions and illusion spells work more and more are cast upon this world this is the age of maya the maya means illusion

The Beast is putting 6 spiraling down in the demonic pandora´s  Box & Planet Vibration Time & Energy spiriling down and all speeding up if you don´t repent,cleanse heel,and get yourself up right and speed up you gonna get trapped by the beast and trichnology of the beast!

    • this box cube
  • rituals/spells-distraction crap of the world and sin promotion,illusion matrix and all other distraction stuff here is sucking souls
  • Saturn,Black Cube and Judgement Day:

  • As judment day aproaches in this six sided box in this 3D hell wants to make this DNA  of humans 666 dna 6 and trap into box by it´s tricknology,beast knows it´s time is shorter and is going like mad now eat right food,don´t eat meat,the party hardly party as part they have been by your alchoholic fornicating party stealing your energy sex before marriage is sin it puts this mtv lust spell mind control spells to you kundalini energy as sex magic and money as greed as they know how by money to control energy,you gain money you lose your soul,this all stuff is mentioned in the bible,wisdom,knowlage,beeing holy,praying for intuition and determination and cleansing and decalcify your third eye(spiritual sence) and pray for spiritual discerment and eat well,and as they part dna and chop of peaces of soul and dna of you as you are in the world lost they will then try to put your dna to mutate as the seal of devil to make you as a devil personality and to make you confronted to the image of the beast as we are made in image of God and our body is tample of God all these things i repeat trillion,triple gazillion times on my blogs yes we defile our tample and chace God from us away and akashic records of astrology kaballah magic manipulation thru beeing sinning and saying wiches of greedy lustful worldly heart signed to akashik records and by astrology curses from these records beeing manipulated and more those who accept astrological satanic horoscope curses forecast which is not God ´s  will but devil´s will of destiny,as you accept the sign you then accept the being who is fallen celestial being fallen angelic master the being who leads legions of demons who put´s destiny planned by devil and not by God and then in that way take but like a bit tiny peaces of your soul thru economic control all the greed of people to pervert the God´s plan,makes people thru their actions creating false reality and beeing slaves going to schools and jobs to work for money when rockefeller demonic rotschild warlock banksters the synagoge of satan that control you by that moon energy the money thing to buy stuff materialistic that you like that things those who are souless,instead fight for people who are all your brothers and sisters and their souls are havenly treasures the genuine treasures you need to fight for.
  • Don´t do all crazy stuf change your ways,and don´t sell your soul to devil,devil can give you evrything but you as it is said lose your soul,that is not evrything you have nothing you are not happy they sucked souls of celebrities,they make fake smile because they suffer they are souless draconian devils beasts control these bodies they are trapped in mantion big castle they have and suffer in they have no real friends,they have rolls royce but hhave no soul that is sick that is wrong,wake up,you don´t need this shiny bling bling stuff,you can live without all that,this world is world of illusion
  • all these things made and yet they are all fake:
  • Image

and many other stuff,what the hell from this part don´t you get,even the matrix is in tghe bible put there,and movie tells partly it is also freemasonic with their occult symbolism,but the message is same they have control opposition omegan organisation where evryware reveals 2% of info what they do and even there you can not see:

Mark 8:36

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

in this bible verse the answer is no profit is worth!!!!!!!

1 Timothy 6:10

For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.


Matthew 17:17

Then YAHUSHUA answered and said, O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? how long shall I suffer you?

James 4:4

Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.


Wake the hell up people,stop fallowing crap from this world…..


Exodus 34:19-29 (King James Version)

