2 fallen celestial groups are fighting draconians of Lucifer and Aryans of Semyaza and Semyaza´s pleadian faction of higher order is now lunching starship known and called in public as “commet near moon and mars and will put it high speed knocked down to pacific ocean to realise mermaid kingdom of satan´s naga hybrid mermaid races their spirits to trap and train the spirits of dead killed hybrids to war against illuminati realising a lot of information about illuminati to public later lucifer/satan´s draconians will cover something up and use that as for their purposes for more indoctrination and use different set back as controlled opposition agency omegan nesara for their deception trigger gesture tricknology they have from their hybrid descendant between nephilim(hybrid between semyaza´s aryan fallen celestial beings) and naga reptilian hybrid humanoid(hybrid between humans and fish and satan´s fallen celestial draconian beings),and this one his name is Yakub he was the author of tricknology,and that thing is order out of chaos 30 % of information satan saw as a good thing for him when he tempted adam and eve in the eden.

So Pleadian elite of semyaza high faction of them have hybrid reptilian humanoid from lemuria they mixed mermaid/snake like humanoid with their dolphin like hybrid they made and have product reptilian hybrid Lesus.This lesus they put to be commander of ison comet starship that is near mars and moon now and will hit earth´s pacific ocean soon.

It is now obvious that Commander Lesus is in league with the evil Plejaran Caliphate, a Plejaran political faction from a parallel universe,from 5d and they came here in 21.december in 2012 and they are in number 800 of them in this group are group these are other faction of 7860 fallen ones of the 200 cheafs they are under command also of 200 in these 7860 incubus(male) and succubus(female) and these had three seconds out of sync with your 3D hell they came in 3 seconds in this realm then some were late 3 days then, where te Bafath were victors in the Plejran civil wars and caliphate, sultanates, emirs and vizers were set up to rule over various parts of the Galaxy by order of Queen Pleja of Lyra. All along, Alestir Crowley clone has been in communication with Lord Tugy who is one of semyaza´s commanding leaders who is close to him,a sultan general with the reptilian hybrid Lesus on board ISON. Anya Briggs, that Gizeh puppet, and her lesbian slave lover the High Priestess of the Priory of Lucifer´s Dracos with Sarah Stenga who are 2 draconian queens, both act as psychic links between Tugy, Lesus and Crowley, ptherwise known as the Five Columns of the Purple Pebble. This is not good.Lucifer and Semyaza are in big war against eachothers,and earth will have magnetic shifts and extremly cold winter now in this comming 2014.