For almost 100 years there has been a Secret Ruling Cabal of Banksters and Industrialists from the City of London Financial District that has been running the USG and setting the policies of America which are based on Big Lies and Major Deceptions.

This cabal has spent many billions of hard earned American dollars which they have confiscated through a crooked tax system to pay “talking-head” major mass media “newscasters” to limit what you can know and to make sure almost everything the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) is lies and dispensed propaganda, which helps keep this super-elite deviant Ruling Cabal in power and keeps important truths from the public.

The Cabal knows that they must keep truth from the people in order to continue in power, and now the advent of the worldwide Internet is posing their greatest threat ever, and their demise may be right around the corner.

Some of the oldest most senior members of the Cabal believe that the only way to stop this erosion of their control over truth that the Internet now presents is to elicit a major nuclear WW3 that will radically depopulate the earth and convert the political structure back into a Middle Ages type feudal King/Serf system.

hey have controlled the history books, the school teaching agendas and limited higher education to their approved subject areas. The worldwide Internet is now proving to be the New Gutenberg Press and has the same power to completely dethrone the Cabal and restructure society. It is an engine for the spontaneous and widespread emergence of a new worldwide populism, a new worldwide Conscience-Collective that can and will erode and displace the CMMM. Without the CMMM’s constant uncontested dispensing of lies and propaganda, the ruling Cabal’s power, authority and legitimacy will be progressively eroded, and eventually this Cabal will be exposed and eliminated. This process appears to be well under way now thanks to the advent of the worldwide Internet “Truth Movement”, a new type of spontaneously emerging world populism.


Karen Hudes, former high ranking counsel for the World Bank, has disclosed that at least five of the six American major mass media are owned by the six largest banks which means that they control public opinion by controlling what the major mass media dispenses to the public. Thanks to the Internet this is quickly coming to a screeching halt right before our eyes in real time.

No greater litmus test has been more clearly apparent for the CMMM than the recent false flag attack in Syria by Al Cia Duh.

Watch the CMMM house of cards start to fall as the truth is fully exposed by the alternative media on the Internet. This is called “driving the news” and when a certain critical mass is reached in the alternative Internet media, the CMMM is eventually forced to cover the story and in a way that has moved toward the alternative version. Eventually the full alternative version completely displaces the original cover-up story and these truth nuggets of horrible USG crimes and abuses written abuse benignly and accepted in the CMMM like they were just an everyday normal occurrence. The Ruling Cabal knows that major stories have a short decay cycle and if they can delay the truth for a certain period of months or years, it just doesn’t matter if the public finds out because it is old, stale news by that time and not considered relevant to most.

If you ever felt that you were being manipulated by the major mass media you were very perceptive because that is what has been happening and it is because the Banksters use the major mass media to dictate public opinion to meet their needs, which makes the major mass media almost completely controlled.  that is why it makes sense to refer to it as the a Controlled Major Mass media (CMMM).

The CMMM is based through and through on lies, deceit and propaganda that most American subjects have believed as Gospel truth until very recently.

This blanket acceptance and trust of the CMMM by the naive, mind-kontrolled “asleep at the wheel” public is similar to the King’s New Clothes fable, but it is now being eroded almost daily as the Alternative News on the Internet grows in popularity.

This is extremely vexing to the Ruling Cabal because they know unless they act soon to suppress this growing erosion of their mind-kontrolling/dumbing down mechanism (the CMMM), they will become fully exposed and the curtain will be pulled back showing the Wizard of Oz to be a weak old man with no real power except for his power to deceive, manipulate and mind-kontrol. This newly emergent worldwide Internet Truth movement is cutting through these ruling Cabal lies like a hot knife through butter and its ability to do so and drive the alternative news into mainstream news is increasing almost daily. So far all attempts to slow this or stop this have failed or resulted in an ever increasing emergence of Internet provided truth accepted and believed by the masses.

The Ruling Cabal’s ability to continue withholding the truth from its subjects is waning by the day as the Alternative media has now outpaced the CMMM in popularity.

You cannot easily find any young people going to mainstream mass media TV network news for information, they all go to the alternative news sites on the web like,,,,,,,,, (danger room), and so many more fine newsfeed websites like these that it would fill pages.

And few believe the network news radio reports anymore either.  Since these network radio news are also Cabal controlled and part of the CMMM, their constant parroting of what the network TV talking head spout is increasingly also ignored. And those sites that are run out of the Pentagon or the Fusion centers, or zio fronts are usually quite easily identified or at least perceived as tainted, and many folks are now rejecting them for the most part because their lies and distortions are becoming so plainly obvious.

Real truth cuts through the Cabal’s CMMM dispensed lies like a hot knife through butter and once the cat is now out of the bag, these gold nuggets of truth will circulate forever on the net until they have completely eroded the Ruling Cabal’s strength. It’s like kryptonite to superman.

Here is a list of some of the major truth nuggets that are now being circulated in the alternative media on the worldwide Internet which seem to have real teeth and many of these have come from high level connected intel sources.

These are facts, disclosures and information that the Ruling cabal never intended for you to ever find out about. Skip over the items that you are already familiar with or not interested in.

1. Contrary to what USG officials keep parroting through the CMMM, the United States of America is a Republic, not a Democracy and the Founding fathers specifically designed the Constitution to prevent America from ever becoming a democracy by creating what was to be a permanent separation of powers between Congress, the Judiciary and the Executive (Administration including the President). The system was designed to prevent the President from becoming a petty dictator, but that is what has happened under Bush 1&2 and Clinton, and now Obama. This has occurred because Congress has allowed these presidents to start and fight undeclared, unprovoked, unConstitutional, illegal wars without impeaching the President. And the judiciary has been blackmailed into submission by Cutouts of the Cabal using secret wiretaps from the NSA. A Democracy is mob rule, that is, simple majority rule which is what the Ruling Cabal wants since it has been able to easily mass mind-kontrol the public by controlling the major mass media. The Ruling Cabal was able to change the process for electing US Senators from appointment by the state legislatures to popular vote, which was not what the Founding fathers wanted, either, and makes Congress even more easily controlled by the Cabal “money-men” who have unlimited funds for K-Street lobbyists and other various types of support to Congresspersons before and after they are elected.

2. The Federal Reserve Bank is a foreign owned private central bank which creates imaginary, fiat money out of thin air only, is no more federal than Federal Express shipping company, has no reserves, and is basically an unconstitutional “sleight of hand” fraud operation which charges American citizens interest illegally to use what should be their own money. Its twelve stockholder/owners are kept secret.  the federal reserve Act was supposedly passed to prevent depressions but has been used to create them on behalf of the Ruling cabal so that they can pick up more assets at huge discounts. This fraudulent system generates mass debt slavery through pernicious usury, considered by the Muslims to be a very great sin and used to also be considered the same by the Catholic faith. The creation of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 is one of the greatest frauds in history and was actually “stealth legislation” passed without a true quorum, right before Christmas break when few Congress-persons were present. The Internet has been exposing this “big lie” in spades and more and more Americans are catching on and hopping mad because they are realizing for the first time that this illegal Central Banking has allowed the Ruling cabal to steal their hard earned income and asset strip the wealth of everyday citizens as well as America the Republic.