19 All that openeth the matrix is mine; and every firstling among thy cattle, whether ox or sheep,that is male . 20 But the firstling of an ass thou shalt redeem with a lamb: and if thou redeem him not, then shalt thou break his neck . All the firstborn of thy sons thou shalt redeem . And none shall appear before me empty. 21 Six days thou shalt work , but on the seventh day thou shaltrest : in earing time and in harvest thou shalt rest . 22 And thou shalt observe the feast of weeks,of the firstfruits of wheat harvest, and the feast of ingathering at the year’s end. 23 Thrice in theyear shall all your men children appear before the Lord GOD, the God of Israel. 24 For I will castout the nations before thee, and enlarge thy borders: neither shall any man desire thy land, when thou shalt go up to appear before the LORD thy God thrice in the year. 25 Thou shalt not offerthe blood of my sacrifice with leaven; neither shall the sacrifice of the feast of the passover be leftunto the morning. 26 The first of the firstfruits of thy land thou shalt bring unto the house of theLORD thy God. Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother’s milk. 27 And the LORD said untoMoses, Write thou these words: for after the tenor of these words I have made a covenant with thee and with Israel. 28 And he was there with the LORD forty days and forty nights; he did neither eat bread, nor drink water. And he wrote upon the tables the words of the covenant, theten commandments. 29 And it came to pass, when Moses came down from mount Sinai with thetwo tables of testimony in Moses’ hand, when he came down from the mount, that Moses wist not that the skin of his face shone while he talked with him.

The main thing sheep is male sheep mentioned there are deceived gays and abusers of women,who edited bible to pull people away from God who are walking blasphemy who in equality of women they edited book of phrophet timothy in the bible making lie that women should be slaves,no that is not true,race,gender,age discrimination is demonic,so many like that things are edited,the beast removed names of God and many things,you mock people who bring these important things up and me who are also part of them,you stone phrophets and messangers,you aint´t gonna make it,you are lying basterd perverse unbeliving religious degenerate generation of vipers,nasty basterds,all of you who mock these truths,homosexuals-gays and lesbians the unproductive unbalanced basterds pro death and abortionists who are holocaust maniacs,you all gonna perish if you don´t change,repent,clean yourselves up and get right and all those who claim not to be religous and give themselves titles,and those who claim to be religious all you are that and all imorral ones who oppose not homosexuality and mudrering abortion and who support wars,and fake stuff and pay bills and give your power and money to reptilian draconian satanic puppet masters and serve them as your gods insted one and true God,shame on you all who want to stay in matrix the bible insert means that one supremist “white” over “black” and “black” over “white” and man over women and otherwise and adults over shildren and other way arround age,gender,”race” is all duality based mindset and crap and demonic evil deception lies that is one example of matrix in the exodus second book of the bible where you have it mentioned and who is friend of world is enemy of God is enemy of their own soul,becase they are in danger of devil having no protection of God then and beast can such you in and you gonna go down with that beast and get burned up by fallowing these distractions and this bafunery stuff by beeing demoralised with your morals take away and supremacy nonsance crap and all the blasphemy and nazi stuff and all the crap i care not to ofend none of you basterds you chace fake money all this i showed to you is in the bible but they don´t want to show you this stuff and don´t want you to know the truth!

Matthew 6:20

But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:

this verse means you care for souls of your brothers and sisters here not neseeserly biological or so called relatives but the ones who you connect spiritualy with and have understanding for them,and then wake up and wake them up and moralise them,give them love,council,wisdom,understaiding,and reveal the whole picture of world and pray for them,give them peace and protection lead them right way and take them to haven with you,they are your streasure as you help them that is your best medicine and you will feel love of God in yourself for yourself and them-others and you will for real possess and give love and know what it is worry not to offend be honest and correct when you need and care for them and you must wake up you must wake them up and care for eachothers and you must also unite to save as many as you can this is your treasure you have then evrything in live you will loose desires for fake souless stuff,you ok ok will need telephone to communicate with them and internet and stuff like that ok buy but´s don´t be crazy for money and stuff more and more when you already have and don´t be a materialistic worshiping scum,wake the hell up,you have one phone it is enough,don´t buy 5 somebody have no phone at all and no electricity,be happy with evrything you have,don´t desire more when you have evrything at the best moment just be thankful and desire to help more desire real treasure and that God will always give you in that treasure is wisdom,knowlage,strenght,love,intuition,sound mind,peace,warrior like mentality against beast,and protective personality for your loved ones who ever they may be your soulmates and brothers and sisters and whoever you love and desire for more family,and these true treasures you ask from God you will have,don´ ask either too much for people,few are true ones,and take care for what and who you already have!

Always seek balance and detach from nonsance not to perish!

Money is worthless and illusion made by devil!

