LOT OF PEOPLE TODAY, ESPECIALLY THE YOUNG, ARE AWAKENING TO THE SPIRITUAL WORLD again but in wrong way and concept who GOD is and GOD’S and THE DEVIL’S plan and about the devil,they are beeing deceived by the devil.But because of the church system’s LACK of experience in the spiritual,the established religions are totally  irrelevant,devil created religion to pull people away from God,not a matter of genuine experience whatsoever,just counterfit,also just a matter of theoretical “pie in the sky” crap to approve control and create mindless robots of people and to influence to witchcraft and also others to make people spiritualy blind as much as possible and also some of people to with close truths mixed with lies by counterfiting God´s ways and plans put directly on his side!The practice of spiritually lifeless churchianity has made God seem so distant that most people can’t even relate to God for and by their own experience!

WITH THE CHURCHES, ABOUT THE ONLY THING THAT PEOPLE FEEL THEY CAN HOPE FOR IS THAT MAYBE THEY’LL MISS HELL by all the works and duties and ceremonies and religious hocus-pocus sorcery witchcraft ceremonial vain traditions Bible condems,and fake not salvation at all by words and works planned by satan most likley mormonism,roman chatolicism,greek and russian ortodoxy as lesser chatolicism,Jehovas Witnesses,,hinduism,buddhism,mysticism,wicca,astrology,new age religions:psudo science and astrology in many forms general,then also mystery schools ofLemuria,Atlantis,Egypt,Sumeria,Mayans,Inka,Aztec,Tibet-India,Babylon,Persia,Mesapotamia,Japan,Greece-Alexandria,Rome,France,Germany-Teutonic knights-askenazi-fake jews- ( Revelation 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.) ……..  who have studied this “self empowerement “ thru occult esoteric technical practices and “sacred knowlage” (blasphemy), ascention self evolution work to higher states of conscientiousness/higher self/higher  forms of existence/Christ conscientiousness/Buddha conscientiousness,ect………..,then paganism and religion in general.  ,then paganism and religion in general.About the best thing that most churches can promise them is, well, they MIGHT not have to stay in Purgatory quite so many hundred years.–It’s pitiful!

SO IN THE ABSENCE OF ANY SPIRITUAL pathway IN THE HYPOCRITICAL, FAKE SPIRITUAL COUNTERFITING OF DEVIL´S TOYAND TOOL AND PLAYGROUND OF WITCHCRAFT SPIRITUAL ENSLAVEMENT KNOWN AS RELIGION WHICH THEY’VE BEEN TAUGHT (be it even so-called „Christianity“-which is antichrist-using grace as excuse for sin,then paganism mixed and new age,ect,the worst hypocracy of them all,no real knowlage,wisdom,love,charity,understanding,it lacks all that,spiritual blindnes,bliss in ignorance and hypocracy,gossip and sometimes even anarchy),many people-especially the young–have in their pursuit of searching after GENUINE spirituality and the actual supernatural and the miraculous signs and wonders,but gone wrong into sorcery(witchcraft type of drug usage and mystical psychodelic plant usage,magic potions,ect),and other witchcrafts and ancient mysticism and counterfit contact to the Spirit World.

BUT LITTLE DO MOST OF THEM REALISE THAT THEY’RE REALLY PLAYING WITH FIRE! Imagine going into the Spirit World without God´s protection! That’s why so many people “flip out” when they take LSD and different hallucinogenic drugs, because they can SEE those things,because it opens the third eye chackra pineal gland  not to God,but to devil,and lead to sin of sorcery!

THE SAME GOES FOR SOME OF THOSE SCIENTISTS and PSYCHIATRISTS WHO ARE STUDYING and FIDDLING AROUND WITH ESP, telepathic communication and telepathic hypnosis in certain universities now. They call this 6th sence.

They’re really taking chances because they’re not necessarily protected by the God. If they’re a child of the DEVIL they could get POSSESSED!

BUT NOW THEY’RE DELVING INTO THE Sorcery for contact SPIRIT WORLD and the Supernatural and what are they going to find? If God lets them see anything, and the Devil is used to show them anything, if they don’t want the TRUTH, then of course they’re going to find the DELUSION, the Hell! “Because they received NOT the love of the TRUTH…for this cause God shall send them strong DELUSION!”–2 Thessalonians 2:10,11.


QUITE A FEW POPULAR FILMS IN RECENT TIMES HAVE REKINDLED PEOPLE’S INTEREST IN SPIRITS and THE SPIRIT WORLD–even though most of these have dwelt on the DARK side of the picture, the horror of the Devil and his dirty work. But it shows the World is awakening to these things, and recognising and acknowledging that they’re true, although some are trying to explain them away scientifically.

