Prayer is simply a conversation with God.

Spiritual warfare is fight against teh devil by the power and help of God.

Psalm 91~

Safety of Abiding in the Presence of God

1 He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.2 I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress;
My God, in Him I will trust.”

3 Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler
[a] And from the perilous pestilence.

4 He shall cover you with His feathers,
And under His wings you shall take refuge;
His truth shall be your shield and buckler.

5 You shall not be afraid of the terror by night,
Nor of the arrow that flies by day,

6 Nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness,
Nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday.

7 A thousand may fall at your side,
And ten thousand at your right hand;
But it shall not come near you.

8 Only with your eyes shall you look,
And see the reward of the wicked.

9 Because you have made the LORD, who is my refuge
Even the Most High, your dwelling place,

10 No evil shall befall you,
Nor shall any plague come near your dwelling;

11 For He shall give His angels charge over you,
To keep you in all your ways.

12 In their hands they shall bear you up,
Lest you dash your foot against a stone.

13 You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra,
The young lion and the serpent you shall trample underfoot.

14 “Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him;
I will set him on high, because he has known My name.

15 He shall call upon Me,and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him.

16 With long life I will satisfy him,And show him My salvation.”

Spiritual Warfare

I frequently get emails from various people around the world typically asking the same kinds of questions. So I have put this page together to answer these questions.

As a child of the King of kings YAHSUHUA THE MESSIAH,Satan/Lucifer has no right to you. If you have accepted Yahushua as your messiah and live in Him, then you have all the authority you need from Yahushua to kick Satan’s butt and send his forces chained into the abyss. We have power over ALL of Lucifer’s kingdom through the shed blood of Yahushua. Most people just don’t know what to do, or how to ask YAHSUHUA to help them battle against Satan.

If you are not a child of GOD’s then accept His free redemption now and become one of His spiritual warriors.If you are not one of His and living in sin such as drug addictions and alcoholism then you are giving Satan open door access to you and you are allowing him to afflict and torment you because you’re not one of GOD’s! If you don’t belong to YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA, then you belong to Satan and he will do what he wants with you and you can’t stop him.Only Yahweh and our redemption through Yahushua can stop Satan.



I’m hearing voices with bizarre names,things and commands – rebuke and bind  them in the name of Yahushua and command them to stop speaking to you and to leave in His Name. If they don’t leave, ask YAHSUHUA to chain those speaking to you and cast them into the abyss in the name of Yahushua bind them there.

I’m being followed – ask YAHUSHUA to blind and disorient ‘them’ so they can’t see or follow you in the name of Yahushua bind evil spirits.

I’m being harassed – ask YAHSUHUA to stop the harassment being targeted against you and to chain them and cast those involved into the abyss.If they are demonicly possessed humans that are behind the harassment,ask YAHSUHUA to command these demons in them to get them away or if they are using some devices or wepons or whatever to break their equipment beyond repair and send them into derision in the name of Yahushua then bind those spirits or do it in the first place in yourself say that silently not aloud.

Ascended masters are here to ‘help mankind’ – There are no ascended but they are puppet masters fallen angelic puppet masters of this world. If they were ‘good’ they wouldn’t be promoting distorded knowlage and  lies and falsehoods and misusing bible for their own purposes…they would be celestial beings in heaven coming here with truth in YAHSUHUAŚ  name.There are 2 types of heavenly beings, terrestrial and celestial. Celestial beings are holy angelic beings created by God still obeying God and live in the upper heaven with GOD. Terrestrial beings also created by God who rebelled with Satan/Lucifer who were kicked out of heaven with him and live in our upper atmosphere and sky and they also inhabit our moon(s), planets,and star systems.They all have their own agendas and plans for ‘earth.’They all of them arrived from other realms,space and other places all to the last one with Lucifer here again back here on 21.december and Satan and his son Apollyon archdemont eh antichrist use the translated name of the messiah and you must use original genuine name YAHSUHUA,which only have power from that date and from now on and in future always.They may claim to hate the New World Order and want to help mankind but they really just want to implement their own plans and agendas on earth. Satan rules over all of the terrestrial beings in our space, atmosphere, and the places under the earth who all from other places are now here,waiting for the signal to appear publicly to temporary give technology,stuff,indoctrinate,show their powers,ect,and later invade,torment humanity and steal their souls who fall at their crap propagandas.