Money is worthless power is people illuminati draco warlock devils have no other power except the one you give them!We are in demonic world of illusion,if you want to espace it one day and ascend from here get right change your way,rise up and wise up,find yourself,nature and God,and accept YAHSUHUA as messiah,and dettach from the nonsance!

Saturn, Black Cube and Judgement Day:

Again this stuff on armageddon people who are trapped won´t be realised from pandoraś  black cube demonic box those belong to satan/lucifer and those who were trapped there by the mark of the beast and they will then more demonise those who take hermetic mark of the beast


This is exactly the picture i explained you what they do they make bad influence from vimanas and upper is that box and they trap the souls,so dettack from the system matrix of illuminati draconian warlock devils who do just this what you see on picture up here…….

These occult mysticism linked to this which is ‘veiled’ to the ordinary humans to trap their souls and such them dry.

linked to a level of evil shadow workers, the ego or “service to self”-mentality. And the gnostics who contact archons whp are linked to the black cube of  working through their systems they builded such energy and souls of humanity there who is tricked by the game who allowed that to themselves.



This lesson, basically a series of paraphrased book reports, has similarities in organizations, schools, libraries, comic books, games, cartoons, television shows, video games, movies, toys, books, music and sports. There is an astonishing, hideous rise of devil worship, Satanism/Luciferianism, and witchcraft among the youth. You will be shaken, startled and disgusted who are normal people who are holy and good and life for truth and not for lie. Witchcraft is on the rise throughout the world. It is suprising how many people are deceived concerning the dangers of witchcraft. You especially need to learn about witchcraft and the New Age movement.

There are seven million high level ceremonial witches in evry country of the world today and another thirty-five million or so persons who have studied or dabbled in witchcraft. Satan/Lucifer wants to control children from the womb and cradle to the grave, in all organizations, destroy their souls and wandalise,take your children from you, abuse the children, give them an unholy childhood, rob their brains in the classrooms, and guide the children into hard-core devil worship and witchcraft and all the rap and nonsance in this world.

THE PLAN of the beast:

The Plan promotes New Age movement and religion in general,even those who claim to have no religion but yet give themselves “religious and anti religious titles” are religious also be not deceived,but not including those titles:indigo,rainbow and crastyl that means these are original humans who have title to get recognised who have annointing and power of God and DNA original one of Abraham,Isacand Jacob,and i am indigo also,anyways those who claim ispecialy to be religious they are not going to make it so these 2 groups of people high level rebellious peopole who claim to be religious and “anti” religious also who claim not to be who are also rligious if they have not Relationchip-spiritual connection with God,are demonicly possessed low vibrational people for them beast prepares and makes them do satanic stuff  rituals, idolatry, sexual perversion and obsession and mania and against life death pro like these 2:homosexuality and abortion anti life holocaust maniacs,propagands evil illusion crap books and games, white magic, black magic, sorcery, shamanism, polytheism,paganism,hedonism,demonism,metarialism,communism,socialism,nazism,capitalism,& all other isms, occult symbols, objects and idols,psudo false psychology brainwash sorcery soul tormenting,fallen angelic worship in new age esoteric new age cults so called „ufo“ worship,witchcraft and Satan worship/ astrology and horoscope, tarot card reading, ouija boards, palm readings, fire-walking, seances, mediums, spirit channeling, holistic medicine, physical tests and sports, and guided imagery and visualization.

Basically these are occultic rituals,lies and illisions and distractions, practices, artifacts and objects including butchery, violence and sex,and anarchy. Shows are full of sexual license, magic, sorcery, and Satanic violence and evil. Satan´s plan the New Age Plan are after the children ispecialy, especially children who are littel souls in developement,because children are in developing process beast want to corrupt that it is way eazier,and you parents wake the hell up and protect your children.Devil can have no right over you and attack you or whatever unless you give in unless you allow it by sin,or participating in his distractions and illusions on lack of awarness or whatever,be wake,and aware and determined and watch out,don´t let devil in!