3. The Internal Revenue Service is incorporated in Puerto Rico and is the private collection agency for the Federal Reserve Bank. It too is completely illegal but is able to steal the taxpayer’s money by use of brute power, a hijacked and compromised justice system and brutal police state style “boot in your face” power. Obama’s affordable Health Care was designed by top Cabal members who control the insurance industry as a means to bring all taxpayers and citizens together under the massive daily control of the IRS who are designated to be the enforcers of Obama care and will have access to everyone’s bank accounts and can size assets at will even if in error. And of course there is a somewhat recent “smoking gun” letter from a certain Midwest senator that instructed the IRS to get real tough with Tea Party groups which will probably be released to the public sooner than later and could easily prevent any re-election of that individual.

4. All wars are pre-arranged by this secret Ruling Cabal which is best defined as the circle of top world Banksters and industrialist run out of the City of London Financial District, a separate country like the Vatican with its own ambassadors and police. These folks claim to be personally anointed by Lucifer himself and some have claimed to have personal alien or demon guides that provide protection and counsel. Thus all wars are Bankster wars and appear to be demonically inspired. Some experts have discovered a strong association with secret esoteric “super-masonic” occult groups which are luciferian based and this Ruling Cabal. Others have discovered a long term association with these Ruling Cabal members and alien or ET entities, and believe these cabal members are actually infected with alien/ET demonic parasites who demand and promote mass death and destruction upon the Earth once they gain control over the Cabal member who has lost his soul or been “soul-snatched”. Some researchers have labeled this Ruling Cabal Babylonian Zionism, or the “Synagogue of satan” and claim that it’s wealth and power is based on the use of “Babylonian Money-Magick” which is the use of fiat money lent at pernicious usury in order to create massive debt slavery, massive asset stripping and provide complete but hidden control. Others attribute it power to the anointing of Lucifer and their use of the evil “black arts” which include deception, slight of hand and human sacrifice. If the cabal can issue or print all the money it needs, it can buy up almost every single politician it wants as long as it keeps the effects of all the excess money mitigated to prevent complete collapse of the monetary system. Of course experts know that the creation of the US Petro Dollar which required all oil sales to be made in money converted to US dollars first was a stop gap effort to delay reality until the Ruling Cabal could use America to subdue the whole world on the behalf of these City of London Bankster’s before the system eventually crashed. The reason why the US Dollar is now only worth only about 2 cents of what is was worth when it was originally issued is because the Federal Reserve Bank has been issuing more and more money to buy politicians and support their secret black operations designed to develop alien technology to keep complete control over “we the people” and this Ponzi system is eventually doomed to failure.

5. This secret Ruling Cabal has existed for hundreds of years and has planned to create a Globalist NWO system located in Jerusalem and is allegedly powered by the mass suffering, death and bloodshed of humans as a “blood-sacrifice” and/or a “soul-sacrifice”. The plan has been to elicit zionism and Muslim extremism movements to battle it out and destroy each other so that Jerusalem and the surrounding Arab areas can be demoed, allowing a new temple to be made for the New World order luciferian ruler, the “New Caesar of the Ages” to be seated so he can assume world rule. In order to do this all the main powers of the world must be destroyed through war, starvation and pestilence, to allow supremacy of the NWO as it sets up world government in the New Jerusalem Temple of lucifer. The Ruling Cabal’s obsession to setting up a Roman style NWO world government in Jerusalem dates all the way back to the Crusades when the European Royalty expressed this obsession to take and hold Jerusalem to gain the secret gold stache and the ark of the covenant, both allegedly buried under the old temple ruins. These City of London Banksters and their Wall Street franchisees set up and financed the Bolshevik revolution in Russia in 1915 with its brutal Red Terror and also designed Nazi National Socialism as a fascist counterbalance. Thus both Bolshevism and Nazism were two sides of the same zionist coin, and not all Zionists are Talmudic Judaics which is a surprise to those that discover this. The Nazi faction still exists as a secret, covert fourth Reich controlling some of the large Wall Street Banks and many of the major oil companies, Big Pharma and defense contractors and some American intel factions. The zios run the Central Banking and pernicious usury to create massive numbers of debt slaves, run the FBI and have hijacked much of the high military command and the NSA and other intel agencies, and have been in the initial stages of moving the essence or central control of these entities to Israel in privatized form. This is now being exposed and blocked within the military high command and Intel at also at many other levels of American Society which means that Zionism is now likely in its death throes and will be thrown under the bus soon. But this also makes them very dangerous too until they are thrown under the bus and they seem to be Hell-bent on starting a nuclear WW3 first.  It seems as if the Cabal and its Cutouts are seemingly under the spell of some evil soulless mind-kontrolling entity, perhaps best described as a cosmic or demonic parasite that feeds off intense acute or prolonged human suffering and mass death.  And it seems as if this suffering is purposefully caused by traumatic harm and death to humans from the intentional social engineering of massive crime, chaos, social breakdown, starvation, and war 24/7 in order to provide a near constant “shedding of blood”, which is also alleged to provide energy and life to these parasites who appear to crave their own private near constant mass-human sacrifice.

6. Ufo’s are real and are advanced inter-dimensional Anti-Gravity Craft (AGCs) and have been recovered by the American Army Air Corps (now the USAF) after crashing, and have contained alien/ET pilots.These craft have been back engineered, and the USG has entered into several top secret treaties with certain alien groups to obtain ultra-high technology in return for access to human and animals for biological sampling as long as certain rules are met. It turns out that these alien/ET are liars and deceivers, have broken the agreements and some have used humans for food.

7. The secret Shadow Government (SSG) has taken over the majority of these alien/ET treaty issues and has entered into joint programs with these aliens to build underground bases where they have set up hybridization labs to help the alien/ETs develop new hybrid/human beings with Psi-power and super-soldier characteristics.So far these experiments have failed and the aliens have not been able to synthesize the human soul which is what they are after. It is alleged that other major nations like China and Russia have entered into exchange treaties with various alien/ET entities also.

8. Numerous researchers believe that alien beings have been able to mind-kontrol top SSG and cabal leaders by infecting them with a cosmic parasite which transforms them into power obsessed individuals, filled with blood lust and desire to engender mass death and destruction, and best described as completely self-serving and the “ultimate evil”. This occurrence would explain why the top world leaders and those who run the SSG act the way they do. These individuals are believed to be infected with a cosmic parasite that seeks energy they can somehow capture provided by intense and mass human suffering and traumatic death. This parasite makes them act like a power mad, blood thirsty mass murdering parasite against the human race, all the while believing the delusion that their eugenics and mass death is an attempt to purify and save the human race. Thus this cosmic parasite’s apparent script is to manipulate and mind-kontrol world leaders of the cabal to produce as much human suffering, shedding of blood and traumatic mass death as possible in order to extract energy from suffering humans and humans that are dying traumatically. Sick beyond words and yes, it’s demonic and pure evil if true. And some intel insiders have alleged that it is “rumored” that DC is by far the most psychotronically mind-kontrolled geographical space in the whole world, being constantly bombarded with scalar/torsion/standing waves/ultra low ELF, and pulsed beam microwaves from stationary triangulated ground transmitters surrounding DC and satellite based nuclear powered transmitters from high tech large orbital space platforms. Thus not only are DC politicians and officials perhaps the most sexually human compromised, bought off/owned/bribed or blackmailed groups in history, but also perhaps the most cosmically parasitized individuals in recent history, causing them to personally function as the worst criminal psychopaths and parasites on humanity as well as the American citizens that have ever existed. Some insiders have leaked rumors that the “beyond black” psychotronic technology is used to “hive” the susceptible subjects who have weak character or are psychopaths–this involves the aerosol spraying of something called “nano smart dust” from CIA or DOD contract aircraft; this dust is magnetic, has CPU properties when properly flashed after being inhaled and migrating to the brain across the blood brain barrier, and tends to create hived behaviors rendering top politicians, police and intel as mentally subject to the psychotronics of the central hive, usually mounted on towers or space platforms.  These particular nano particles were discovered from electron microscopy and chemical analysis of the magnetic particles in the brains of birds, bees, and other insects which appear to be externally navigated and controlled to serve their hive which transmits inter-dimensional signals via particle entangelment. Don’t expect the USG to confirm these rumors soon, because if true it is the glue that keeps their criminal psychopaths on script and one of their deepest secrets at the same beyond-black unacknowledged program level of their triple helix, self-healing hybrid super-soldiers with focused Psi-power and mild to moderate spontaneous remote viewing.

