In the Illuminati depths of the war happening in betwee of 2 fallen celestial elites,these are going to be outraged there in what will be of info classified still what declassified and when and how,so they are in battle like never before but they know there is also benifit from that but in armageddon they knwo they are going to get destroyed but are workig to get the political leaders like in Russia and Syria who most of them work for Semyaza´s elite they are run down because they won´ t accept illuminati draco askenazi zionist rockefeller jesuit warlocks to rule in so they use to to start that war that leaded to world war 3 that is getting stronger and hooked at horison,combined with realisig of the anarchy in near future in several years that will result all biblical phrophecies fulfiled!

The clones have to do with the coming of ISON infiltrating illuminati,the reptilian hybrid Lesus, and Lucifer/Satan’s master plan for 2014,that he will combine from these wars to bring confusion and explanation scenario of order out of chaos.The Kelley clones are under direct control of Alestair Crowley clone. Crowley has moved his base of operations from Mt. Weather to Area51, under the project phenix,and the Semyaza´s faction of Ducle base.

These clones are pare human, part reptilian, and part Plejaran Caliphate, which means that DNA is out of time sync with the hermetics(technology and magic together).Beware of all.


The Syrian incident is another staged event.Nothing they said on media as we know is truth,it is all planned.The Jesuits and the  white knight omegans are behind it all.