(Ravaged By The beast for it s  New Age agendas of new world order – Satan’s Plan To Destroy Our Kids and corrupt and vandalise and trap and such souls info pandora´s box)

There is the shocking assault and all-out spiritual war being waged currently against the kids by Satan’s demonic legions, and his New Age leadership and their millions of deceived disciples. New Age occultism which is repacked from Lemuria,Atlantis,Egypt,Smueria,Babylon mystery schools is sweeping across the globe, snatching up the innocent children in its rotten net. Satan’s program of ongoing, systematic child abuse knows no bounds. Images, concepts and symbols of the New Age, and of sorcery and the occult now permeate kids TV programs, cartoons, and movies. Unsuspecting children are constantly being exploited and abused by willful teachers and school administrators bent on poisoning captive young minds with occultic, New Age doctrines and rituals.

New Age medical malpractices are visualization, guided imagery, meditation, crystal powers, reflexology, polarity therapy, bio-feedback,fallen angelic spirit channeling. Do you recognize that the spiritual night is upon us. Satan’s goal has never changed: to wipe out all vestiges of souls from the earth and thereby cause future generations to worship him as God.

Devilish deceptive doctrines Of The New Age

The children of the future will serve a One World (Planetary Government) and live in a One World Culture.  Patriotism to one’s country must be abolished and all national barriers destroyed in order to build a New One World Order. (3) Children will accept that Eastern mystical religion is to be of the West to forge a new, unified social and religious order of Universal lies. (4) Teenagers and youth will rebel and revolt against their parents and against authority to help usher in the New Age World Order.  Youth and all of humanity must accept that the time will inevitably come when grown-ups who refuse to become part of the New Age will have to be killed. They are to be considered as lowly germs, an infection or blot on humanity that must be stamped out and eradicated,that is the plan of he beast.  The traditional family unit is not desirable for the Aquarian New Age. Children belong to the government-beast, to the world and the community–the human group–not to their parents. A new kind of family unity of homosexual adopting and abortion death comes must inevitably so that depopulation also with monsanto geneticly modified food and chemtrails and poisoning of water,food,air,earth,and humans directly thru vaccinations and they are beeing braiwashed and exterminated in wars against eachothers in duality mindset deceptions and illusions and lies,brothers and sisters killing eachothers.Also demonisation by sorcery(druging-form of witchcraft) and kundalini energy rising(sex magic) must guide behavior, especially the sexual conduct,to make personalities of people like devil itself like that beast,and they the fallen angels will twist things and will say love is sex do sex and evrybody and parents with children and who knows who will do and undo the sexual oegies evryware and drugging and people will be demonised to the core bi sexual and homosexual craps will be evryware and slowly that depopupation comes thru poisoning,wars,and unproductive sexual behavior and fallen angels will take more land for themselves.

Absurd and immature notions of sin and guilt must not be imparted to children by parents, teachers, pastors and other adults. A more permissive and worldly sinful attitude must be adopted.  religion and goverement merges into one super demonic system.  They plot to decompose and destroy the family unit, subvert Bible truths, and promote a One World New Age Religion and Government. The unholy trinity has to replace HOLY TRINITY OF : Father YAHUVEH, Mother IMMAYAH the Holy Spirit, Son YAHUSHUA the Messiah with ungoly trinities of all religions all counterfits which are Satan/Lucifer,Lilith and Apollyon!

Many other doctrines, rituals, practices and symbols have been revived from the past by the New Age movement.There is a gigantic underway of prepared things already running. Billions will join the „God hating“ forces of the New Age Beasts.  The word occult simply means hidden or concealed, kept from view.And yet 97 % go to hell and that means people are under rebellion against God and spirit of rebellion is the spirit of witchcraft,when people curse,and damn others they send curses and demons against eachothers when the look astrology they opet their third eye not to God but to demonic spirits and they then are open to them and fake prosperity illusion in this world and they are then in witchcraft/rebellion.

