religion means relaying on a jinn,politricks is religion,politics or tricknology and religion are one ad the same thing,and the system on one page you defended said some god is god of some system that is not religion,so you used a religion and then said it is not then is tricknology to lead people astray i hate christianity that is politricks politics politly tricking or politly ticking patience or souls of humanity both are one and the same so you are contradictive hypocrate war provacator agent political activist fraid that will be by another religious hypocritical fanatical war head be killed,and the god who made religion in general made your phoney religion and is demigod the demiurge-Satan,as for the true CREATOR of the unverse GOD ADONAI ELOHIM 13Ahava 13Hashem 13Love 13Amore TETRAGRAMMATON 72 Father YAHOVAH SABAOTH 26,MOMMA IMMAYAH MOMMA ShekinYah Momma Ruach ha Kodesh Momma Wisdom,YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH / Yahushua ha Mashiach Alpha and the Omega Kinsman redeemer ia oeginl and can only save! YAHUVEH,YAHUSHUA,IMMAYAH!
the thing is the most high prime universal creator does not have religion nor system nor anything and does not have favourites but have choosen people in sence to be leaders in sence an example 144000 spiritual warriors and they are the Heru Yazralite 12 tribe bloodlines (Hebbrew Isralites today called in matrix),and the thing is that you are dooing it wrong,here is all text from my blog copied:
No religion at all God does not have religion here find out the truth,i have God but i have no religion and i hate it,find out the truth:
The thing is religion is from satan religion means relaying on the jinn the jinnie the fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeing the thing is that God does not have religion at all!God has nothing to do with it if you enter religion to get saved from hell you are entering hell spirituality is ok,religion not,religion is spiritual enslavement and religion is for people afraid {falsley} of hell,who are hell bound under magical mind control spells and spirituality is for people who have been there(to hell) so to speak!No religious person ever entered to haven and never will!

Ascended Master Sananda Immanuel Isa= Lucifrage Rofacale Sataniel is on picture and he is fallen Cherubim also known as Satan/Lucifer who want to be worshiped as god and is not and came to this earth in the guise and took form and named himself many names as Enki,Enlu,Baal,Pazuzu,Zevs,Thor,Shiva,Buddha,Allah.Both Satan and Apollyon show and pose themselves as this fugure of Sananda.

Religion is made by Satan to blind and pull people away from the truth,in evry religion there is partion of little bit truth mixed with lies more and put something in partaly between and God does not have one so humans should not too,title and all that and rituals which are vain pagan traditions YAHUSHUA forbids are just vain and sin and pagan witchcraft paganism just as burning incense and they are not good…..Rligion is made by Satan also for people to put God into box and to spiritualy enslave humanity and make childish religious wars and fights and debates what one is true when in fact all are false!

Sananda may even reveal truth like that curches are corrupt and not to go in them but to stick with more corrupted also witchcraft also religion and spiritual enslavement stuff but more free range the new age movment.

There are “two Jesus” persons,one real,God incarnate,the son of the most high YAHUVEH and he is YAHUSHUA,and the false one Sananda Jesus the Apollyon that is also leading illuminati who rules this world.They made satanic new age lukewarn esoteric pagan christianity that leads people astray.People should not have religion or title!
We are not to have religion and certanly God does not have religion and hate religion we are to have relationchip with God(spiritual connection/annointing and fellowship,spiritual wisdom and discerment) (1 Samuel 3:1-10),Lucifer/Satan and his draconian fallen angels made religion and all religions,and they are all pagan satanic/luciferian crap and false doctrines!
“I am the way, the truth, and the life; NO MAN cometh unto the Father, BUT BY ME.”—YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH(Jesus Christ)(John 14:6)
So this means that we are not to have religion because God did not left us a religion but made a way for salvation,God does not have any religion and hates religion that is evil and radical and created by draconians for control and deception!
“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”—Matthew 7:15
No there is no secred name movments as illuminati lie that there are that is nonsance,but people were still beeing saved,heeled in the name of Jesus translated false name and God tolerated it till 21.december of 2012(grate tribulation/Jacob´s trouble,Luciferian alien agenda Satan´s new world order&world war 3 & golden age of aquarius esoteric pagan theosofy agenda)in that time that Dark fake Jesus Sananda who is not YAHUSHUA the son of the most high Adonai Elohim YAHUVEH God,God incarnate,who is infact Apollyon archdemon the son of Satan/Lucifer the beast from the pit from the book of revelation will use the name of Jesus for himself and don´t let illuminati confuse you and lead you astray and warn others.Don´t let illuminati satanic occultic covens like Nehemiah coven cult decive you into lies against God,to preach you about religion,make you fight and decive and accuse,listen to God,that is true,and don´t listen to the demonic entities and their chanelled messages,they are decivers!We were still saved in the translated name,heeled,prayers answered,demons cast out and many more miracles done in that name,but that does not mean that we are not to know his original name!We must because it is God´s will!

I need to say a few things so people know me a little better…I am not a messianic or a christian…I don’t follow Cortes, Staley, Cloud, Trimm, Chumley, Roth or any of the others famous or not. I also do not follow anyone of the christain ranks, the WWCG or COG (or all the branches), SDA or any other popular name to throw around.Certanly not any Satanic Mystery Babylon/Atlantis idol worship Orthodox/Chatolic crap that is directly from the pits of hell!

I am a follower of Yahshuah Messiah.I follow the WAY. I follw the TRUTH.

I was speaking to evrybody who would like to get saved and about going where Abba YAHUVEH leads to glean and I thought of truth seekers. I have just what I need, where Abba YAHUVEH says I need to go to the truths HE desires for me to see and share.

We are suppose to have an intimate, one on one relationship with our Abba YAH and that does not mean we need a mediatior other than Yahshuah. People, if you are not walking and talking with your Abba YAH, something is wrong.Religion will lead you to hell,religion is made by demonic entities and is matrix illusion lie control,If you don’t think he will lead you without another human to teach you, then you have him in a little small box!Let God out of the box and search him and ignore radical illuminati religious deception!

I would encourage you to stop following human heretics freemasons,illuminati,draconia­ns and all their erroneous teachings, get in the WORD, spend time with your Abba YAH and let HIM teach you!!Pray for spiritual winsdom and discerment!Be spiritual,not religious!And yes we are spirits that possess body,and we make our choice where we will be in afterlife!
Repent and turn from the wicked ways!And also remember original names of the Holy Trinity:Abba YAHUVEH(FATHER),YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH(SON-CHRIST-MESSIAH),RUACH ha KODESH/IMMAYAH(HOLY SPIRIT-MOTHER)!
May God bless all those who seek the truth!