9. These researchers believe that individuals cannot become infected with this Cosmic Parasite or demon unless they have been somehow compromised to believe that it is okay to violate the Golden rule. Those born with a lack of conscience, extreme narcissists or psychopaths can obviously become infected quite easily if this is true. So as this narrative goes, the Cabal recruits by searching for those that are easily compromisable. If someone has strong character, deep integrity and refuses to harm others unless in self-defense, the cabal is not interested in these folks. Cabal wannabees must be comfortable pedophiling and sacrificing young innocent children and creating mass-murder and mass suffering through the pre-arrangement and provocation or wars and mass death and destruction.

10. Take the very richest men in America and the world, the top Banksters and Industrialists and you can assume that most of these folks were only able to get this massive wealth and power by “selling their souls” to Lucifer in a very strange transaction to obtain “untold wealth, power and prestige” that some who later left the “cult” have spoken about. Until recently, unless some former members who refused approached or later rejected these contracts had come forth, such secret rituals would still be unknown. However that last couple of years some younger Rock stars who “sold out” have come forth, admitted it publicly and bragged about it like a badge of honor.  Formerly these “blood contracts” were kept secret due to fear of rejection from general society.  Apparently nowadays such is no longer a worry since society has been transformed into being so pluralistic.

11. If anyone wants to climb the Cabal’s food chain and obtain higher status and position, they must be “players”, be known luciferians, have proven themselves to be comfortable attending Bohemian Grove human sacrifice rites and worship of Moloch, be able to function as criminal psychopaths and be able to do all kinds of horrible things to other innocent people, things they would never want or expect to be done to themselves. Thus these folks have a complete disconnect between their operating ideology which is completely sociopathic and all the harm and suffering they cause and are responsible for. It is also considered standard procedure to have been “adequately” human compromised in deviant acts that have been video recorded and held as later possible blackmail to be sure folks will do what the cabal wants. In years past some new and married “action officers” in various upper level privatized intel groups were tested early on by being offered very expensive “call-girls” for an adventure away from home.  If they accepted, the “meetings” were video recorded and these men were moved up in the command structure.  If they refused, the were not fired but were never promoted and kept away from the cabal’s deep secrets. Later on the tests offered them could involved perversions, pedophilia or some other highly deviant act of evil.  If the person took the carrot, they then were propelled to the top and identified as a real player worthy of trust.

12. Top insider Zbigniew Brzezinski has admitted as much that the NWO is failing because of the spontaneous emergence of a new worldwide populism and this is especially troublesome for the NWO Globalists. (1)

13. The cabal and it main stateside agent the SSG has declared a covert war against “we the people” and intends to use their cutouts the neo-Bolshevik zios and NeoCons to set up the Department of Homeland Security to serve as the main attack force used to instigate a large internal American civil war and thus serve as a New American Cheka to mass-murder up to about 80% of Americans and institute a massive Red Terror inside America. DHS is buying up billions of how point rounds, 2700 tanks and 30,000 armed drones to attack and murder American dissidents with. The USG official lists of potential and suspected terrorists is growing so large and inclusive almost 75% of all Americans qualify for at least one list. (2)

14. There is a force higher up the Pyramid of Power than the Ruling Cabal run out of the City of London. It is the Old Black Nobility (OBN), also known to some insiders as the European Circle of twelve and this is comprised of the old luciferian black nobility families of Europe that control the Vatican, German banking and all world Central banking including the City of London Banksters and their stateside franchisees the federal Reserve/Rockefeller bunch and have been considered the top of the hierarchy. Actually, however, the OBN is not at the very top, but the “Third Force” is. The Third Force is reputed to be Lucifer himself, the god of this world, the prince of the “power of the air”, the master of the alien/ETs and Ufos and “alien technology”. As this narrative goes, as hard as he tries, he cannot usurp God Almighty, cannot match his might or creative power nor can he create human life and breath the soul into it. He is not omniscient and is using the SSG and all its various high tech spy agencies to attempt to create omniscience. He knows there is a final battle coming between his forces and God Almighty’s and he believes he can win if he gets control of the whole world, consolidates it into a NWO order uses it to build a collection of the highest tech space weapons possible. This Third Force is allegedly limited and constrained by the “Cosmic Rules of Play” required by God Almighty which requires that he must make sure the public is at least minimally informed ahead a time of his plans, has the right to refuse to cooperate, and must agree to be compromised before any cosmic parasite or demon can be internalized.

15. NSA and almost all American intel has allegedly been hijacked by zio Israeli-firsters and infil-Traitors but there has been a recent awakening near the top of these orgs and traitors in charge are being exposed and will be dealt with. Most of these individuals who control these agencies have either been mind-kontrolled, or are criminal psychopaths, or have been bought off by Bankster financial zio espionage fronts like Aipac, or have been human compromised and are being blackmailed into submission. Human compromise ops employ sophisticate honey traps and frequent use of scopolamine derivatives and are typically video recorded and kept on file for later coercion.

16. NSA and other American intel have been providing secret information obtained from wiretaps and other means to the Ruling Cabal to use to blackmail and coerce politicians, judges and officials to do what they want. This has been rumored to include two top US Senators, one a closeted homosexual and one Supreme Court Justice, another closeted homosexual.

17. The FBI is basically a cover-up mechanism for the Ruling Cabal, also engages in espionage against truth exposure such as with Cointelpro type activities and has run numerous illegal murder ops out of its notorious Division 5 to cover-up numerous illegal USG activities and to murder numerous intel whistle-blowers. The FBI runs cover-up operations for the elite pedophile human kidnapping/compromise operations run out of military bases like those run out of Offutt in Omaha.

18. About 95% of all the illegal narcotics are trafficked into America authorized by the USG by the CIA or under their protection in joint efforts. The world’s largest crime syndicate, the zios are also allowed to bring in massive amounts of these illegal drugs as long as the proper higher ups receive their cut which is currently 10% off the top. The DEA is involved in these massive controlled deliveries which come into almost every major international airport in America and many small ones and are allowed supposedly in stings designed to catch the “Mr. Big drug dealers”, but alas they never succeed and these deliveries just keep a coming.

19. Numerous experts now claim we live in a police state. No, that is not exactly correct, we live in a Gangster State which uses a massive internal security mechanism to crush dissenters. Correctly stated, Washington DC should have a big sign upon entering DC:“Gangsters ‘R Us”. The USG is a big table of gangsters with plenty of room for any new gangster that ponies up the bucks for entry, and this includes the large drug cartels which are technically “joint ventures” with some small American Intel factions. Actually it’s like this: we have the WORST government the MOST money can buy, or the biggest collection of gangsters who have the necessary money to buy a seat at the table of control. Any criminal group can buy a seat the table of government inside America if they can pony up the necessary funds. So it is all about money and this is where the 70,000+ K Street Lobbyists come in. They funnel the money to the politicians in terms of campaign contributions, lucrative speaking honorariums, revolving door job promises, lucrative consulting contracts for relatives and business partners, special mortgage rates, offshore account gifts, free use of lavish condos all expenses paid as guests, etc. Doubt this, then just examine the net worth statements of politicians after a few terms in office, especially those who are owned by Aipac and serve a zio mouthpieces, folks like McCain and Graham. And a recent study of top paid Ceo’s suggests rampant corruption.

