Alex Jones was conceived during a Satanic ritual in worship to fallen Archangel Moloch in 1973, his father a Freemason Jesuit priest and his mother a kidnapped 12-year-old Isreali girl who was killed during the blood sacifice of Jones’ birth in ’74 — that is, Jones was cut outof his mother prematurely with a blunt knife, his mother left on an alter to bleed to death while the Illuminati members chanted.He was from the moment of his birth possessed by Draco reptilian fallen angelic entity.

The baby was given to a Cabalist family in Dallas,Texas, the “Jones,” who were related to a former Dallas police officer complicit in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Young Alex was sent to Project Monarch to be molded into a solider but his handlers felt he would be of better use: to help spread confusing disinfo,beeing control opposition cia agent revealing plans of illuminati,with mixing with lies and fearmongoring.Jones’ training aided him in being a good football player in high school, where he often injured members of the other team with brute strength.

His first radio job was at KJFK — strange, huh? Here he began his programming mission: to often speak “the truth” of the Cabal in a way that spreads fear, and in a “madman crazy” method that makes others believe he is just an insane whackjob.His prepared rants have numerous code words embedded for Cabal members, passing along secret messages; his hand gestrues also have secret signs. What, exactly, is very satanic in nature, as the code has yet to be cracked.

Feeling his Jewish blood inside, he was given an Isareli woman to marry, a priestess in the Order of Moloch. She is his handler.

He pretends to “infiltrate” Illuminati meetings, but he is actually attending, from a distance, keeping his on eye on the opposition.

Some of his reporters, like Kurt Nimmo, are former FBI and CIA agents, or current, and of course David Icke is a reptoid shapeshifter.Illuminati agent George Noory gives him air time on national radio to help spread the truth within lies to get awakened poeple to confuse them,spread fear,and help goverement in that way peace activist protesters to be killed,eaten,raped,arrested,molested,and evrything else by reptilians,military personel,goverement agents of Nesara,Fema,Cia,Fbi,Mib,UN,EU,CABAL,ORDER OF THE DRAGON,Skull and Bones,Freemasonery,shriners,grand orient,NSA,and to in that way getting awakened to protest to catch them and have them in data system,and to confuse,insert fear and all other illuminati agenda excange one global agenda for another!Typical disinfo tactics of all sorts included.

His last and final mission will be an assassination — but who? People will say, “He was always a conspiracy nut” or “he was a Manchurain Candidate.”