Here is just a partial list of ancient satanic teachings, practices and symbols now in vogue and being pushed on the children and teens: color therapy, heavy metal music, unisex dress, sadism, sorcery, incest and immorality, hypnotism, New Age religions and religion in general because God does not have one, palmistry, rebellion, astral travel not by help of God but by fallen angels and demons, mystery teachings of pagan schools, satanic psychic powers,kaballah-astrology-horoscopes,nature worship, rhythmic breathing, visualization, psychedelic drugs-sorcery-form of witchcraft, sodomy, bi and homosexuality, necromancy(form of witchcraft communicating with dead(really fallen angels and dmeons who are familiar with their souls who impersonate them) or crying over graves an talking to it or pictures of passed ones or anything with death and death worship of dead signt like graveyard or just going there with stupied feeling of emptyness and sex with dead bodies which is necrofilia and form of necromancy witchcraft also) , dragon magic , pyramid magic, chanting, yoga, demonic music, fortune telling, levitation, fire walking, body tattoos, numerology, pedophilia, mental imagery; the unicorn, pegasus and other magical beasts;contacting them for magic thru mediation with and without drugs which are sorcery form of magic,reading ancient scriptures (other than on God’s word like bible and apoarchya); and satanic symbols (pentagram, triangle ” circle, etc used for magical conjurings).


These are all forms of witchcraft which is the thread that runs through occultism and Satanism/Luciferianism. Forbidden practices in the Bible that are an abomination to God:  Witchcraft (Witch, Wizard,warlock, Sorcerer, Clairvoyant, Physic) – practice of dealing with evil spirits, use of sorcery and magic, to whisper a spell, enchant and practice magic.  Magic– sorcery and witchcraft.  Enchantment (Song Spell or Augur) – act of influencing by charms and incantations, practice of magical arts, hypnosis, spell casting, soothsayer, sorcerer.  Divination (Fortune Telling) – Divining, witchcraft, soothsayer.  Charming (Serpent Charmer) – to put a spell upon someone, to affect by magic, enchantment, hypnosis.  Consulter With Familiar Spirits (Medium) – familiar spirits consultator.

Sorcery (Pharmakia) – use of power gained from the assistance or control of evil spirits, especially for divining, magician who uses psychodelic drugs and psychoactive plants and substances who makes and drinks chemical potions in witc boil who contacts fallen angelic spirits thru after taking that stuff by meditation them and asking for revealing of future events and stuff and to have more magic and to have revealed stuff about magic what to do and how and all secret occultic info and mind expanding and astral travel and influencing others. (8) Necromancy (Seance) – Communication with the dead, conjuration of the spirits of the fallen angels and demons who immitate dead humans who are familliar of their souls because these humans are either in haven or hell or trapped in pandora´s box,contacting familliar spirits in necromantic seanse for purposes of magically revealing the future or influencing the course of events, medium. (9) Observing Times (Star Gazing, Astrology-kabalist) divination of the horoscopes that have curse forecast which if people don´t accept that influence they then acceot God´s will for their destiny in life, prognostication. (10) Soothsaying – act of foretelling events, prophesying by a spirit other than the Holy Spirit of God. (11) Prognostication – energy absorbind and curse putting to look like you predict something (12) Television:telling lies to your vision,you are beeing controled by the box,and our soul beeing trapped by the box inside of box!

KNOWLEDGE:Parents have to learn to recognize what Satan/Lucifer wants to teach the children. They have to become knowledgeable in the occult teachings that the New Age wants to bring on the world. Parents, grandparents, educators need to discern the spirit of the times, walk in the light, repel the darkness and take a well-informed stand for God’s truth in our day.

Any time the dark side of the supernatural world is presented as harmless or even whatever, there is the danger that children will become curious and find too late that witchcraft is not harmless.In a culture with an obvious trend toward witchcraft and New Age comming now parents need to consider the effects that these ideas may have on young and impressionable minds.Parents, teachers, guard children!

Studies report that children are less aggressive when raised in a warm, loving atmosphere. Parents who tend to be cold and stand-offish or rejecting with children will produce more hostile offspring.Television is evil!You are being fooled by it! What they perceive as relaxation is actually stimulating some very negative energies and demonic spiritswho give consequences creating this fake twisted artificial false reality illusion.

Parental influence is the primary influence after the bible if parents know the truth and watch not tv! Many parents are often too busy to spend a great deal of time with their children,because they have a job and all 30 things because all that beast put to create these distractions and illusions to destroy this world and in that way also young children.As a result, children learn through other sources. Give of you time to your children more parents,show them love,cut that crap of job and all that cut please cut that crap and sell that to another mutant somware else!

