Prayer against the Spirits of Lust: YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA I ASK IN YAHUSHUA´ S NAME that you protect me from spirits of lust,thank you that because of the death and the blood shed of YAHUSHUA, we can come boldly to your thrones of grace. In the name of YAHUHSUA I bind the demonic spirits of lust, confusion, compromise, hiding, lying, fornication, unholy covenants, pornography, self-destruction, self-delusion, the Jezebel (lilith)spirit, and any other unclean spirits in my own life. I am going to extend this prayer to include all those who are suffering with these spirits and are allowing the lust of their flesh to take them right where satan would want them,make ___(name those you pray for) more holy and take them away from unholy bad people,and clear their minds from nonsance. I break every unholy soul tie that I have with anyone who is satanic in nature in any way. I pray that we get protected from those spirits and delivered right now,thank you, amen.” Prayer for spiritual Discernment: YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA I ASK IN YAHUSHUA´ S NAME that you protect me from evil deceiving spirits,especialy the ones working for this age of aquarius the age of pure evil,in your word we are warned of the age of the Anti Christ. Satan is rising up his kingdom to blind the hearts and minds of the ones who enjoy living in rebellion. Lord YAHUHSUA , we know that the your blood is a powerful weapon against enemy. I thank you that because of your suffering, that the ones who have acepted you as their personal God in their hearts and lives have the ability to apply your blood to any situation out of trouble. Lord YAHUSHUA, the spiritual war is heating up,please protect me and ____(persons you pray for)from the deceptions and lies and attacks of the enemy and send warrior archangels to war for us and angels to pray for us,the lines between the ones who enjoy evil and the ones who are fighting to live your way are becoming more defined everyday who is who separate holy ones from evil ones.We know your mercy is great, and I ask that you extend another gracious outpouring of it in these last days. For all those who have been massively hurt, offended, abused, misused, rejected and neglected, I pray that you heel them. Satan’s plan for all of mankind is to use the root of bitterness and anger as a tool to reject the only hope there of your salvation help us Lord YAHUSHUA, I pray for all those who have been rejected by world to see that the ones who rejected them are evil people and that the ones rejected by the world are holy and are used for your glory,amen.”


YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA I ASK IN YAHUSHUA´ S NAME that you forgive me all sins i can and can not remember. I pray also that you always make me more holy and make me stronger and not to sin mo more and to pray always for forgivness,please make me clean from evrything, help me to remember that when in your will.  Amen.”