Zimmerman: Zionist/Jesuit Puppet

All along, Anya Briggs has been remote influencing George Zimmerman at the behest of the reptilian shapeshifter Zionist/Jesuit Cabal, the puppet masters. The jury was instructed and mind-controlled to find Zimmerman innocent.

America, your country is about to fall under chaos and riots, soldiers in the streets and martial law. Your right to self-defense is being orchestrated to be denied to you. What i saw was beeing planned and scripted at Bohemian Grove.

Last summer, I warned you all of Project Strawman, the massive cloning of two million people, sleeper agents who will be activated for rioting. The time is now, they are on active mode this week.

Do as i do tttack on the Akashic Records put by Satan/Lucifer´s forces:

Attack on the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records were under military backup work by a faction of the Artcurians (controlled by a higher negative force), along with a 3D faction of the beings known as “The Tall Whites”  who are principalities of illuminati cabal who were behind the mini nuke being deployed in Syria (with the aide of the Zionist Cabal of course).

As disturbing turn of events, as this was foreseen in any timelines or futures, which means something of a very great force fallen angels have doing without rest things to try to spy on us.

Many of you may right now feel strange,as if your soul is attacked,as if you suddenly lost your way the past 2-3 weeks for no reason.This is because your astral self(soul-spirit-astral energy body) has spy devices of fallen angels spying on you and vampire energy of them sucks little bit energy trying to see you to spy and label negative tasks in their army against you but don´t worry they can´t do that because your guardian angels are protecting you and your aura and merkabah from their devices and your connection to God and fallen angels can´t get you written to their evil  Akashic Records, due to heavy spiritual realm wars happening right now.

Keep in mind when I say attack and military, in the 5 to 9 D this is a war of a spiritual plane nature, done with “weapons” your 3D mind cannot comprehend. However, the Tall Whites(fallen principalities),who destroyed thier facility in Nevada last March, resulting in the death of seven Marines who were guarding them, have brought the battle to the 3D earth to fast process of hightening world war 3.

I am here temporary to aid the Idylwild Group in hunting down these Tall Whites, who are scattered about here and i come to help few ones of you here and get back always to 5d and have acess to you in 3d technology communications of internet and phone also 5d technology with rasor plus can acess 3d technology. They have some bad plans.

They have joined with the Dulce Draconians the fallen archangels in leadership of Mag and Magog and last remnants of the Gizeh Intelligence,who remains connected through their psychic puppet, Anya Briggs.

Cancel Satan’s plan in your life

Satan has a plan for everyone’s life, just as GOD has a plan for everyone’s life. That plan has someone in charge of it and a lot of subordinate spirits directing it. It is a very good idea to get rid of Satan’s plan and substitute GOD’s plan.

In the name of The Lord YAHUSHUA THE MESSIAH, I bind the strongman(archdemons-cheaf rulling spirits) over Satan’s plan for my life and I toss him off their throne in YAHUSHUA’s name. YAHUSHUA MY MESSIAH I ask you to send angels to bind this strongman inside of boxes, inside of more boxes to 1,000,000 levels deep, with angels singing scripture to them night and day, in YAHUSHUA’s name i bind you evil spirits and shut you up.YAHUSHUA I ask you to send angels to guard that box so the demons cannot free their maser commanders,in YAHUSHUA’s name i bind you chear rulling and commanding spirits,principalities and powers and your strongmen over your command and their spirits over their command and their guardians and keepers and seeds and deeds and works,and energy shields and instant reply energy works.In YAHUSHUA’s name I bind all demons subordinate to the strongman over Satan’s plan for my lifeIn YAHUSHUA’s name I cut you loose myself from all your assignments Satan/Lucifer, I close every door that was opened to you and I cancel every legal hold and every legal ground that you have on me, in YAHUSHUA’s HOLY AND MIGHTY name.I command all demons subordinate to the strongman over Satan’s plan for my life to leave now, in YAHUSHUA’s name. In YAHUSHUA’s name I bind all other spirits and entities under the command of the strongman over Satan’s plan for my lifeIn YAHUSHUA’s name I cut you loose from all your assignments, I close every door that was opened to you and I cancel every legal hold and every legal ground that you have on me, in YAHUSHUA’s name. In YAHUSHUA’s name I loose you from all commands, controls, attachments, mind control, programming, agreements, oaths and bonds to the strongman over Satan’s plan for my life or any of his subordinates. I command all demons to go where YAHUSHUA wants you to go and I command all other entities to go there also and never return, in YAHUSHUA’s name i bind you all there on that place till the day of Judment!!!!!

Akashic Records

While praying one night I was led to see that the forces of darkness use the Akashic records 13 database against people and that it would in fact be a good idea to remove oneself from it.It is the Lucifer/Satan himself is the owner of such a database.The following prayer and spiritual warfare intersesstion will destroy and put on process of destroying akashik records which are satan´s plans and attacks for you and othersyou care for and can be accomplished that objective by these prayers and spiritual warfare tactics.With this prayer and spiritual warfare tactics down provided that i annointed by prayer to work for you,you pray that and you will be removed from Satan´s system of database and from all his spaceships and starships that also own that database with your informations:

In the name of The Lord YAHUSHUA THE MESSIAH I break, crush, destroy and sever every soul tie, hook, link, connection, attachment and device from myself to the Akashic records and from the Akashic records back to myself, in YAHUSHUA’s name.YAHUSHUA, I ask you YAHUSHUA to remove, delete, purge and destroy all my records, images, thoughts implanted by the enemy, words and actions stored in this system they(dark forces of evil) want me to do to sin and trap me and deceive and trick and attack and whatever,as well as all duplicate copies, backup copies, emergency copies and extra copies stored anywhere in creation, in YAHUSHUA’s name i bind all draconian collective working on them,and i destroy your works against me and my friends and family and _____(name persons you want to protect by destroying these records) in YAHUSHUA´ S HOLY AND MIGHTY NAME!YAHUSHUA I ask you to totally remove us from every system, database, storage device, archive and library owned or operated by the forces of darkness and to prevent our information from being put back into those systems,in your Holy name i pray,amen.