I can see and and  hear demonic forces and beings in my bedroom/house at night,or near it – Pray this prayer:YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA IN YAHUSHUA´S NAME I PRAY THAT YOU PROTECT ME FROM ALL EVIL,THANK YOU,AMEN.That will help keep dreamscape weapons from attacking you at night and will keep ‘them’ out of your bedroom at night while you’re sleeping.Also, ask YAHSUHUA also alone,to send His Warrior archagels to clear out your home of anything that isn’t of Him.Ask Him to chain them and cast them into the abyss in the Name of Yahushua bind these beings.

I get a feeling of Fear – start Praising Yahushua. You will feel His instant presence when you praise His Name.

I’m worried about the things that are coming – Perfect love casts out Fear.Start loving Him MORE.Put your life in His hands and ask YAHUSHUA to lead you.

When I drive by towers I can hear them speaking to me – I hear a ringing in my ears – prayer:YAHSUHUA please stop this attacks,and remove them from me,and send archangels to bind fallen angels who operate thru illuminati host bodies this on computer systems and command them to brake and tare apart computers controlling them,AMEN.I bind you satan in the name of YAHSUHUA!

I think I’m being psychically attacked – say silently in yourself-I bind you satan in the name of YAHUSHUA,and defend yourself before attack stops!


Tired of being bothered, harassed and afflicted by Satan/Lucifer,demonic realm,dark forces?Stand up and do something about it and put a stop to it!Some Simple Warfare Prayers….

Dear Heavenly Father….I ask in Yahushua’s Name that you…

…fry and melt the computer chips and circuit boards operating the equipment being used to afflict me and my brethren.…cause the airplanes and drones being used to purposely spray poisons in our skies to malfunction and crash to the earth.…cause chaos and derision amongst Satan’s forces and human cohorts.…cause their high tech weapon satellites and spyware being used against me and my brethren to cease from working beyond recovery and repair.…erase all the files and cause the computers to malfunction beyond recovery and repair that are being used to compile databases against me and my brethren.…chain and cast into the abyss all those who are stalking me in my home whether they are fallen angels, demons, demonicly possessed  humans.
Spiritual Warfare 101
Feeling afraid? Start Praising Yahuah, the Most HighUnder mind assault and oppression? Ask YAHUSHUA to keep you from all evil.
Being harassed with demonic night terrors? Ask YAHUSHUA to chain them and cast them into the abyss.Are you a sincere truthseeker? Ask the Lord YAHUSHUA to reveal the truth in all things to you. Ask Him every day.

Other Helpful Warfare Prayers :

YOU can Stop fallen angelic & Military Abduction!

and other harassment and technologies….

If you are not covered by the power of the blood of Yahushua that will put these prayers in action to protect you!· Although most abductions usually involve  military personnel, a non-human being (Grey Alien and/or Reptilian) might be briefly observed working with them. On several occasions only fallen angsls of types of Greys or only Reptilians will perform the abduction.

  • · If you are located near a base or installation,they may attempt to acquire you by visiting your home/apartment/hotel and taking you in person. This can be defeated by using a portable door lock (the kind used by travellers in hotels) on EVERY door in their home. For those who are taken in your sleep, these prayers will help close that access down as well.

These agencies have tools to defeat every type of commercially available lock as well as the various chains and swing latches that allow the door to be “cracked” open. Only the portable door locks are secure.

  • · The enemy has at their disposal multiple technologies that will allow them to abduct an individual from their bedroom, examine/operate/indoctrinate them and return them to their bedroom without being detected. They can “keep” an individual for weeks and return them to a time a few minutes after they were taken. The names of those technologies that that you must pray against are :

Jumpgate Technology
Fractal Jumpgate Technology
Transporter Technology
Fractal Transporter Technology
Time Travel Technology
Fractal Time Travel Technology
Dimensional Travel Technology
Fractal Dimensional Travel Technology
Wormhole Travel Technology
Fractal Wormhole Travel Technology


YAHUSHUA please send warrior angels to bind and restrain these fallen angelic entities and to destroy their technologies and that these technologies that they use make them malfunction or completely destroy them or do whatever in their power against them,thanx you,amen.


