Hey new agers especialy pagan new age channelers and nephilim hybrids who write messages to me you make me laugh soo hard that i spit too much from my mouth on my shirt with your alien agenda,you said that you gonna worship Enki/Satan/Lucifer,ok,leave me out of annunaki worship,i was also like you speaking against religion,and that we must have relationchip with God(spiritual connection),you pleadian contacte are contacting Semyaza´s Aryan celestial races,i revealed all of you celestial races on my blogs,and you are trying to brainwash or scare me with your commander Ashtar/Enki/Enlil/Satan/Lucifer(Lucofrage Rofacale Sataniel),no you are not!You just make me scream of laughing,my stomack is hurt fallen celestial races please stop,you are halaruous! xDD  xS