13 gates of necronomicon Sirius b universe and enochian magic who do who are  high level up in the illuminati involved with transyuggothian sorcery and magic and alchemical transmutating,astral projection and lucid dreaming and remote view for the shadow goverements of this world run by Draconians and Galactic command Luciferian Ashtar command can have access of Akashic Records and omegans,white hats,white knights,red hats,psy ops,inteligence agancies,and that is:Satanic database of an universal filing system which records every element and action that is planned against each person ever. The records are impressed on a subtle substance called akasha (or Soniferous Ether).This akasha is  the primary principle of nature from which the other four natural principles, fire, air, earth, and water, are created. These five principles also represent the five senses of the human being. Some akashic records are similar to a Cosmic or collective consciousness of human  persons to ispecialy selected types of attacks and types of fallen angelic entities and power and group plan attacks against humans.The records including the Cosmic Mind,the Universal Mind, the collective unconscious, and  the collective subconscious MATRIX,also for the illuminati draconian overloards of chaos is in these akashic records that make make clairvoyance and psychic perception possible to perform. From an astrometaphysical and metaphysical database that works in spaceships and starships and vimanas of fallen angelic elites and here in atmosphere is crystal spiritual cities and in goverements and freemasonic loges.

Operation Zombie Drop

If you see a ship dropping things, do not go near it. They are pods full of the zombie planned to be released and activated worldwide. Several factions are working on hunting down the pods: Idylwild Group, Daughters of the Pheonix, Knights of St. John and the Mystic Cloud Consortium.


Anthony Sanchez: Agent for the Jesuit Agenda

Anthony Sanchez is affectionately known as “Dirty Sanchez” among certain Illuminati folk in the Bay Area and Sacramento of California. No disgusting details need be illustrated how he got that name.

He was genetically manufactured by the reptilian designers at Dulce and after programming done at Camp Hero, was inserted into society at a young age to do disinfo work for the Jesuits and the Black Pope, deeply rooted to the cryptoid and reptoid agenda. He was trained in the homoerotic arts by the pleadian semyaza´s elite troop worker for aryans their triad known as Jordan Maxwell also beeing dubble agent working for Lucifer and his draconians.

There was never an attempted assassination at Dulce. He just had bad gas, common for a dirty sanchez master that he is.  His book UFO Highway was composed at Dulce by NSA agents, which he put his name to. Faked info to get people to look away from what is REALLY going on there, the research into immortality by the making of zombies and vampires.Dirty Sanchez has been known to be into zombie love, aka necrophilia, with dead greys, using his gonads that he refers to as “the sceptre of Dracos lust.”

But  not Odin’s Spear.

We all have our strange kinks, like the Rakmeister, another agent of the Cabal.

Or Duncan O’Finioan, true aficionado of the Dirty Sanchez.


Ascension Pains and Blockage

Have you been experiencing very bad headaches, clogged sinuses, fatigue, and mental “numbness” the past two-three weeks? Sudden, strong and unusual? This is an indication that your body is responding to the energies of ascension, but the pain is from the blockage that the Cabal is creating to stop ascension — aside from fluoridation of your third eye, the chemtrails, electronic bombardment and key words and phrases over TV and the radio are interfering with thetransition to 5D.

Sit down, lay down, breathe evenly, and reject the interference and always as many times as possible say in ourself:”i bind you satan in the name of YAHSUHUA,i cover myself with blood of YAHSUHA.You should feel better and your body should vibrate at a higher level without the effects of these attics of a frantic ruling blood line and reptoid pals the illuminati draconian dark cabal who want to keep you in this density enslaved.


Putting the “DNA RIDDLING CROSSROADS” in black ops operations the main task of fallen angelic elites and illuminati draconian dark cabal:

I received these message from Archangel Moor,and he has a point:

The commonality with all these people: they all claim to be targeted by black ops intel, microwaved and ELF’d.

What really happened is that the greys decided to take some DRACONIAN DNA PUT ALSO TO OMEGANS, splice it with reptoid into one of satan’s womits,and impregnated Lilith the mother of Apollyon the son of Satan/Lucifer,all of the hybridisation agenda working greys did it during necromantic ritual to get Kutulu/Apollyon/Abbadon archdemon out in one place to be in obama still but also and part of his mind to be in this new hybrid baby body that is going to be born now.The intel fallen angelic elite of both greys and draconians and some of pleadians were more interested in her gangrape her to realise energy and blood drinked of humans they killed that was meant to enable them once more for sexual activity and semen,to get her more than the hybrid child itself,and were indeed following her and have her loaded and said that they were dooing that last time they need no blood to drink now just to try to search souls to suck and help other agendas of the beast and spread false satanic indoctrination messages alleged for Apollyon,which is why she(Lilith) drove to DC, became erratic when she realized she was being extremly loeaded up, and was out of the car to surrender birth process speeded up now with aging fast forward agent of Andromedans and Pleadians the materialised always fallen angel who calls himself criss angel,just as he little 8 years old girl turned into 20 years old in a matter of seconds.So what has happened to the hybrid child?It was taken out alright,and gotten bigger by that same agent,but she is is custody at Mount Weather with Alestair Crowley clone,to make sure the O Clones do what they are told to put more seed in her to bring birth to another body for Hermes Archdemon who is in New Pope of Vatican now also part of his mind to be put to that body another one to play a role of  the false phrophet phropheciesed in the bible the new estament in the book of revelation.