20. The CIA has run secret Mind-kontrol experiments and massive psychotronic harassment campaigns against dissenters and whistle-blowers along with certain groups in miltel and gotten away with it for many years. Except now folks on the inside are staring to talk and leak and it won’t be long until these operations are fully exposed and those responsible will be hounded, harassed and eventually dealt with. Almost every major psychotronic operation is being exposed now through high level and mid level leaks. Yes, even the sensitive programs now being established in large urban public schools and retail chains with HD cameras and mikes directly connected in real time to local fusion centers where complex face and voice recognition software is run along with the administration of pulsed beam microwaves to shape and modify subject’s behaviors are being leaked and disclosed.  And they are all highly illegal because they provide no informed consent which is required by federal and state law. By the way the use of these devices by local Fusions centers are major Felonies, since they damage some children and can cause cancer and leukemia clusters.

21. Nationwide, the police have been mind-kontrolled by the deployment of high tech pulsed beam microwave, constant-on shoulder held radio systems which are known to be able to entrain aggressive attitudes in many police officers and can cause parietal lobe or temporal lobe psychomotor seizures during arrests which can make the officers get temporarily enraged, some with transient psychotic “rage blackouts” at the time of their acting-out, when they go nuts and beat or murder victims unjustifiably and use excessive force, engaging in abject police brutality of the worst kind. Cancer clusters are now starting to form and most police have no idea that after many years of use their brains are being changed and in many cases their souls are being snatched. In time it will be shown that like the hand held radar guns police used to set between their legs between cars, these units are cancer causing. This cancer from these shoulder held radios as it starts to appear, of course, will be minimized and covered up.

22. Every American Intel agency has had its own execution squad. At present there are 37 American, DOD and/or privatized defense Contractor intel agencies and counting, many of these un-admitted due to being part of the black, special access or the beyond black “un-acknowledged programs ‘. Each of these agencies has had its own execution squad for terminations with extreme prejudice after a signed intelligence or executive finding is made and signed. The Administration has had J-Soc (Joint Special operation Command, supposedly still takes some orders from chicanery, who heart is fine and all that was an act to provide sympathy and an easy “faked death that is believable” in case folks attempt to prosecute him for war crimes). The US military has had SoLic Special operations, Low Intensity Conflict to do its dirty work when necessary. The FBI has had Division 5. Most assassinations, especially those related to military contractor whistle-blowers have been routinely set up to be “arkensides”, these are the Dixi mob Arkansas style obvious murders diagnosed as suicide to create a strong and obvious message to other potential whistle-blowers that “we can do what we want and get away with it anytime we want, so you better not cross us”. If you like Chicken you will understand who and what the Dixie mob is which used to be known as the Enterprise. Of course you can always ask John Cathey, he will be happy to clarify this for you.

23. Traditionally anyone disclosing real, documented Ufo secrets or secrets about underground bases or beyond black” space war projects, was quickly “terminated with extreme prejudice” (TWEPed). The last few years this has been almost completely stopped in regard to UFO disclosures, thanks to the Disclosure Project by Steven Greer, MD, and the efforts of many others on the inside, and a rumored deep split in MJ-12 between the younger members and the “old guard” who want no disclosure.  TWEPs are still used in those cases involving those who investigate and uncover current criminal operations which could form a direct threat to the continued office-holding of those in high political, military or intel officials.  Two examples of these USG “signed findings” murders are the DC Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, or the Rolling Stone Reporter Michael Hastings who was onto a story so hot it would have likely brought down the current administration. Senators Paul Wellstone, Gov. Carnahan and John Tower were also murdered by the USG with “signed findings”, some refer to as “signed classified intelligence findings”, which are technically an authorization, an executive extra-judicial order to murder as authorized by Potus or a top intel Official.

24. Extensive mass mind-kontrol is now actively being used against the American people to dumb them down, entrain an accepting mood of an underlying anxiety, false beliefs and an inability to get involved in changing the USG, that is, decreased political activism. These measures include massive deployment of psychotronics as the pulsed beam microwaves of cell phone towers, Wi-Fi, new top secret designed street lights, aircraft sprayed chemtrails which dispense smart-dust which is comprised of magnetized nano particles which are breathed in, and eventually cross the blood-brain barrier after which they can be flashed and activated to entrain desired brain patterns, and these aerosol compounds are highly toxic providing a secondary eugenics effect too (4). Many vaccines now are alleged to contain nano-particles of hive-behavior-producing “smart-dust” which can be remotely activated it crosses the blood-brain barrier. It has been hypothesized but not yet proven that these particles can serves as a means to id individuals after they have been “set”, serving as an internal RFID nano-chip.

25. Hollywoodism and much of the youth music culture is occult based and run by the Ruling Cabal as a means to compromise America’s youth and uses luciferian/satanic symbolism to prepare the way for infection of the “cosmic parasite”.

26. The Ruling Cabal has engaged in massive efforts to destroy normal male and female sex roles in order to destroy marriage, create unisex and a whole new increasingly large population of homosexuals which will help lower the birthrate. This is being done through the administration of gender bending chemicals to the masses, aka endocrine disruptors deployed in certain plastics, detergents and foodstuffs. In the 1950’s the CIA and the US military experimented with the “gay bomb” concept, the idea of dropping bio warfare agents which were comprised of powerful gender bending agents mixed with hallucinogens like BZ to render the enemy useless as defenders and tested this bio-weapon on unknowing subjects in numerous cities. The Cabal has deployed neo-Bolshevik methods such as multi-culturalism, diversity, political correctness, feminism, and teaching that perversion is normal and good, or even desirable to grade-schoolers as a first stage in compromising young Americans and making them more susceptible to the “cosmic parasite” later on. The goal here of the cabal is to destroy the fabric of America by eliminating its borders, language and culture. Obviously loose southern borders which are un-enforced allowing massive illegal aliens, and massive immigration of legal aliens helps to destroy what America is, and make it easier to Globalize it and eventually “balkanize” it.

27. Almost all cell phones contain RFID chips so they can be pinged by satellite to give one’s near exact location even if the cell phone is off and un-powered with no battery. Almost all cell phones can now be used to listen in and their cameras can be activated without the cell phone being turned on. Most cell phones can now be remotely turned on and off by fusion centers at will.

28. Electronic telephones and many Cable TV and Satellite boxes can be used for real time spying by Intel agencies. How come no one is ever given informed consent about this when they discuss arrangements for service?

29. Some video games have embedded mind-kontrol programs that entrain violent mental images which can be later activated to help strip away the subjects very soul and make them more susceptible to the cosmic parasite. Many large public school and retail chains are “rumored” to now have “experimental” HD camera systems and mikes with facial recognition software hooked up to local fusion centers and interfaced with WI-fi or other proprietary top secret pulsed beam microwave mind-kontrol systems run by the NSA. Don’t expect the NSA to soon confirm this publicly either. And don’t expect any informed consent either which is required  since it is illegal to experiment on or deliver any medically active events to patients without informed consent.