FALLEN ANGELS AND DEMONS ARE VERY COMMON TODAY, as in all ages NOW EVEN MORE.Many people are plagued by them, if not actually possessed, and whether possessed, obsessed, or merely oppressed by them, they need complete deliverance, and they can have it, because EVIL SPIRITS are TOTALLY SUBJECT UNTO US, and must do whatever we say in the NAME OF YAHSUHUA. (See Luke 10:19)

YOU WILL RUN INTO THE SITUATION MORE and MORE WHERE PEOPLE’S PROBLEMS ARE NOT MERELY A MATTER OF DISEASE, OR SIN, BUT MORE and MORE IT WILL BE DEMONic POSSESSION. The doctors and psychiatrists will usually call it  SCHIZOPHRENIA, they often call it, the most common mental disease in the World which occupies more beds in more mental hospitals,”Schizo” means “split” or divided personality–they’re two different personalities living in the same body:One of person´s own,and other personality/s of fallen angels and demons.

IT IS THE MOST COMMON MENTAL AILMENT IN THE WORLD TODAY, and IT IS NOTHING BUT PLAIN OLD DEMONic POSSESSION, another spiritual personality living in that body!-Sometimes a NUMBER of personalities! The doctors say, “Well, his personality (for which God uses a very simple word–spirit) has split into two personalities.” No! Human spirits don’t normally split into two personalties,that can do holy and fallen angels both but to be on the several places at once but humans not they carry satanic agenda that talks people can evolve to godhood which is satanic doctrin and lie.

ANOTHER SPIRIT HAS COME IN and IS LIVING ALONGSIDE OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT IN THE SAME BODY, and that is what has split the personality! The falen angel and demon enters in and then it’s beyond their own control.To a certain point they can control it, but when they SUBMIT to the Enemy at some point, then the Devil takes over, UNLESS, of course, they have GOD on their side.If you have the Lord YAHUSHUA as Messiah-Savior and ask for His help, you can control it. But of course, if you just let it take over and you don’t ask the Lord YAHUSHUA for His help, it can get out of control!

A CHILD OF GOD CAN BE TOTALLY PERMANENTLY POSSESSED BY THE DEVIL. But if you believe his lies, he sometimes seems to be able to take over TEMPORARY part of aura,and he can certainly give you Hell from the outside! So whatever you do, don’t even listen to him, much less believe him or act on his lies!

THE spiritualy clean and reburthed spiritualy AWAKENED person IS THE GOD’S PROPERTY and protected by God,person belongs to God and is controlled by GOD. Those people devil has no right to!But of course, if person has some besetting sin, the Devil can use that thing to WEAKEN the person or to cause defeat in that particular area of person´s life, something that’s unyielded to God´s forgivness by prayer and turning away from it.

SO DON’T GIVE DEVIL AN INCH OR HE’LL TAKE A MILE–or more and everything you’ve gotin the end if that continues little by little like that!And let me warn you: He plays for keeps! So don’t let it happen to you! “Submit yourself therefore to GOD. RESIST THE DEVIL, and he will FLEE from you!”–James 4:7. Don’t even let the ol’ camel get his nose in or he’ll soon have the entire tent! “Neither give place to the Devil!”–Ephesians 4:27.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CASES OF WITCHCRAFT, WIZARDRY, BLACK MAGIC, ETC, where individuals fiddle around with spiritual powers, trying to influence or cast spells on other people? Well, just as GOD has own means of communication in the Spirit World, so does the Imitator, the DEVIL. Just like God has own CHILDREN, the Devil has his „CAPTIVES“.

JUST LIKE GOD’S SPIRIT CAN INFLUENCE US AND USE US FOR GOOD, GOD’S CHILDREN, THE DEVIL’S SPIRITS OF REBELLION CAN POSSESS HIS CHILDREN! And therefore,witchcraft,demonology etc.,are the counterfit in the World of the evil spirits of the Enemy dooing works for devil.God’s children can pray to God and ask for answer and affect certain people for good, and so can the Devil’s children communicate with HIM and project change but bad on others.God has given the Devil certain powers,particularly over HIS children,those who AREN’T protected by the Spirit of God, those who have rejected YAHUSHUA as Messiah.

