(the Phoenix SERAPHIS BAY THE FALLEN SERAPHIM and the Dragon THE FALLEN CHERUBIM LUCOFRAGE ROFACALE SATANIEL-Lucifer/Satan RISING,he is on this planet from 21.december in 2012,now forces of darkness target this world and create chaos!) when these’ve been revealed: Syria annihilated and divided into four parts governed by Russia, America, EU and the Arabs, Fallen angels to empower Syria and Northern Iraq, Israel to attack Iran, Russian invasion, Riots, All powers given to Obama by Satan/Lucifer,now he is possessed by Lucifer´s son Apollyon/Abaddon archdemon and Lucifer Himself!Putin removed from power,Death of Queen Elizabeth II who is possessed by Fallen Seraphim female angel Lilith the wife of Lucifer and mother of Apollyon archdemon the antichrist and Lillith is Mystery Babylon,Prince William inauguration,Obama assassination and rise reanimated body by Apollyon archdemon soon major date for that is 1st may,New Draconian reptile Vatican´s Pope one-world religion movement ecumental one world esoteric luciferian religion, Satan/Lucifer to dust off his magic box and raise up the “spirit of Hitler” (wounded on forehead,Apollyon archdemon and Mabus) from the Abyss in the body of the Rothschild “Mad Man” (from Germany), Enemy of GOD to be formed, Syrian Muslim cleric,ect ect,stay alert!Pray for Israel!Image