30. It is alleged by insiders that many current vaccines contain DNA or RNA fragments and compounds which are either eugenic population controls or mind-kontrol, or dumbing-down mechanisms.Many contain catalytic virus and bacteria which can be later activated by cross pollination with designer cold viruses. Some of these can be activated to become lethal in the young, old or those with current health issues. Some contain nano-particles (smart-dust) which have psychotronic properties when properly flashed by pulsed beam microwaves. As with the early polio vaccines, many vaccines still carry certain cancer causing viral fragments such as SV-40 monkey virus going all the way back to the original monkey cell lines. Some current vaccines are also based on cell lines obtained from aborted fetuses.

31. The wall street Banksters are making untold Billions off of the mortgage scam through a complex pattern of criminal fraud, MERS and illegal packaging and reselling of mortgage investments without properly transferring titles.They are double and in some cases triple dipping due to Govt mortgage insurance and various crafty tricks with repossessions. Expect to see this scam fully exposed in the future as but one other way banks scam money from vulnerable uniformed citizens and share the funds with the SSG for “deep black, off the book” covert operations, like another S & L scam or an another Enron.

32. The BP oil spill and Fukushima are both Cabal staged biological warfare “death star” attacks on humanity, designed to create massive depopulation in the years to follow. Massive aerosol “chemtrail” spraying by DOD contract aircraft out of a southern Arizona CIA and DOD contractor airline service and some other locations is loaded with various toxic chemicals designed to aid in mind-kontrolling and dumbing-down the masses and dulling their emotions as well as increasing the death rate and creating future droughts and famines. These chemtrails are dual use and one use is a quantum mechanics related space-war use which are highly classified in one particular unacknowledged “beyond-black” program. The massive deployment of custom engineered “eugenicized” GMO seeds is just another covert method of eugenics designed to drastically thin the herd while boosting Big Pharma and big medicine.

33. The Bankster engineered worldwide debt crises is about to enter its final death spiral at home inside America. The master controller, the Third Force is about finished with its Bankster/zio cutouts and is going to throw them under the bus, soon thereafter followed by the NWO system. This will all be accomplished by the spontaneously emerging new worldwide populism thanks to the Internet’s world wide penetration and formation of a new worldwide conscience-collective. As the Bankster/zio system fails the Third Force will attempt to hijack this new worldwide populism and use it to set up his own world kingdom run out of Jerusalem. Of course the complete exposure of Israelis to be the fake Jews of Rev. 2:9 and 3:9 will be universals as they are thrown under the bus.Zionism will be fully exposed for its crimes and will be eradicated as will their Bankster system. The US Petro Dollar system appears to now be failing and the BRICS nations trade agreements and others like them seem to mark the end of Big oils hegemony through the City of London Banksters using America as its enforcer.

34. With the advent of the new populism emerging worldwide and a whole new commitment to truth-telling by various USG, Military, Intel and alphabet agents as well as some fairly high ranking DHS folks, every single deep secret is now getting leaked and exposed. Often starting with rumors, and later followed up by actual docs. And now with the advent of the new parallel Russian computer circuitry being jointly developed with China as well as the new inter-dimensional quantum computers experts predict a complete end to cryptography and intel secrets, that is, the eventual complete end to government secrecy. This of course is very alarming to the SSG and various high ranking USG and Intel officials who are dirty and infected with the cosmic parasite, and it is becoming quite clear to some insiders and top experts that the coming end of secrecy is like a runaway freight train that cannot be stopped.

35.The Ruling cabal’s greatest secret is that they are unable to infect and control those Americans who refuse to violate the Golden Rule (except in self-defense) know and keep a strong commitment to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and refuse to be compromised or accept the lies and evil of the Ruling Cabal or its representatives or agents. They know that if more 12% of the people fully wake up they are finished, and we are at 10% now pushing 11%. Yes, research suggests 12% is a major societal tipping point and once reached, it’s bye-bye time for the ruling cabal eventually, one way or another.


This recent flap over the big government lie that Assad used poison gas against the Syrian people is a great opportunity to see this newly emerging world populism work.The CMMM has been broadcasting 24/7 that Assad did it. And yet most of the alternative media on the Internet has claimed just the opposite, that US, Israeli & Saudi financed and supported Al Cia Duh has been responsible.

This is actually a titanic struggle between the CMMM and the Cabal (old guard) on the one hand, and the newly emerging worldwide populism fueled by Internet based truth from the alternative news services of the Internet on the other hand (the new guard). This is an epic struggle and even if the old guard wins this battle, its win will be turned back on itself and will magnify the opposition aganst it from this newly emerging worldwide Internet based populism, the new guard.

Ron Paul has exposed the lies and deceit behind the USG’s and the CMMM’s position blaming Assad. Watch his remarkable presentation.
In England the alternative media won this battle and Parliament voted against armed intervention in Syria because the majority of the British people believed that alternative media wholeheartedly. Obama has said he blames Assad for the gas attack but will attack Syria only if he obtains approval from Congress when it returns September 9, 2013. Aipac has traditionally owned almost all the US Senators but less of the Congress-persons.

You can bet Aipac and all the zios as well as the top controllers in the FBI and NSA will be engaged in an extensive “influence” campaign to manipulate Congress to approve this strike on Assad even through Israel, Saudi Arabia and the CIA are responsible for setting up this false flag intended to start another big Mideast war to take down Syria and Iran on Israel’s, the Banksters and Big oil’s behalf. (5) This means numerous pressured phone calls and perhaps even some middle of the night “not to worry” FBI visits, like those mention in G. Gordon Liddy’s book, Will.  these master controllers, blackmailers and manipulators will be pulling in every mark they are owed by Congress-persons, bet on it.  And even them they may fail.

This is a perfect test of the will of the new emerging populism created by the worldwide Internet. It will be very interesting to see how this whole matter turns out, because if Congress back down from all these zio manipulations and blackmail, it means that Zionism is actually in its final death throes and will take down the NWO with it.

It also means that these neoCons and zio madmen may institute another major 911 false-flag type terror attack inside America, this time a major nuclear false flag inside a large American city, perhaps Chicago. In Chitwon it would be easy for them to institute martial law and manage DHS and FEMA to their specifications in order to reprime the “War on Terror”. Every day more and more Americans are finally starting to understand that the “war on terror” is a phony concoction used to justify all these perpetual, illegal unconstitutional, un-provoked, undeclared foreign wars of acquisition of behalf of Big oil, the city of London Banksters, Israel and zionism.

This phony “war on terror” is being used to justify a huge internal police state buildup by DHS which is now accusing almost any good American Patriot and American-firster of being a domestic terrorist, especially Vets, returning Vets, Catholics and Evangelical Christians, folks who could never be terrorists. And even the US Army and Fema has been teaching their staff that the Founding fathers were domestic terrorists and would not be allowed in the services today. This is truly disgusting and must be immediately exposed and stopped.


In the name of YAHUSHUA I take authority and come against all Familiar Spirits assigned to me and my family members; all spirits of confusion, lies, deception, division, discord, argument, discontent, seduction, lust, perversion and all of their kindred and underline spirits. I bind all THESEspirits in the name of YAHUSHUA.