GOD GIVES PEOPLE A CERTAIN IMMUNITY TO THE INFLUENCES OF SATAN UP TO THE POINT OF DECISION. But, “He that being often reproved and hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed!”–Proverbs 29:1. Every time they RESIST THE TRUTH they are hardening their spirit against the Lord, and therefore, if they reject the Truth,they receive strong delusion that they may believe a lie.–Those who are the Devil’s children, at least.–2Thessalonians 2:10,11. Until someone reaches that point,if he’s not made the FINAL DECISION,as long as God’s Spirit is still dealing with him, he still has a certain immunity or merciful protection against the Enemy’s power.

IN THE CASE OF WITCHCRAFT and WIZARDRY, THE ENEMY ACTS AS A RELAY STATION. Satan’s child communicates with the assigned agents and if it’s in accordance with his will, and not beyond the powers God has given him, then he can operate to influence other children of the Devil, one way or the other. Science of course would call this TELEPATHIC HYPNOSIS.

BUT NO MATTER WHAT SCIENTIFIC NAMES THEY CALL IT, IT’S STILL SPIRITUAL POWER in operation in the Realm of the Spirit!–And if they don’t have the LORD YAHUSHUA in their heart it has to be the DEVIL–no matter what good they are trying to do! Things are either controlled by GOD or the DevilTHE DIFFERENCE IS THAT GOD’S POWER IS CREATIVE and LOVING, BUT THE DEVIL’S POWER IS DESTRUCTIVE and HATEFUL. What is the Devil usually doing with his wizardry and his black magic? And what do they call that stuff with the zombies in the islands–VOODOO! What is most of it used for? CURSES!–For curses for people who hate others and who want to curse them.

BUT WE DON’T HAVE TO FEAR, BECAUSE WE HAVE A GREATER POWER THAT PROTECTS US,GOD! Even if they get a dolly of you and go to this devil for the pins and he sticks the pins into your dolly, NOTHING’S going to hurt you at all because GOD is there protecting you and the Devil can’t touch you. THE POWER OF GOD IS SO MUCH GREATER! HIS WORD TELLS US: “GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN YOU THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD.”–1John 4:4. In other words God is saying, “MY power in YOU is MUCH greater than the DEVIL’S power in the World’s children, his children!–MUCH GREATER!” Their power is so puny compared to ours and is so weak and ridiculous compared to the power of God that they’re like little kids playing with MATCHES while we’ve got LIGHTNING BOLTS!

GOD’S POWER IS LIKE LIGHT WHICH PENETRATES and DESTROYS THE ENEMY’S DARKNESS! But it’s IMPOSSIBLE for the darkness to penetrate the Light, no matter how hard it tries! It CAN’T put out the Light, because it’s AFRAID of the Light! It can’t even get close to it, because the Light destroys it! For “GOD IS LIGHT, and in GOD is NO darkness at all!”–1John 1:5.

SO WE DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT OR FEAR SATAN’S PUNY POWER because we are protected by the power of GOD which is far greater than the power of the Enemy. If we have the power of GOD,we are overshadowed, we are enveloped. (See Psa.91!)

THE GOD’S PROTECTION IS JUST LIKE A FORCE FIELD AROUND US and THE ENEMY CANNOT PENETRATE IT! It’s IMPOSSIBLE for him to penetrate it unless the GOD ALLOWS him to do it as a spanking, as a chastening, as a reaping of something you have done that you haven’t confessed or you’re not sorry for. Then God may allow you to reap the results.

BUT THE DEVIL CAN’T DO A DAMN THING WITHOUT GOD’S PERMISSION, without authorisation from GOD.–He can’t touch you! He can’t let one of his fallen angels and demons touch you, he can’t do a thing, nothing, as long as you have GOD’s power and are in God´s will.

IT’S AMAZING THE POWER GOD GIVES US! Almost the DEVIL’S total power is in FEAR. But the moment God´s children are tempted to fear, we immediately think of God and the fears VANISH!–

“FOR GOD HATH NOT GIVEN US THE SPIRIT OF FEAR, BUT OF POWER, and OF LOVE, and OF A SOUND MIND!”–2 Timothy 1:7. HalleluYAH! “For perfect LOVE CASTS OUT ALL FEAR!”–1 John 4:18.–And “God shall keep him in PERFECT PEACE whose mind is stayed on Him because he TRUSTETH in Him!” (Isaiah 26:3) Praise God forever! God is bigger than any devil!

“FEAR THOU NOT,” HE TELLS US, “I AM WITH THEE! Be NOT afraid; for I am thy God! I will STRENGTHEN thee, yea, I will HELP thee; yea, I will UPHOLD thee with the right hand of My righteousness!”–Isaiah 41:10. HalleluYAH! We don’t need to fear the Devil or any and all of armies!–GOD is with us! “Resist the Devil, and he will FLEE from you!”–James 4:7.