People are rewarded for putting aside their marriages, children, families, communities and in favor of the public worlds of work and success,this is all devil´s trickery of it´s tricknology. Toys are a bulwark against the many forces of modern society that threaten to tear families apart. Thus, parents often use toys to remind family members of the togetherness they wish to preserve.

Although parents give toys to children to restore strained social bonds and to insure togetherness, the family rarely spends much time playing together.Toys are nowdays demonic and demonised  monsters they create and sell,parents ignore that crap be with your kids more!The parent who gets down on the floor to play with a child is doing something that will seldom be repeated throughout the year more often,come on wake up,spend more time with kids! What is being created is an entire new future generation of adults gradually fed and hardened to the grossest types of pornography and all that crap and nonsance.



Warning Signs of Satanism

A sudden or rapid change in attitude toward authorities.  A rebellious, sullen spirit toward parents.  Possession or intense interest in occult and magical books; The possession of the Satanic Bible or a similar book on rituals is of special importance.  A philosophy or attitude that shows a reversal of norms; for example, bad is good and good is bad.  Animosity and cynicism towards God,holy normal people calling them crazy,or evil or whatever,opposed  to morality and calling it insanity,you need some therapy and help i feel sorry for you and that kind of bullcrap,these devils are mutant basterds if they go on that level low they are soo possessed by demons that there is no point or return to them.

Severe mood swings, a drop in grades, intense introspection, depression, loss of sleep, frequent nightmares, paranoia or excessive fear, restlessness.  Possession of specific Satanism-related items, which might include knives (especially daggers and knives with bizarre or medieval handles and blades), small pots, cauldrons, or incense burners; special salts or herbs; bells or gongs; tribal drums; animal parts; bones; candles; incense; amulets; talismans; charms.  Intense interest in, study of, or dabbling in New Age philosophies, practices, and rituals, such as ESP powers, spirit channeling, crystals, acupuncture, reflexology, etc.

Morbid fascination with the dead or with death.  Self mutilation, including cutting oneself or marking with tattoos or body paint.  Black colored clothing, when worn almost exclusively, or when combined with the wearing of jewelry, buttons, or paraphernalia with occult symbology. Also, the wearing of such jewelry and paraphernalia with any clothing, T-shirts with pictures of heavy-metal album covers or Satanic symbols, and black fingernail polish.  Intense interest in heavy-metal rock music, including the worship or admiration of rock stars, and the hanging of posters of these stars and their albums. Use of illegal drugs of any kind, or alcohol abuse.  Obsession with role-playing games, such as Dungeons ” Dragons.  Unusual body movements and effects such as twitching, tics, rocking, glazed eyes, head banging, moaning or groaning, chanting. (16) Lack of empathy toward the hurts in other people’s lives.  Cruelty or inhumane acts against people and animals, or acts of vandalism.  Fascination or obsession with horror, slasher and occult movies, or with occult symbols.  Use of Satanic nicknames.  Fascination with blood.

Seven Steps To Overcoming Occultism And Satanic Involvement

Confess the involvement.  Break the contact–and contract–with evil. Renounce your involvement by first identifying each and every act or behavior, then stating aloud to God that you permanently renounce and cast away from your life anything connected with Satan/Lucifer and that you reject beast and all it´s crp. (3) Get rid of all Satanic articles and items,and all of that stuff.

Ask the Lord YAHUSHUA to forgive you and cleanse you of all the sins in your life. (5) Acknowledge to God verbally the God is your deliverer. Praise YAHSUHUA THE MESSIAH for your deliverance.  Pledge to obey God, to read your Bible, to pray frequently, and to witness to others.  Stand daily against Satan, always with the full assurance that God is almighty and that God´s strength is always sufficient. Lean on God and God will protect you, inspire, and lead you to victory in all things.

TELEVISION SHOWS are pure crap:

By the age of two or three, most children regularly watch 26-33 hours of television each week. 98 percent of all households have at least one TV turned on an average of 6 hours per day. In an average evening of television viewing, deadly weapons appear about nine times per hour. 75 percent of all prime-time network drama contains some act of physical, mental, or verbal and psychological and spiritual violence. 40 percent of all prime-time TV shows are considered to be very high in violence.

