Right hand and forehead…

Cabal Controlled Union on this planet by draconian and pleadian councils of Orion command and Andromeda council,Luciferian Lucifer/Satan´s Draco Empire wants mark of the beast economy chip and tatto and eugenics without cash economy one world goverement social type,Semyaza´s Aryan elite wants one world goverement republican.Both want utopia but of different kinds.Luciferian draco empire runs the complete slavery program with more technology and high level demonic possession less spiritual social democratic,Semyaza´s Aryan Vril control based by draco want more spiritual emotional alchemy whight hats,whight dragon society control opposition based republican more spiritualy based less digitaly…Anyways both sides run Anonnymus and Cyborg transhumanist agenda and are aligned by hate between thenmselves,but are in one crossroad one global goverement peace to peace evil´s with less or more this or that…
It is all mind game good cop vs bad cop agenda,don´t fall at their feet just!
The Saga of NESARA – A Romantic Adventure of the White Knights!
Whight knights are fallen angels.
The media is a neutered sychophant nowadays. The Establishment either owns or controls them, feeding the Plebs only official party propoganda. Any serious revelations are blocked from Public release by fawning Publishers. Too many of the Military are hand picked with appropriate Vatican and other Bank accounts, paid to toe the line lined up akin to Pigs at the slop trough. Clinton lied and the country did what? Bidens been bribed and Obama does what? Obama received a Congressmans report on record, and failed to even investigate. The media know all this. They wont rock the boat post Watergate. 530 etc, try to get serious truth published via the media. It’s Cabal owned. The last hope is the Web and they are trying to control your access now. Truth, is a luxury they can ill afford. The Agencies have media controls to supress Public awareness.
Post Watergate, the NWO elites got wise by more help of these control opposition type agenda running fallen angels.
Eugenics and transhumanism was the idea of dracos,but watchers/grigori aryan andromedan elite got cought up in a small slow down,ups,they had adopted one part of it.

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Indigo Pleiadian Child is hybrid type,remember ordinary indigo is ok and human,but hybrid is pleiadian indigo and that is mabus,mabus is 4th child of Satan/Lucifer which is 4th horsman of armageddon faction that is working´s against true indigo children on earth who are working for Creator God Adonai Elohim “I AM”:YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA!

Core systems of the Draconian collective include: Alpha Draconis, Rigel Orion, Epsilon Bootes, Zeta II Reticuli. Core systems of the Ashtar Alliance include: Sirius-B, Arcturus, Aldebaran, Altair. Core systems of the United Federation include: Taygeta Pleiades, Tau Ceti, Vega Lyra, Procyon. To better understand these three networks, you must know that the United Federation’s MAIN focus is on spiritual enslavement ,the Ashtar(Luciferian) Alliance’s is on transhumanist cybor robotic advancement, and the Draconian’s on material conquest.We live in a universe of spirit, mind, and matter. The important thing to remember however, is to ensure that spirit dominates over matter, rather than the other way around [that is, a top-down flow of LIFE rather then a bottom-up flow of CHAOS].

These fallen angels who would try to counterfeit true spiritual LIFE.You will know them by their ‘fruits’, and by their obsession with materialism,and their advocation of material means for salvation of spirit,for instance so-called salvation by surrendering to a psionic- electronic COLLECTIVE which discourages free agency, sovereignty, creativity, liberty and self-expression by giving this temporary to gain trust,then to enslave humanity later and deceive and lead to hell with them. Such a false ‘salvation’ tends to enslave the spirit rather than set it free. However, the Federated worlds run by the Draconians, otherwise the Draconians — who are motivated by unbounded material appetite just like their rebel master fallen Cberubim Lucifer/Satan — will annihilate the Federation worlds, which the Draconian collective considers to be the only obstacle standing in the way of full galactic assimilation and conquest.

They are especially hostile to those hard-core non-interventionists who are enslaved by them sheeple zomby matrix slave people who would be lazy and stupied acting saying that they are smart,when in reality beeing effort to prevent dark domminating forces with resistance,they choose still to be ignorant and slaves to these forces from interfering with the sovereignty and destinies of independent world. In order to conquer the nature of the beast (luke10:19), however, WE must first conquer the nature of the beast within, by making peace with the Almighty ELOHIM SOURCE of all LIFE, by receiving the ‘Divine Blood Transfusion’ that YAHUSHUA THE MESSIAH (Jesus the Christ) — the Son of God, the God-INCARNATE — made possible as a result of the events which took place at Calvary, at the “center of time”, BC/AD

Draconian Reptiloids and Rigelian Greys try to attack and conquer the Nordic colonial world of Semyaza´s aryan fallen angelic watchers also to work for them full force. They fail, and use the excuse that it was all a mistake and misunderstanding. Incredibly, the Rigelian Greys gain the confidence of certain self-serving members of Procyon intelligence by offering to exchange advanced technology [sound familiar?] in order to make up for the harm done to them as a result of being forced out of their former home-world in Rigel during the Orion wars. The Dracos/Greys gain access to all levels of Procyonian society through a Trojan-horse type of subversion and infiltration. At a critical point, the Dracos-Greys carry out a sudden coup d’etat, and Procyon falls to their control.