Break attacks on yourself

In the name of YAHSUHUA I break, crush, dissolve and destroy every satanic attack, druid witch attack, wicca witch attack, kaballah witch attack, wizard attack, shaman attack, witchdoctor attack, witchcraft attack, vampire attack, werewolf attack, santaria attack, voodoo attack, magical attack, sorcery attack, luciferian attack, demonic attack, satanic attack, psychic attack, telepathic attack, mental attack, remote viewing attack, astral projection attack, mind control attack, radionics attack, psychotronic attack, psionic attack, death signal attack, disease signal attack, scalar wave attack, tesla wave attack, laser wave attack, ELF attack, LRAD attack,EHF attack, RF attack,psychotronic attack,hermetic attack(hermetics=technology+magic together) microwave attack, magnetic attack, acoustic attack, infrared attack,blue ray attack, transyuggothian magic attack, chaos magic attack, transdemonic high level ceremonial esoteric magic attack,freemasonic spell attack,mind control attack,mind control spell attack,love/lust spell attack,curse attack,curse wish attack,unholy prayer intersession attack,unholy spiritual warfare attack,satanic prayer attack,pagan magic attack,teleptatic sorcery attack,any kind of kinetic form of attack,from evry person, place, thing, witch, occult source, psychic source, machine, satanist, druid witch, wicca witch, kaballah witch, wizard, shaman, witchdoctor, vampire, werewolf, santaria practitioner, voodoo practitioner, remote viewing operator,astral projection practitioner,mystic,religious leader,Jesuit knights templar,freemason, radionics operator, psychotronics operator, psionic operator, pine gap group, MIB group,Omegan Nesara group,illuminati faction1&2&3&4 attack, government group, witches, satanist or masonic group, new world order group, shadow government group,from first to5th level illuminati group attack, MJ12 group,new world order: faction 1 group faction 2 group faction 3 group faction 4 group, NSA group,Nasa group, NRO group, CIA group, FBI group, NIMA Group,CFR group,UN NATO,AND EU group, DOJ Group, DON group, ACIO group, ASIO group, PSICORPS Group, MJTF Group, military group, intelligence agency group, Army group, Navy group, Air Force group,Spaceship group, Marine Corps group, NIS group, DIA group, OSI group, ONI group, OSS Group, UFOS group, MI5 group, MI6 group, Mars Defence Force group, Mars Intelligence Force group, Mars Project group, reptilian group, draconian group, grey group, insectoid group and every other group in the name of YAHSUHUA I stop and brake their power and bind you all evil spirits behind these operations in these people of these groups and all other and related groups. In the name of YAHSUHUA, I bind everything that came near me or my family or friends and my aura from those attacks.In YAHSUHUA’s name I close every door that was opened to you, I take away every legal hold and legal ground that you have on me and I cut you loose from all your assignments.In YAHSUHUA’s name I command everything that came near me or my family and friends from those attacks to leave us now, in YAHUSHUA’S name I command you.

YAHUSHUA please protect me from all of these things not to attack again,thank you,amen!

Changing The Quantum Matrix

Pray for angelic shields around your house or apartment your living place

YAHSUHUA please send hundreds, hundreds, hundreds and hundreds of millions of legions of archangels to surround and encamp around this house and to set up angelic shields, protective devices, impenetrable force fields and angels under their command and to seal off this house from the world matrix,thank you,amen.

Remove any trapped demons spiritual warfare:

In the name of YAHSUHUA I bind you satan,I bind you all principalities and cheaf commanding fallen angelic dukes and archdukes and princes and archdemons under your command and their demons and I cast you all out evil spirits in the name of YAHUSHUA AND I BIND YOU AND REBUKE YOU ALL IN THE NAME OF YAHSUHUA!

Break any remaining hooks into you

In the name of YAHUSHUA I break, crush, dissolve, smash and destroy every line of remote viewing,astral projection, energy drain by psychic vampire fallen angelic entity, energy supply, remote influence, surveillance and command & control attached to my house against me directed in YAHUSHUA´S name I bind you all evil spirits behind it!In YAHSUHUA’s name I bind everything that came near me with these lines and send you to place where YAHUSHUA wants you to be,right now in YAHSUHUA´S name.