I bind all of their physical-psychic-spiritual attacks, assignments, and operations, all of their seedings, works, plans, activities, blueprints, plots, plans, designs, traps, wiles, snares, assignments, all curses, hexes, vexes, bewitchments, enchantments, cantrips, ligatures, and judgements of witches and warlocks, all acts of evil, sorcery, witchcraft, magic, candle magic, potion magic, esoteric magic, black magic, voodoo, all blood pacts, blood sacrifices, and blood covenants of witchcraft; all national and continental witchcraft workings and curses; all demonic thoughts, threats, mental locutions, statements and ideations, all self-inflicted curses through negative confession; all curses spoken over me, my children and other family members; any such curses spoken over, formed against, or directed at any of us, marriages, families, possessions, health, safety, welfare, jobs, income, our physical bodies or lives, all that they or we are, have, or possess. I take all of these things into captivity to YAHUSHUA, and by blood of YAHUSHUA, call them all cancelled, made null and void, never manifested, never come to pass, cursed and destroyed at their roots and rendered of no effect, judged, spoiled, never seeded, cast down as vain thoughts and imaginations, and broken off of our me, children and family members …

Energy Food Source are humans to fallen celestial luciferian astral beings,they are invoking to humans thrue illuminati cabal,their minions around the world thrue  GMO,CHEMTRAILS,mind control thrue media and man other ways so that humans realize lower vibrational energies thatlater these fallen ones feed of,they are in Harvesting Abduction Dream Infiltration,and are cloning many celebrities,yes Cloning,and 2 pac,Michael Jackson and Hitler are alive as clones and are using vril energy,so the depopulation agenda is also thrue wars,pollution and geneticly modified organisms and many Disease stuff and viruses,this depopulation agenda is to make people poisoned and sterile so that there is less people on planet,while for others they by transhumanist agenda merge with computers create robot humans like in sci fi movies and Claim Of Ownership of their souls,why clonig is done is to stop those who are whistleblowers so that they are not exposed,clone body is soulless and they have demons induced for control then by dark magic, Remote Hosting
Shock And Awe Deceptions are evryware, Sex Manipulation,as sex magic and enslavement create soul Pain and soul loss, Matrix Exiting spiritual warfare commands I will give you how to escape saturnian archontic lords of karma.Another deception is lightworker and darkworker occult witchcraft wars,they lead both sides and they trap souls of those who work for them and Demiurge(Satan/Lucifer)

For false ascension when people activate false light bodies that are from fallen angels created,they go to lower astral realms in “implant stations” which are places where souls are programmed to be trapped after the death of the body which actualy happen and they use false light bodies,a false merkaba and then trap them with that which is connected with astral boxes.
In these facilities, the operators (ETs-fallen angels and other fallen celestial beings) do a claim and ownership of soul by implant other “programs/thought forms” into the being of people they trapped and deceived to keep them enslaved before judement day(armageddon). It is that some of these “stations” are on/in the planet as well as in lower astral realms.

So-called frequency fence surrounding Earth is also part of this soul capturing machine technology.

alien-implant-removal-and-karma-clearing-matrix-clearing commands spiritual warfare:

In the name of YAHUSHUA I Connect to Earth’s Core, Galactic Core, and the Divine Source Light.

  • In  the name of YAHUSHUA I invoke  a Galactic Vacuum to be ready to remove everything into the Galactic Core. (This is a funnel cloud of galactic core energy that vacuums up everything needing to be removed and transmuted.)
  •  I Call up all agreements related to “feeling like a victim” (or anything else) on this timeline and all other timelines in the past, present and future, and within all dimensions, densities, levels, realms and realities.
  •  I Call forth all reinstatement clauses, copies, back-ups, mirrors, counter-party copies, etc of the agreements.
  • In the name of YAHUSHUA I State, “From the Inner Authority of my Sovereign Self, I declare ALL of these agreements null and void.  I revoke ALL of these agreements as well as all counterparty copies, reinstatement clauses, duplicates, back-ups, mirrors, etc of everything previously named.”
  •  I Proclaim, “I reclaim ALL of my energy that has gone into these agreements.”  As your energies, essences, soul fragments, etc come back to you, reintegrate them through your heart center.
  • Command, ” In the name of YAHUSHUA I send all of these agreements and all facets previously named into the Galactic Vacuum to be transmuted by violet flame astral fire in the Galactic Core.”
  •  I Call forward all “counter party copies” of these agreements and send them into the galactic vacuum for transmutation.  These are copies of the agreements held by parasitic beings who drain small amounts of your energy via those agreements.  Some of those beings might claim to be “lords” of karma in order to exert authority over you.  Don’t believe any of their lies.
  • Tell those demiurge beings : “I am Sovereign.  All of you parasitic ‘counterparty’ beings are hereby notified that you are FORBIDDEN from EVER affecting my energy again.  If you do attempt to violate my sovereign energy sphere, I will FORCEFULLY send you to the Galactic core to be transmuted.  While transmuting will be the worst thing that has ever happened to you, it’s possible that you will not emerge if there is nothing left within you to salvage and transmute.  You have been warned.”
  • Next, offer those demiurgic counterparty beings an opportunity to step into the Galactic Vacuum to be taken to the Galactic core and transmuted.  Some of them will take this opportunity so that that you can be free from the Demiurge’s control and hierarchical enslavement.
  • In the name of YAHUSHUA, “I remove ALL imprinting, implants, overlays, beliefs, perceptions, attitudes,  identities, frozen emotions, etc related to these agreements.”

The corrupt demiurge and its minions of archon-angels, fake ascended masters, ETs(aliens),demons, etc are the ultimate representation of degenerate hierarchy that consumes life-force and leaves only destruction in its spiritualy non wake people. 

Transcending metaphysical hierarchy is a process of self-liberation / clearing, gaining self-knowledge, gaining knowledge of Universal and Earthly Natural Law, and exercising our Sovereign Will.  First, we have to KNOW through and through that we are fully connected extensions of the Divine Infinite Source of all creation.  When we know that, not just think it on an intellectual level, we realize that there is NO legitimate authority outside of ourselves but only we are to be safed and to be under authority of Creator, to be on side of Creator Father God Yahweh and Mother Goddess Shekinah,Lord Yahushua.

The world’s leaders have failed humanity on every level possible

Many world leaders use evil magical powers, which they use to maintain worldly power or their positions

The reason that kings and Queens originally wore crowns of jewels were because of this

Each jewel represented something divine it represented they had inner jewels of knowledge of connection to the divine It was very symbolic it showed they are rich in spirit this is the original symbolism of it

Yet our current leaders

Their souls their actions do not have any jewels in them Why is that important? Jewels symbolize virtue, and virtue symbolizes the reason the divine chose that person to rule (or the virtues divine endowed that ruler with so they would be a good ruler); rubies, then, mean love of their people while emeralds being green would be the hope of a good and peaceful life for the kingdom.

their crowns their actions are made of darkness, forged by fire and strength, so their right to rule is that they had the power and means to take the positions through being corrupt and using dark magic not that they have any virtue or quality apart from strength and willing to do what must be done to keep power

This is why the goverment even here in the USA is into black magic and using it for means of power

Anyone who comes to power must be high up in the dark arts to even attain a position

