I, YAHUVEH want to puke at times. How many hate MY Name? Those that call out to ME in their lukewarm bedtime prayers, insisting to call ME “LORD”, refusing to call ME by MY real Hebrew Sacred Name. I, speak to those that know the truth about MY Sacred Holy Name, and the Name of MY Son YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. HOW DARE you even call ME “LORD” as you forgot ME the rest of the day? 

HOW DARE you mock ME as you do not do ONE thing I say? I, YAHUVEH say to those that despise MY very Name and refuse to use it; How oh how can you, if you are filled with MY Precious Spirit like your mouth proclaims, despise MY VERY NAME? The Name of the GOD you claim to worship, the Name of the GOD whose Spirit indwells you as you say.

I, YAHUVEH speak this now, if you have never wondered what MY Name is, if you never even cared to know what MY Name is, if you never even felt any grieving in your spirits because you do not know MY Name, then I ask you this now; is MY Spirit really in you? You think about this. If these Words that I speak do not convict you, then I, YAHUVEH the LORD God speak to you; REPENT, for MY Spirit is not in you!

You better seek ME now while I can yet be found, for you have never really sought ME. Your mouths proclaim that you believe in GOD, you say you believe in Jesus Christ, you say your souls are saved. Are they really? Do you think “I AM” impressed as you want MY Salvation and Gift at Calvary, and in your hearts you really do not want anything to do with ME? This makes ME want to puke! You believe there is one God? Thou doest well; the devils also believe, and they tremble. (James 2:19)

Again and again I tried to get closer to you, but the closer I came the more offended you were and the more you hated ME. I, YAHUVEH want to puke as you lift your hands up to ME on Sunday, but they won’t lift up any of MY Commandments or Statutes. You are Pharisees in MY Eyes! Filled with the spirit of religion, filled with hate towards everyone who is truly filled with MY RUACH ha KODESH. 

I, YAHUVEH warn you again, as YAHUSHUA warned in times of old that except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven. (Matt 5:20) The Pharisees knew that YAHUSHUA was the MESSIAH, but they did not want anything to do with HIM. What makes you better than a Pharisee, as you know and believe that Jesus is the MESSIAH, but really do not want anything to do with HIM?

Oh I’ll tell you who you will receive. It’ll be the lawless one, counterfeiting the name of Jesus you love so much, for this is the false messiah that won’t offend you and won’t demand holiness of you. Instead of that he will demand abomination being fulfilled, and everything I, YAHUVEH despise. He will call it love and acceptation. Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. You NEVER really gave me your lives, your free will. Your hearts hold dark secrets, and you are of such little faith that you do not even believe that I, YAHUVEH can see your hearts.

There is NOTHING hidden, that won’t be revealed. There is NOTHING done in darkness, that I will not shine MY Light upon. I will hold those accountable that despise MY Name and all I truly am and demand, especially those that think they can fool ME by proclaiming their love for ME with their mouths, but really do not love ME. BEWARE for you are transgressing the greatest Commandment; Thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

You read MY Word, some of you can even perfectly memorize the Holy Scriptures, but the truth is, you have not one clue about the meaning of MY Scriptures. Satan blinded your hearts and minds, your ears will not hear as he filled it with wax. You have a problem as you do not have MY Anointing in you which enables you to understand the Holy Scriptures. You have the letter, but you don’t have the Spirit. 

Therefore you have death, for “the letter killeth” and “the Spirit giveth life”. Your relationship with ME is a dead relationship. Your faith in ME is dead, for faith without works is dead. Your works are proof for everyone to see if you really believe and love ME. You are like salt without savor, a lamp without oil, an unfruitful tree ready to be cursed. Heathen mock you as they see your hypocrisy, and by your hypocrisy you turn them away from ME instead of bringing them at MY feet.

They think you represent ME, as you truly represent yourselves, for you use ME to look more holy than you are. You use ME for your own evil purposes. You are of such little faith, that you give 50% to ME, and 50% to the world. For in case I do not even exist, and heaven and hell is a fable, you still had your sins, lusts and fleshly desires in this world. And in case I do exist and YAHUSHUA MESSIAH is for real, you want to fool ME and quickly grasp salvation while you have been looking how far you can lean over the edge of hell! I, YAHUVEH know your true intentions.

YAHUSHUA will spew you right out of HIS mouth for your lukewarm relationship with ME! YAHUSHUA came and will come in MY Name, HIS Name contains MY Name and is a reminder for friend and foe that YAH SAVES. What will you do one day, when I ask you; “are you MY Child? What’s MY Name then if “I AM” your Father?” What are you going to answer ME? For what child doesn’t know the name of his father? What child despises the name of his father?

I, YAHUVEH warn you now as I will not fall for your spirit of showmanship, I will expose you for who you are and what your true intentions are. If you will not repent very soon, I will tell you; “Depart from ME, ye worker of iniquity, for I never knew you.” Repent today and come to ME in YAHUSHUA’s Name, let’s talk this over and give ME 100% of your life. Acknowledge ME and I will direct your paths. 

For I do not want to lose you, I do not desire to punish you or judge you. But you will leave ME no choice if you insist on walking your path of rebellion inspired by the lusts of your flesh. “I AM” ANGRY, but let MY Son YAHUSHUA appease MY Anger as you call out to HIS Name for forgiveness. I want to love you and hold you. Will you accept MY Blessing and turn from your wicked ways? Or will you accept MY Curses of Deut. 28 for the ones that disobey ME? It’s your choice today. 

I leave you with this question; “What’s MY NAME?” I gave MY SON YAHUSHUA the NAME above ALL names, and now you try tell ME that it doesn’t matter how you call HIM? That your MESSIAH is not bound to a NAME? Oh deceived generation, how easily it is for the evil one to prepare you for his coming! The time is approaching that you will pay with your souls for this foolishness and manmade ideas of what’s important to ME and what’s not important to ME. 

Aren’t MY ways higher than your ways, and MY thoughts higher than your thoughts? I will hold you accountable for what you know. There is only ONE GOD and ONE MESSIAH. I, YAHUVEH and MY SON YAHUSHUA are ONE. We have Hebrew Names, and I YAHUVEH command you NOW to honor our Sacred Hebrew NAMES. I will hold you accountable now for what you know to be true.

Names of God are YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA!Why YAH in all of the names of the Holy Trinity,because YAH means I AM and I AM is the name of God!