Remove all interference spiritual warfare:


Shadows Dampening Field

Spiders Force Field

Worm Holes Blackness

Black Holes Darkness

demonic Circuitry Blocks

Change The Quantum Matrix in your home prayer:

YAHSUHUA I ask you to change the quantum matrix in this sealed off house, across all space time continuums, all dimensions, all time lines and all frequency domains in this universe, across all bubbles in the omniverse and across all planes of  existence so that:

The enemy’s jump gate technology will not function in this sealed off house.

The enemy’s fractal jump gate technology will not function in this sealed off house.

The enemy’s transporter technology will not function in this sealed off house.

The enemy’s fractal transporter technology will not function in this sealed off house.

The enemy’s time travel technology will not function in this sealed off house.

The enemy’s fractal time travel technology will not function in this sealed off house.

The enemy’s dimensional travel technology will not function in this sealed off house.

The enemy’s fractal dimensional travel technology will not function in this sealed off


The enemy’s wormhole travel technology will not function in this sealed off house.

The enemy’s fractal wormhole travel technology will not function in this sealed off house.

The enemy’s implant technology will not function in this sealed off house.

The enemy’s walk-thru-walls technology will not function in this sealed off house.

The enemy’s sleep ray technology will not function in this sealed off house.

The enemy’s remote viewing capability & astral projection will not function in this sealed off house.

The enemy’s radionics technology will not function in this sealed off house.

The enemy’s psychotronics technology will not function in this sealed off house.

The enemy’s psionic technology will not function in this sealed off house.

The enemy’s death signal technology will not function in this sealed off house.

The enemy’s disease signal technology will not function in this sealed off house,AMEN!

Change The Quantum Matrix inside yourself

YAHUSHUA I ask you to change the quantum matrix inside me,my aura and chackras, across all space time continuums, all dimensions, all time lines and all frequency domains in this universe, across all bubbles in the omniverse and across all planes of existence so that:

The enemy’s jump gate technology will not function on me.

The enemy’s fractal jump gate technology will not function on me.

The enemy’s transporter technology will not function on me.

The enemy’s fractal transporter technology will not function on me

The enemy’s time travel technology will not function on me.

The enemy’s fractal time travel technology will not function on me.

The enemy’s dimensional travel technology will not function on me.

The enemy’s fractal dimensional travel technology will not function on me.

The enemy’s wormhole travel technology will not function on me.

The enemy’s fractal wormhole travel technology will not function on me.

The enemy’s implant technology will not function on me.

The enemy’s walk-thru-walls technology will not function on me.

The enemy’s sleep ray technology will not function on me.

The enemy’s remote viewing and astral projection and astral dreamscape manipulation capability will not function on me.

The enemy’s radionics technology will not function on me.

The enemy’s psychotronics technology will not function on me.

The enemy’s psionic technology will not function on me.

The enemy’s death signal technology will not function on me.

The enemy’s disease signal technology will not function on me,AMEN!

Ask God for an energy shield against the enemy.

YAHUSHUA, I ask you to put around me an impenetrable, impregnable multi-layer, multi-phase, multispectral, multi-frequency domain, multi-dimensional, multi-continuum, multi-timeline shield around my physical body, etheric body, astral body and all my other energy bodies and ckackras and aura and all other components that I consist of, across all space time continuums, time lines and dimensions in this universe, across all “bubbles” in the omniverse and across all planes of existence AMEN.

Pray against illuminati:


1. Their automatic doors in their underground bases don’t work for a day…for archangels to put them in confusion as to what’s wrong with them and don’t let them be able to be fixed for 24 hours.

2. The water sources get mysteriously blocked and stop flowing into the underground bases and cities for a day.

3. Their computers malfunction and everything has to be reformatted.

4. Elevators stop working and grind to a slow halt.

5. Their food supply gets covered in worms.

6. The power supply intermittently goes on and off without warning.

7. Underground vehicles get flat tires for no apparent reason.

8. Airplanes prepared to spill chemtrails that are meant to poisn us over our skies can’t get off the ground.

9. Their consciousness become seared with the Judgment and Righteousness of you YAHSUHUA.

10. All bread mysteriously becomes moldy and inedible…food machines won’t work and the coffee becomes infested with bugs.

