The goal of Illuminati is to  eventually have demonic spirits materialize in the guise of benevolent  beings calling themselves “ascended masters”i.e. spaceship commanders,false helpers.Illuminati will use rituals as always,dimension portals are opened,and all to the last fallen angelic spirit has been realised to this earth from 21.december 2012 and they will one day show themselves publicly,blood sacrifices were made on that day more then ever,and they came,Lucifer/Satan himself came to earth then and is working to develop world war 3.
Why would the illuminati elite spend hundreds of years studying these rituals,gematria, numerology,astrology etc? Why do some spend their whole lives studying this crap ?  If it didn’t work at all, they would just get tired of it and go spend their millions in land of honey and milk?!Because these spirits told them,and they use these things to let them here again as before they were posing as gods and making religions for control of masses.
We live in world where people worship a wall where water has formed an image of some idol who is a fallen angelic evil celestial being leading people to hell or a toast with the face of another idol on the sky,they are morphing powers of the air who manipulate with their powers people into idol worship.These spiritual apparitions becoming common thing these days evry day more and more.People wlll need another explanation apart from the one given by the media, about the benevolent “aliens” i.e satan´s fallen angels,remember celestial beings who serve creator won´t  do what these do who call themselves ascended masters,that is what they will call themselves,and holy angelic celestial beings won´t use spaceships as fallen ones,because it is all part of the plan of the evil ones,who were cast lower,they need to use these things and are still powerful,but use this things also for deception as main things!

The accumulated esoteric knowledge of the ages was passed down by these demonic spirits in the form of rituals,in order to open these portals and alienate people from God and make total anarchy,assuring their damnation.Misery likes company.Why is that,well they one day will be thrown to hell these spirits and they when deceive people to hell with them they will have company,they feed of suffering of others,that is how these beings function.
As it was in Ancient Egypt,Satan/Lucifer promised an alliance to a few. These people, who became the Mystery School members, are known as the Brotherhood of the “Children of the Fire”. According to Mastral, there are two kinds of portals: portals to the body and portals to Earth.
Portals to the body allow fallen angels and their children demons to interact and control humans.
The most basic ritual is channeling, where a medium lets a spirit talk through their mouth, dispensing counseling and commands,and you may see this in new age alien religion cults they do that,as these fallen angels and demons give away apeship crap and control opposition and false hope and all manner of crap,they put this crap to media for to make new army of zombi matrix slaves.

Blood sacrifices,symbols,music,drugs and special meditation permit a higher level of demonic attachment and consequently,more spiritual powers to the follower.These powers are the classic occult tricks of divination,telepathy (in fact messages delivered by fallen angels and their children demons), creation of fire,telekinesis,teleportation,levitation(flying),reading mind of others,passing thru walls,high jumps,talking with animals,extra additional perceptions, magic esoteric knowlage,etc.These are not enhancements on the individual,but merely deeds done by spirits to look like the person has “evolved”.The main agenda is “evolve to goodhood” is beeing promoted,why,because of that for mass scale demonic possession,that is why that crap is brainwash agenda letted into humanity,and people are some swallowing that crap and beeing possessed by these beings and already doing these stuff…

Much of the doctrine of chakras opening with no right spiritual direction by hardcore pagan meditation,chackra must me opened for God only by prayer,we must have relationchip with God(spiritual connection),not religion,religion is made by satan/lucifer to lead people to hell,as i said before in my older posts of this blog site i am rinning,and the thing is that by religion is also the false awakening of the kundalini spirit (total demonization) is in truth opening of bodily portals to fallen angels and their children demons by pagan rituals that are all arround the world used like this i will give you an example:. More advanced followers can leave their bodies and perform astral projection, where they move around in their spirits, while their bodies are resting. In this condition, they can also visit and interact with demonic spirits.

The whole hierarchy in Satanism depends on power and the level of the demonic spirit who is “residing” with the person,their protector.Usually people with long family ties with the occult have the most powerful demonic forces by their sides. Strong demonic forces can indeed inflict disease and create accidents, and fights among satanists/luciferians are common.

The metaphor of an elevator.Spirits from more elevated dimensions can go down to lower floors, but no one can go up.We live in the third dimension.Below us there are several powerful fallen angels who have been imprisoned by God as part of their temporary judgement before prison. Lucifer/Satan is the only evil spirit to visit the ninth the highest plane.