The average child has watched the violent destruction of more than 13,000 persons on TV by the time he/she is fifteen. At current rates, the average teen will view 45,000 murders or attempted murders on television by the age of 21. The typical child sees on television 75,000 incidents of drinking by the age 21. 78 percent of parents have used the television as a baby sitter at one time or another,which is deadly wrong and ded wrong. By the time of high school graduation, most children will have spent 11,000 hours in school, but more that 22,000 hours in front of the usless evil crap called TV.

On the average, most children see 250 episodes of war cartoons and 800 advertisements for war toys per year. War cartoons, complete with their own line of war toys, continue to appear with each new season. War cartoons average approximately 80 violent acts per hour with an attempted murder every two minutes. These programs show characters who enjoy repeated attempts to kill each other. Usually the character who is considered good is never killed.

Whether prime-time TV, Saturday morning and after-school cartoons and shows, or big screen novels, nowhere can safety be found for the children. The realism of movies and TV is a demonic free-fire battle zone and the children are hapless targets. Shows like Medium, Supernatural, Charmed, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Sabrina The Teenage Witch blatantly promoted a modernized and repacked from times o old withchcraft,so that fascinates kids to became magicans later and get demonicly posessed to the core.

Satan’s Plan To Destroy Our Kids

Imagine how many tens of thousands of scenes of New Age, barbarism, butchery, violence, sex, sorcery, false gods and goddesses and space aliens and other demonic creatures who are all fallen angels just and occultism are seen by the average child during say, the first 12 years of life alone, and you begin to realize the gravity and seriousness of what is happening to the kids. There is a satanic symphatetic magic they put for to make kids manifest this reality that the kid’s thoughts create reality for them,illusionary twisted reality,for those vampiric fallen angels to suck them in,to steal their souls. Images are printed upon the subconscious mind.

The Third Eye beeing calcified by flouride water and tooth paste and curses of spiritual blindness and insanity and lask of spiritual discerment is then with that beeing send so that third eye of  children in development get week and possessed by demons(children of fallen angels,not this i repead again fallen angels are not demons they are just their offspring,they the demons) so that they can steal souls, All Seeing Eye or Mind’s Eye is occult symbol on the pyramid which is hird eye of satan/lucifer whowing that his third eye(spiritual sence) controls third eye(spiritual sence) of humans to demonise them and that he has control over them wartching them as god,because he fell from haven he in the race of cherubim(celestial race of cherubim,like angels,archangels,seraphim,phenic,prinsipality),and then  so called„Ascended Masters“ are supposed to be highly evolved spirit-beings (actually fallen angels) who make decisions concerning the lives of New Agers.

The kids are being introduced to the Mother Goddess of ancient Babylon. In ancient Egypt, the feminine Ra reigned as a god-like queen. Ra, or Isis, was called the Queen of Heaven,the counterfit copy of true one.

In the City of Babylon, the goddess was called Ashtar, queen to the Bull God. Her god-son’s name was Horus, the Sun God, whose all-seeing eye is today prominently featured on both our U.S. one dollar bill, and as a popular symbol for thousands of New Age publications and commercial items. Ram, a horned goat god, is revered by Satanists even today. The winged pegasus horse and unicorn are popular New Age symbols. The Force is substituted for the God of the Bible. One of the most sinister symbols in the occult is the Satanic triangle inside a circle.That Goddess is  Lilith the wife of Lucifer/Satan, the mother of the antichrist the son of satan and she is the mytery babylon mentioned in the bible also(Lilith).

CARTOONS and also


Satan’s Plan To Destroy Our Kids)

There in the pages of books was the complete teaching curriculum of the New Age and the occult. First, they combine the written word with vivid and colorful pictures and imagery. Second,  books are a cheap and efficient way to get out the New Age message of rebellion. Third, while parents may look suspiciously on TV and movies, most do not suspect books as harboring evil and darkness.

Some have viciously hardcore satanic themes and plots depicting goo as evil force exactly in these words. Others offer up all the religious doctrines and practices and God does not have religion bible actualy talks against religion original one,and  that these are normal and respected by society things they put,and God does not have religion,they connect and say otherwise and pull people away from God one way or another.