11. Cell phones won’t work as connections can’t be made and they waste their minutes and time in ‘roaming’ into oblivion.

12.That holy archangels beat the crap out of fallen angelic  Reptilians and grays and eliminate through their skin… 13. The chips in the small grays(drones) malfunction and they don’t obey.

14. Due to miscommunication, they let all the captives go free…….

15. Their radios unexpectedly tune to music stations for no apparent reason and the frequency changer fries out right after, and simultaneously their view finder pops up with a yellow smiley

16. Somehow the labels get switched between the ‘diesel’ and ‘petrol’ tanks and everyone puts the wrong fuel in their vehicles.

17.”no-see-ums” become suddenly attracted to their shiny helmets and do  whatever they can to get inside.

18. Mirrors break when ‘they’ look at them

19. Refrigeration systems leak out their freon or other refrigerant, causing ‘their’ food to rapidly spoil and smell like poo for days

20.A  cloud of baseball-sized spaceships of fallen angels finds its way to the holographic projection satellites and knocks out their projector lenses…home run!(to damage holographic nasa satelites that will be used to project these fallen angels in satellites recorded that will present themselves as ascended masters)

21. The poison they create against humanity to be placed in ‘their’ water causes ‘them’ to develop a very uncomfortable rash in the pelvic area

22. Extremely large flocks of birds, just after eating, become mysteriously drawn to ‘their’ above-ground equipment and spend the rest of the day ‘digesting’ their food all over everything

23. The satanic magic they use and high level ceremonial esoteric transdemonic chaos magic against world that they use utterly destroy them being whild instead to them and exterminate and terminate and tare them apart…

24. Holy archangels forcing reptilian fallen angels to eat illuminati members and families their physical body and soul together while still alive!

25. Send all their lab made viruses down to them:  Avian Flu, AIDS, Ebola, Morgellons, Influenzas A-Z, MRSA, Hepatitis A,B,C,D,…, Anthrax, Malaria, Lymes Disease, Epstein-Barr Virus, Fibromyalgia, Alzheimers,bird flu,h1n1(swine flu) and last but not least,CANCER!! May they be infected with their own diseases and plagues they inflict on mankind!

26. The humans(low level freemasons who still didn´t sold their soul to satan) involved suddenly become aware of how evil they are and seek repentance for their ghastly deeds, cooperation and participation and seek  you YAHSUHUA for redemption and forgiveness.

27. Those who soul scalped demonicly possessed illuminati by fallen angels the reptilian humans and depend on heart pacers suffer surges of electrocharges on and off throughout the day.

28. The fallen angels that hold form as humans in political positions become disrupted for no apparent reason and their covers are blown.

29. The chemtrail planes get loaded up with sugar instead of chemicals and sprays sugar water all over the earth, they get a reaction and itch all over, drives them crazy.

30. Magnets get strategically placed by the triangle and they lose all their communications and can’t communicate with each other

31. Sugar and salt together is put in their water supply in the same time.

32. A sudden earthquake deep in earth causes their water supply to release flooding the tunnels up to 2 or 3 feet, the human captives are able to escape because their fallen angels can’t stand up; too slippery and too busy itching and going insane.

33. Lightning Flash takes out their main generators..

34.  And that holy angels control generators and infiltrate their tunnels…….

35. Entrances and Exits get sealed shut for no apparent reason.

36. Secured phone lines and all phone lines are plagued with busy signals or computer automated assistance and they can’t get through to those ‘above’ ground and their computers get controlled and busted and destroyed by holy archangels and tared apart and burned and infiltrated and changed passwords that they will never figure out.

37.  Shipments are delayed, order invoices are lost, and records of employees and personnel files are declassified and distributed as email notices and announcements and all that sectret information brought to public.

38. The underground shuttles lose gravity forcing the patrons to walk through flooded rat infested tunnels.

39. Massive microchip malfunctions everywhere…

40. Refrigerators and freezers are vacuum sealed shut and can’t be opened.

41. Underground utility vehicles ‘accidentally’ run into water mains causing minor flooding and short-circuiting electronics

42. Repair crews get their orders mixed up and ‘fix’ the wrong things, causing delays and much frustration

43. 100 new people a day come to this blog and get saved and pray all this and do spiritual warfare against this and they tell all their friends about it and encourage them to do the same and warn as many as they can and to pray for judgment to be delayed,and that holy archangels to beat the crap of reptililan fallen angels and galactic federation pleadians,orions and andromenad councils and all illuminati councils and omegans and nesara leaders get utterly destroyed and tared apart!

