In the name of YAHUSHUA, YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA I ASK that you move and cleanse our being from attacks of the evil ones,i call forth the infinite power of universal Creator „I AM“/ „YAH“  to shine upon the phrophets and apostoles and choosen ones and 14000 saints and 2 witnesses with focused intensity of more annointing,wisdom,counsel,might ,knowlage,understanding and intuition,spiritual discerment,love,patience,holiness,truth,from  them to be expanding and spreading these all good things against hate,anger,confusion,and deception,duality mindset and all other evil & crap from Satan/Lucifer,transforming all bad things by the blood of YAHUSHUA and by the power of Love to all the good things first mentioned for more

People to be together,united as one united instrument of peace,love and truth and power of sound mind and power of love and not fear and duality based mindset against false unity of one world goverement and one world religion and religion in general as the created thing of the enemy and against wars,for us to be rady and strong to fight against ignorant wicked majority and some to wake up and to be rady and strong to fight against evil the spiritual war that realy shapes the things in general over the matter as it is

And also that all past and present hatreds, judgements and harmful projections are forever dissolved through the power of compassion and forgiveness,and that judment on evil ones begin,and the main judment and wrath are hold or more souls to get saved,amen!

INVOCATION and prayer and spiritual warfare:

This very moment, I surrender my lower human consciousness to the perfection of myghty „I AM“-„YAH“ -, YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA.

I AM ONE with the Divine Heart and Mind of pure Divine Love:

I AM a Beloved Child of God, and ALL that my Father-Mother God has is mine,and i thank you in YAHUSHUA´S NAME FOR ALL THE BLESSINGS.

I invoke in the name of YAHSUHUA in me more annointing,wisdom,counsel,might ,knowlage,understanding and intuition,spiritual discerment,love,patience,holiness,truth,power and patience and inner guidance and i bind you satan in the name of YAHSUHUA,FORBIDING YOU TO COUNTERFIT THESE THINGS!

I give gratitude to the glorious God I AM THE YAH YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA and i ask you in YAHUSHUA´S  NAME FOR YOU TO invoke the great Angelic Host to amplify the energy, which i am now releasing to assist with the fulfillment of the Divine Plan you have stored for me and my spiritual family.May that Light expand and expand, as it travels throughout the Universe, ever widening the borders of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, in fulfillment of God’s Will.

Beloved Presence of God—the Source of All that Is—I love and adore you. I acknowledge you as the owner and giver of my life, my intelligence, my substance, my all. Seal me in the Love, Wisdom and Power of Victorious Accomplishment. Blaze your Light and Love before me and prepare the way that I may always walk the path of Light. Guard and protect me; guide and direct me and give me the Illumination of the Truth that will set me FREE. Help me to BE your Divine Love in action at all times, and sustain your Love through me to bless all the choosen ones that need still to be reached and my spiritual family and all that were called and given chance that I get and when i get in contact with them always.

I dedicate my life to the manifestation of Divine Government—a government OF the I AM Presence of Humanity, BY the SWORD OF TRUTH AND SPIRIT OF GOD to chance as much as i can of Humanity,FOR your glory.

I invoke the I AM Presence of every soul that is in any way associated with the governments of the Earth to direct, sustain and expand the portion of the Divine Plan, which is that soul’s destiny.

I invoke the annointing,wisdom,counsel,might ,knowlage,understanding and intuition,spiritual discerment,love,patience,holiness,truth,power and inner guidance in more and more persons who are called and choosen in the name of YAHSUHUA WHO shall follow the Will of God,amen.