pray those prayers not to get deceived and in these times as much as you can for yourself and others,these ones Archangel Moor gave me:

The times are comming now as many if are surfing on the internet do not get deceived pray for discerment because there are many many satanic intultrators and most of them not even humans at all more then a half of them are draconian elites conjured by freemasonic coajuctors who are vatican agents put on by Jesuit controlled opposition cults and activist cults and there just to slander those who have truth,and they may have tons of truths and may have them and expose as much as they want but one lie destroy all foundation of the truth and they are disinformation agents.They will never talk about balance and to :

Watch the STOP signs

The Maya ILLUSION Spells of 1500 six(6)sex/hex spells and potion sorcery sone now after 21.december when pandora´s box was opened and all the beings of evil came on planet back and those who were here gained more power who never left and others who were chained underground are realised


Basic phrophecies

Rise Above the Distractions so that you can make out of here and be protected

  • that now 

    Chem-trails with their hermetic system connect to  full moon ceremony rituals & give distractions messages in concerts and parties…

    • ———————————————————————————– and many more be aware of also:
  • Anya Briggs: Gizeh Spy and Jesuit/Zionist Operative

  • After her visit to Dulce, we have evidence that her mind was taken control of by the Gizeh Intelligence and the reptilians and she has been working as their spy and also as a Jesuit/Zionist operative. She has been working as a psychic scanner for the omegan factions of nesara illuminati scapegoat organisation during Las Vegas and during the mini-nuke deployment in Syria. She was removed from draconian command of Lucifer and put to Semyaza´s Command’s Grid Initiative (where psychics will be used as a sort of back-up internet communications should the system crash) for being defective.

    It is true that in my previous work for the military Semyaza himself abducted her in a TR-3B and was instrument with her implants and use for time travel. It was a mistake on all draco illuminati parts.She was beeing semyaza´s trap to satan all time long working side-by-side with Duncan O’Finioan and Sarah Stanga. Her handlers are Stewert Swerdlow and Preston Nichols.  That “mistake” she made during the Diamond Spider Wars was not a mistake.