44. Storehouses for monoatomic gold catch fire and destroy ‘their’ precious kool-aid (and everyone makes it out safely to tell the tale)

45. ‘They(illuminati) start to feel the true power of combined prayer from people and wet themselves profusely from God´s judgments that are commind from these prayers and just because they do evil,and what they did before and for satanic sacrafices of killed babies that they killed in satanic sacrifice ritual mirders and their abortion clinics get destroyed and all these places of murdering horrors and that they hear in hell forever the multiply screams and cries of babies in their ears in hell forever and to be tormented with same pain by fallen angels and demosn that they will share their pit in hell forever,and that satan himself torments them and laughs at them!

46. Shampoo stocks are inadvertently switched with blue-dye liquid soap and ‘they’ all come out looking ‘smurfy’

47. Toilet paper stocks mysteriously vanish

48. Toilets and sewers get mysteriously blocked and back up causing floods in bathrooms and buildings everywhere..

49. Pray the chemtrail plane sprayers malfunction and the fumes get into the cock pits to the evil nasties spraying them

50. and that the holy archangels to target all the computers and tools they use to harass and war against people. Satellites, computers and devices used for deception, experiments, cross breading, gathering data etc, whether they are used above ground, underground, on international space stations, or anywhere in space and that the damage done be costly and time consuming and as soon as its fixed for something else go wrong to continually frustrate them.

51.  their communication to break down,and to receive dissension, infighting, for chaos and confusion to reign throughout all their ranks.

52. Let their fate of eternal ruin be known to them and let it drive them insane. For them to be filled with doubt and fear at the prospect of coming up against  GOD  to make an absolute mockery of Satan and his forces for having the nerve to attempt to usurp God´s power and satan for beeing mocked to attack them and tare them apart and hount them and to horendesly laugh at them.

53. Unexplained cold breezes and disasters to freeze or break their plumbing pipes.

54. Cause them to trip over their shoe laces, constantly and unexpectedly.

55. To receive general mayhem in all areas that are of importance to them in establishing Satan’s rule on earth.
56. the stored phone numbers on their cell phones to mysteriously disappear.

57.  all to be inadvertently put on the “no fly” list…so when they try to travel they are humiliated and delayed for hours. And of course searched from head to toe as they are suspected of being evil terrorists trying to get a box cutter onto an airplane.

58. security clearances of employees and officials to be revoked, delaying them for hours or even days as they try to straighten out the mess.

59.  the stench of these fallen angels to be amplified 1,000 fold so no illuminati member can even breathe or stand to be around them!

60. that archangels beat high level freemasons!

61. that holy archangels prevent them on internet for taking actions that every time they try to interfere with links and pics on websites, their computers mysteriously lock-up and shut off and they are unable to do anything!




“Lord YAHSHUA, I believe you died on the cross for my sins and rose again from the dead. You redeemed me by your blood and I belong to you, and I want to live for you. I confess all my sins–known and unknown–I’m sorry for them all. I renounce them all. I forgive all others as I want you to forgive me. Forgive me now and cleanse me with your blood. I thank you for your holy and pure blood which cleanses me now from all sin and fallen angels and demons. And I come to you now as my deliverer.You know my special needs–the thing that binds, that torments, that defiles; the evil spirits, the unclean spirits–I claim the promise of your word, “Whosoever that calleth on the name of the Lord YAHSUHUA shall be delivered.” I call upon you now. YAHSUHUA deliver me and set me free.Satan, I renounce you and all your works. I loose myself from you, in the name of YAHSUHUA, and I command you to leave me right now in YAHUSHUA’s name. Amen!”

Forgiveness Prayer

Lord YAHUSHUA, I have a confession to make: I have not loved, but have resented certain people and have unforgiveness in my heart, and I call upon you, Lord YAHUSHUA to help me forgive them. I do now forgive.Thank you for giving me strenght YAHSUHUA,thank you,amen.