Druids were a witchcraft religion of Britain and sruidic priests practiced sorcery and sacrificed human victims to their Sun God who is non other then Lucifer, and to their goddess who is non other then Lilith of the harvest.Many books actually portray the modern-day New Age assault on Biblical truths.

New Age leaders almost universally cry out for the restoration of ancient pagan Mystery Religions are based on pagan mysticisms. The plot of demonic transformation is common to books.

New Age agendas religious craps and social doctrines are expressed and promoted. Amulets are worn or talismans used to protect from evil or enhance supernatural power who bring evil. The lightening bolt is an ancient occultic sign of Lucifer. Boys who view sexually suggestive pictures are drastically and permanently marred and debased in their thoughts about sexuality. The disease of pornography spread though books and magasines is designed to rearrange family values and mangle the youngest minds of the youth into corruption and vandalism of hemselves and others and their souls. If this comic book trend continues, society will see a shocking increase in rapes, mutilations and other sexual crimes and beatility(sex with animals).

New Age has a mania for anything ancient Egyptian, especially anything related to the unholy Egyptian religious worship of the Sun God and the Goddess. They hold evil ceremonies at an altar devoted to the Satanic Egyptian god, Set, work on their secret code, and use occultic Egyptian symbols as their names. To conduct occultic rituals is to invite demons to come and take up habitation. The Egyptians practiced human sacrifice and held the serpent to be sacred. New Age books contain pagan gods and goddesses who are fallen angels, Norse witchraft and mysticism, metaphysical and astrometaphysical magical workings by the power of fallen angels, self-realization by help of fallen angelic spirit guides, occult symbols, witches initiated into hardcore satanism, unicorns and pegasus invocations for elemental magic, crystal balls, rainbows,conjuring of and calling of fallen angels and archdemons and demons and elementals, all seeing eye on pyramid of lucifer magical working of egyptian freemasonery.Satan desires most of all to infiltrate bookstores so he can poison the children’s minds while trusting, unsuspecting parents are unawares. This is an age of deception and apostasy.


Satan’s Plan To Destroy Our Kids)

Satan is having a field day with the kids, producing books of terror to putrefy and trash mind and soul. Children have always been highly connected to spiritual realm.Keep the children from reading satanic material.

One librarian reported that most of the interest is in black magic. The witchcraft religion teaches hatred and intolerance toward good. The reader is never told the danger of fooling with the occult. There is coverage of familiar spirits, seances, initiation rites, stealing, deceit, lying, alienation from and mistrust of parents, and giving of unholy spiritual names. The Satanic Druidic history of Halloween as a pagan holiday is still working it´s best to continue to corrupt souls.

Books are geared to arouse an inner desire in young readers for knowledge of mysticism, magic, sorcery, and witchcraft. Savage, gross violence and cruelty are tools the New Age are using to destroy the kids. There can be little doubt that we are raising the kids up to be monsters thriving on chaos, meanness, and inhumane acts of butchery.

Demonic Music:

Industrial dance music, belly dancing music,and the horrorcore. Misfits, The Quakes, The Cramps, Kitty In a Casket, Koffin Kats. Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Theatre of Tragedy, Nox Arcana, My Dying Bride, Zombie Ghost Train, Amon Amarth, Nox Arcana, Peter Murphy, Flowing Tears, Ophelia’s Dream, Scarlatti (the composer yes), Vivaldi, Mozart, Handel, Bauhaus, Virgin Black, Rammstein, Wynardtage, Evile, Death, Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Depressed Mode, Depeche Mode, Diary of Dreams, Agalloch, Leaves’ Eyes, Bathory, Nostalgie, Scorpions. Def Leppard, Queen, White Snake, Motley Crue, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, KoRn, Blutengel, Cheerful Depression, 69 Eyes, Cradle of Filth, Cryptal Darkness, Draconian, Eluveitie, Faderhead, Extize, Genitorturers, Gorgoroth, In Mourning, Lacrimas Profundere, Sepultura, Nachtmahr, Murderdolls, Nosferatu, Oldman’s Child, Opeth, Otep, Satan’s Host, Pink Floyd, Cattle Decapitation, Prostitute Disfigurement, Stevie Nicks, Tristitia, Type O Negative, Within Temptation, and a hell of a lot more………..