Read my older blogs if you have not yet:



illuminati zionists gone back in time with cern to set rule from the moment they lost all cabalistic energy they used to expose themselves with controlled oppositions,now they use collective amnesia spells and time travel spells to correct all to set even world war 3,better you be on 5D and 4D merkaba light body ascending plans and meditations before you are cut in chaos cross fire 333 frequency of shaos ,Better accept YAHUSHUA as messiah and obey the torah law and be holy,repent from sins,wake up get your spiritual awakening to the truth and fear no evil but resist it and expose it,be on side of Most High Creator Father God Yahweh and Mother Goddess Shekinah,Lord Yahushua Messiah,and surley you will be on winning side,because Satan/Lucifer is on loosing side,he is evil,good always win!Celebrate true holidays not demonic cycle repeating holidays of heathen pagan origin,celebrate Pentecost,rosh ha shanah,then yom kipur,sukkot,Hanukah,and Passover and not easter and Christmas and hallowen,Passover is true resurrection of messiah celebration: Easter is pagan holiday that has nothing to do with resurrection of YAHUSHUA(Jesus),anyways the holiday that is known as easter is pagan worship of Ishtar fertility goddess that is also known as Astaroth and is also appearing as male figure Ashtar Sheran which is talso fallen cherubim who rebelled against Creator Father God Yahweh and Mother Goddess Shekinah,Lord Yahushua in havenly realms with Lucifer/Satan/Lilith who is also fallen cherubim,who have on his/her side who rebelled with him/her 1/3 of celestial beings! PASSOVER IS TRUE CELEBRATION OF RESURRECTION OF YAHUSHUA AND NOT EASTER! Luciferian draconian fallen angelic beings and their minions known as illuminati have cloned Donald J.Trump and have created demons who are going to control that clone and they will use that to make wars arround the world,to feed of lower energies of suffering that are being realased!One more thing is good for you to know that the demonic fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeings thrue illuminati occultists cn only bring from abyssal underworld pondemonial realms of tartarus other chained illuminati by having wars and realizing much death and suffering like in Syria and north Korea,so that many portals can be opened and grids so that they can feed of that energy low vibrational energy and let other fallen annunaki groups of these other fallen celestial beings so that thrue high level occultists they can free their brothers and sisters archontic jinn legions so if you are observing true holidays and nature and living holy and are on side of Most high in right time you wil have your merkaba light body activated,but rapture/ascention who set dates for that is false the date is not given and will not be as bible says all date setters are false phrophets leading you to energy drain on those dates where are too many satanic rituals and will lead you to alien abduction scenario of false project blue beam rapture and alien abduction via the grey aliens and draconian fallen angelic beings these lower entities will abduct you and fool you one day with holographic show that will be false alien invasion and false messiah so they will create chaos and fear and bring order out of shaos that is illuminati 4th reich ubermeck chaos magic with agenda order out of chaos they will as it says bring their own order the new world order the luciferian/satanic order!So these dark forces thrue occultists will let others in who were for some time bound in underworld lower 4th dimensional lower astral realms,now from these lower ethers these beings will make more wars and ultimate end is world war 3!This is Armageddon matrix epic battle between good and evil!


The pondemonium interdimensional wall is gooing to be broken on 17th  march in 2020 and they gonna make earthquake and terrors,stay together in love and truth,separate from evil,and don´t let them win in deviding us who are above matrix and let´ s stay together to fight against duality of evil!!!!!Very evil leader of transdemonic realms an inter-dimensional predatory life-form,a fallen angelic entity which has the ability to transform itself into its prey’s worst fears allowing it to exploit the phobias of its victims.It mostly takes the form of a sadistic,nature these are grunge familiar spirit that appears as little girl in white clothes and in long dark hair that is actuality of the fallen angel that leads all wicked extremly diabolical spirits also under its command that is archon!I don´t want to insert fear into your bones,but this is warning to stay in love and truth and to avoid as much as you can duality,brainwash,and this system´s wicked matrix out there!
You are the Sheep… the Brainwashed Sheep… the followers of the Dark ones whom enslave you.You are all Members of the Control System.Nothing more than Robots going through everyday life not knowing the Truth about life and the Multi-Dimensions that are all around you.You go through life not knowing that you yourself are a multi-dimensional being and have access to these other dimensions and higher beings around you with higher friquency.There are many higher vibrating beings sitting and waiting for you to awaken wich are your guardian angels.But you will not have access to all this until you take off your blinders and seek the truth,till you wake up and do,God will make them available to you!I write these words simply as a Messenger of Light… a Bringer of Truth.

Yes you have all been brainwashed from the time you were a young child.Brainwashed so that you conform to that which the draconian illuminati has set up to be a system of crap falsehood belief nonsance in every “normal” day life.You are fed poisons in your everyday food so that you will dummy down making it easier for you to be brainwashed.Your chackra(6th sence)(spiritual eyes and ears-extra sencory perceptions),wich are lowerd because of nonsance that this illuminati overloards of chaos put out there,wake up you waste your money on crap,you don´t have to go evry summer on vacation out of country to seaside or mountin,is this what you have here not enough people?!!?!??!!?You are given chemicals in your everyday drinking water making it easier for you to follow the herd of sheep.You are given microchip implants through vaccinations.These implants are to shorten your life and to control your thoughts and the electrical system within your body wich is half technology/half magic psychotronic nightmare,wich influence your dreams,and who to lust after and evrything you are not even aware of,you think this is one you need to lust after,or this is music you need to fallow,o yeah,let me tell you something,they astromethaphysicaly suggest you crap,and whisper you that,and you are excited over illusion!!!!!MAGIC+TECHNOLOGY TOGETHER IS HERMETICS=EMOTIONAL ELCHEMY=AS ABOVE SO BELOW,GOAT OF MANDEZ=BAPHOMET form OF SATAN/LUCIFER.This entity takes 4 forms in many parts of controls over certin parts of humanity:1st is goat,2nd is winged bull,3rd is aryan giant,4th is Joker clown.It is so diabolical and womits evry 2 seconds illusion,and it grows and feeds of human sinful pleasure,suffering,intimidation,sad emotions,hate,fear,jelousy,murder,and all forms of suffering and error and death and all negative low vibrational energies!!!You must understand that you are all living in a prison with invisible bars being controlled by the Dark Milty Interdimensional psychoegoistic extremly wise and cruel beings wich are pure evil energy.You are trapped here until you have learned how to escape this Matrix and Spiritually grow so that you do not have to go to hell again in realms of hell when you die with your spirit-soul.The Illuminati is a group of Elite… The Richest people on the face of this Earth who wish to enslave you to the material world who are possessed by the dark multy interdimensional dark fallen angelic forces.The word illuminati simply means one who is illuminated to certain knowledge.The Illuminati has the knowledge of how to escape this Matrix and Spiritually grow and they want to keep it from you so that you will never know the true meaning to life and the afterlife so that they may continue their lives in greed, murder and corruption,and don´t get you to be saved by YAHUSHUA.But their days are numbered my dear friends.YAHUSHUA WILL ONE DAY VERY SOON DESTROY ALL EVIL AND EVIL´S  Saturnian MATRIX!!!

They are not illuminated in the sense that they have a Halo…. No, for these are the Dark ones whom resonate to the Energies of Darkness.Their time on Earth here is running out.They will soon not be able to hide in their underground cities and bunkers as God shall destroy them all once and for all and put them to hell forever!They cannot escape their dammnation destiny.Understand that the Governments,CIA,FBI,DEA,Police chiefs,Mafia,drug cartels,Interpol,Un-Nesara,Nasa,Nsa,Mib,Swat,controlopposition,so called truth movments,the Media and Religious leaders are all controlled by the Illuminati.I ask you not to thret to them or project violence to them,because they will kill you and destroy you.It is time for all of you to become Beacons of Light for the cities that you live in thus transmuting the Darkness of your city into light,pray to God for that!

I ask you to read my words carefully and then sit back and tune in on these words.

These are the methods that enslave you to this physical world by the Elite…the demonic manipulations of your evryday life that they put that make you dumbed down sheeple!

From the time you are very young and indoctrinated into the school system you are being brainwashed.I am not speaking of English or math… I am speaking of “science” and “history”. They are completly falsehoods that speak shit with no backup behind them,they are brainwashing tools of evry society on earth!History being the more predominant one in this case about Hitler and his agenda because Hitler was possessed by Satan/Lucifer himself once!You are given history books that tell you how history went down in the world. Most of this that you read in your history books is purely rubbish.It is written how the Elite want you to think history went down.They do not want you to know the atrocities that they have committed upon humanity.Science is extremly fable scam that blinds you who you are,secred geometry,spirit science,astromethaphysics and astrobiophysics,and subjects of that kind are banned,or edited,so that you may not know our true nature how God made evrythign and all worlds and evrything as it is,so to be eazily manipulated into new age religion of Luciferian alien Theosofy dark cabal.