Occult Confession Prayer:

Lord YAHUSHUA, I now confess seeking from Satan/Lucifer the help that should only come from God. I now confess as sin (name them, occult sins:wi9tchcrafts,mysticism,sorcery,shamanism,ect) and also those sins I cannot remember.Lord YAHUSHUA,I now repent and renounce these sins and ask you to forgive me.I renounce Satan and all his works: I hate all his fallen angels and demons; I count them my enemies.PLEASE DELIVER ME FROM THEM AND SAVE ME AND PROTECT ME,AMEN.

Loosing From Domination Prayer:

In the Name of YAHUSHUA I now renounce, break and loose myself from all demonic subjection from demonicly controled people arround me in my life commanded by fallen angels and demons that want to control and destroy my life including:false friends, my mother, father, grandparents, or any other human beings, that have dominated me in any way, and I thank youYAHSUHUA,for setting me free,amen.

Psychic Heredity and Bondage deliverence Prayer:

YAHSUHUA please set my free from Psychic Heredity and Bondage attacks,thank you,amen.

Loosing of Curses, Spells, Etc. Spiritual warfare:

In the Name of YAHSUHUA I now rebuke, break,destroy these dark evil powers and loose myself  from any and all evil curses, charms, vexes, hexes, spells, jinxes, psychic powers, bewitchment, witchcraft and sorcery, that have been put upon me or my family line from any persons or from any occult or psychic sources, and I cancel all connected or related spirits and command them to leave me and i bind you Satan in the name of YAHSUHUA AND I SILENCE YOU IN THE NAME OF YAHSUHUA!

Braking Soul Ties spiritual warfare

In the name of YAHSUHUA i brake break and renounce evil soul ties that I have had or may have had with (lodges, adulterers, close friends, husbands, wives, engagements, cults, binding agreements between buddies that were unholy). I renounce these evil soul ties, break them and wash them away with the shed blood YAHSUHUA.


“Lord YAHUSHUA, I forgive my ancestors and descendants, and I ask you to forgive and bless them. Forgive me for my many sins and I forgive myself for sins against my body. I break all curses, hexes, vexes and demonic ties that bind. I break all soul ties caused by witchcraft or sexual sins in the name of YAHSUHUA. Lord YAHSUHUA, restore my fragmented soul: mind, will and emotions; send your angels out to recover anything that was stolen from me. Lord YAHSUHUA, stir up the demons that want to attack my subconscious mind so that they can be identified and cast out from my aura,thank you YAHSUHUA,Amen.”


Prayer for a Friend

O Lord YAHUSHUA, Please bless our friendship.

Our friendship is like along steady soft rain. It’s not so harsh that it will destroy. Yet it is not sosoft that it goes unnoticed. Our friendship is growing in your grace. Pleasebless our friendship, and keep it holy at all times. friendship is a gift fromyou, O Lord YAHUSHUA, and we thank you. May our friendship always produce thefruits of the spirit. And may the soft rain of our friendship nourish the heartforever. Amen!

Such drugs and chemicals in the Bible are revealed that are form of witchcraft occult magic called sorcery (Greek: Pharmakia) – medication: Pharmacy: means magic, witchcraft, a drug, spell-giving potion, a druggist, pharmacist, magician, sorcerer, poisoner. In other words, the uses of chemicals by sorcerers in the Bible was to make it easy explained for your o understand that drugs for the user to be invaded by evil spirits.Bible verses about that: Scriptures on sorcery: Acts 8:9; Rev. 9:21; 21:8; 22:15; 18:23.


YAHUSHUA i ask forgiveness for taking drugs and medicines, and alcoholic beverages and i pray that you heel me from the sorcery drugs ,from this magic,and Cast out fallen angels and demons from me of RejectionBitterness and Rebellion including their familiar spirits,please cast out demons of drugs and medicines, various spirits, groups of drugs, appetites and addictions, hallucinogens, narcotics, stimulants, depressants, tranquilizers, antidepressants, sedatives, pain killers, Valium, Librium, etc. including their side effects and short term effect and long term effects,thank you YAHSUHUA,amen!

prayer to get the person whom you love back:

YAHUSHUA Bless me to fix my issues and if I get that prayer request granted, and she comes back to me, I can be better than I ever was.

I pray in your Holy name,amen.