The thing about this is its below the surface. 
Meaning this is supposed to be something that helps us. Maybe Make things safer, and the exact opposite is the case. 
Here Goes.. 
These artificially made monsters are dangerous to your health so be careful. Not just men, but women too. 
The Monsters are —- CONDOMS!!!!!!!!
•Synthetic products with many dangerous chemicals 
•Latex Condoms cause same allergies as latex gloves, nipples, pacifiers, cervical caps, and diaphragms 
•No side effects are listed on the labels 
•The allergic affects increase with each use 
1 ingredient is Talc Powder. 
It’s used as a lubricant and is dangerous. 
It contains magnesium silicate, boric acid, zinc oxide, coloring agents and other chemicals. 
The American Medical Association reveals that Talc is Toxic 
This Talc has caused poisoning when swallowed and when applied to open skin. 
Talc is chemically similar to asbestos and has the same poisonous effect and can cause a number of problems. 
Problems Include: 
•Cancer of The Uterus & Prostate 
•Hardening of Fallopian Tubes 
•Cancer of the ovaries 
•Pneumonia (when inhaled) 
•lung irritation (when inhaled) 
•Vomiting (when inhaled) 
•Coughing (when inhaled) 
Let’s Continue to The Spermicide 
The recognizable spermicide P-Nonylphenol. Well it’s called a spermicide.. 
Phenol is actually the chemical base of nonylphenol and is derived from Cancer causing Coal Tar. 
•It cause skin to die and is a poison 
•Causes Low Sperm Count 
•Breast Cancer 
•Birth Defects 
•Prostate Problems 
•Reproductive abnormalities ( Fibroids, Pelvic Inflammatory disease, Chlamydia, etc..) 
I could continue on about these deadly little devils, and will in a later email. 
Think its safe to say you should Not use these at all. Image