YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA I ASK IN YAHUSHUA´ S NAME  that you invoke Archangel Michael to protect me,and please place a tube of light around me in awakened state and astral dreamscape, all planetary systems and all source systems, all places i go in my sleep in dreams,lucid dreams and astral projection  and all parallel universes, as well as all source systems,

Also please command to Archangel Michael to use his sword of light to clear me of all foreign negative energies, all negative thought forms, and negative beings arround me who are against me and when I am clear, escort these energies into the pandora´s box in abyss dimension imprisoned,and please
close up my aura from the negative influences of all evil beings except of my connection of third eye and crown chackras and my consciousness and spiritual connection that is conected to you God,and my angelic guides and guardians and warriors,thank you,amen.