The Military also brainwashes their people also and are the biggest offenders of this.They are the ones whom experiment on their own soldiers with chemicals and many other things they require them to be injected with while serving in the Armed Forces.Do not think for a minute that I do not know first-hand of this.My father served 26 years in the Military organisations with 3 tours of wars that you are not aware of stupied demonicly possessed brainwashed sheeple,no offence,but you deserve this to wake the freaken up,there have been wars that you are not aware of,yes,this goes to those who don´t know and he had told me of everything that went on with his health,and God revealed to me what poison they put in the air,worst today that we breathe then the one that Hitler put to kill Jews.I respect all those in uniform but I truly feels sorry for you and them whom that you have been used as a pawn for greed. And so the truth about atrocities and greed of the Government is always covered up by lies in our books and other media.Lie,lies,lies….Nothing more than brainwashing those who simply accept what they are being told.Ye are the Sheep.

There are many things throughout history in this fallen world and that are not told in your history books when you’re growing up.The Elite want you to think that history happened the way they want you to think it happened.Just remember this…The truth is always out there and all you have to do is search for it and you will find it,when you pray to God for visions and dreams,you will receive it as i did.

Once again from a small child you are brainwashed by the cartoons you watch that have half truths,and placebo of evil in open.Understand that Walt Disney himself was deeply tied with illuminati and that he was 33 degree freemason(luciferian).There are many Satanic and sexual subliminal messages in the majority of cartoons that are watched by our children.
This also goes for your TV shows and movies HEEEEEEYYY!!!. Wake up and smell the damn coffe!These are all filled with subliminal messages.For those of you who do not know what a subliminal message is….A subliminal message is a signal or message embedded in another medium,designed to pass below the normal limits of the human mind’s perception. These messages are unrecognizable by the conscious mind,but in most situations they do affect the subconscious mind.Thus one day they will surface to the conscious mind unknowingly to us wakened by demons that see that our deep mind of individual´s brain has seen it and have written in informational code and to wake it up one day and to do crap with life!TV shows and movies create fantasy for us and many of you think that this is how life is truly supposed to be. This is why I get so many emails from young people asking me how they can shoot fire from their hands or make lightning bolts come down from the sky.Well you can do that well,but it is not power from where you think come,it comes from demonic realms of fallen angelic dark forces.They just got done watching an episode of charmed or perhaps one of the Harry Potter movies.Don’t get me wrong,the Harry Potter movies are demonic movies,wich promote rebelious witchcraft wich gives powers from transdemonic realms of extremly evil inteligent beings that use you for their own purposes and spit you down like a bubble gum all wasted and crushed after giving you all extreme powers they have as God given powers,wich you don´t because you are different type of being wich is enough for you to understand why you don´t need it,also because it is not meant for you!This is not how the occult truly works as they promote.If you want to know how the occult truly works and I suggest that you stay away from that stuff,because it is dangerous!Work on getting in touch with God and with God´s servants sent to you the higher beings of light the guardian angels thru prayer to God so that the truth may be revealed to you. Even in magical books the truth is not always told completly. For much of the truth is hidden once again by the elite long ago just as they do now.

Reality shows:
Come on people… Get a life! It seems that television is filled with nothing but reality shows now. So let’s stop here and think for a moment… The world we live in is not reality so in a way I suggest you to stop watching that television crap we watch is not reality also at all.All of these shows are scripted by devils themselves.They are scripted so that there is plenty of drama to keep you entertained.The problem is many of you think that this is how life truly is and that the shows are real life issues.Wake up people!To give you a quick example… The Kardashians… Do you people truly not have a life that you have to follow Kim Kardashian? On one of her recent shows she is shown crying her eyes out because the magazine she posed for showed too much nudity. This woman has already posed for Playboy. So WTF? If you yourself had to pose for a magazine and they ask you to take your clothes off and you did so… Then why would you cry because they show your picture on the cover of a magazine? It’s not like they snuck up to your window at night and took your picture. Scripted, scripted, scripted! This is bullshit television. Nothing but pure crap. But then there are those of you who will follow Kim Kardashian and other Stars on Twitter. This is truly the sign of someone with no life of their own. Do not get me wrong, Kim Kardashian is not a beautiful lady and she made her look like that,she is not natural,natural beauty is true beauty,and when you are natural you are beautiful…and remember do not do not idolize anybody,they are all possessed by legions of devils,CIA ILLUMINATI MK ULTRA SLAVES,MULTIPLY PERSONALITY ALTERED PERSONS FULL OF LEGIONS OF DEVILS,FULL OF CRAP AND ILLUSION!!!You have a life of your own.So do something productive with it!

MTV is the worst of the worst.What once used to be a Music Video show many years ago is now nothing more than a bunch of reality shows sucking the life out of people. Influencing the Minds of young people as to how life should be. Their newest show “Skins” is nothing more than child porn.Yes many young teens drink,do drugs and have sex. But why the heck are you promoting this MTV? You freaken assholes should be prosecuted and put in prison for your moral violation on the youth of today enslaved by bondage of sin and demons!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WAKE UPPP!!!!!This simply the work of the Dark forces to keep you enslaved to life with drugs and Alcohol and illusion and crap out there put.Trust me when I tell you that these producers will be held accountable for all their actions by the pact they made with devil,God will tare them apart because they made pact with devil,and devil will pay money he gave them in hell forever.

Good God…. These shows seriously needs to be removed from the airwaves.This is nothing more than a Black Hole. Think about how many of you sit there waiting each week to watch this truly stupid show.You may ask me…”How this show a form of brainwashing”?Well the answer is… It is a form of brainwashing by the Elite designed to keep you stupid an d asleep from what is happening behind your back! Thise shows of idil idiots keeps you glued to your TV each week to see who is going to be the next price of Idol.Thus taking away from what you should be doing and that is working on your Spiritual development.Turn off your TV people!This TV show is for the weak and needy who have no meaningful life or who think that they can be the next superstar too or simply living vicariously thru these individuals.They all who became superstars made pact with the devil to enslave you,they have money alright,but devil will destroy their soul for that and try to trap your from all of that!The truth is they are only going to be a pawn for the very Rich Elite who is possessed by fallen angelic luciferian dark entities.Yes they may become superstars but the majority of the money they make will go to the Corporation that put them there who are devils themselves high up on the pyramid.But these people were too young and stupid to realize this so they sign their name on the dotted line devil puts there.Then you have music that is created by the Corporation and not written by true artist wich again these lyrics devils put with unicode messages backwords they give them power like you will be sealed by him or they give you 666,or there is no escaping it,that is just fear mind control to make you nightmares in sleep astraly to have you locationa nd code,and to gain more sevil spirits under ommand against you to attack you to illusionary puppet master show!I am truly disappointed whgen you go crazy about who is going to be chosen by SMS voting on TV to be winner of show crap wich is chosen to be on the show next time.You all people should know that the show is pure crap and ruining the music scene.Dark forces know that these young people who think they’re going to be rich and famous are only going to be famous… Not rich always,and not happy,but desprate and burn in hell.I am suggesting that they must’ be offered quite a large sum of money to Mr.producer this or that in order for them to lower themselves and be on the show.They had worked long and hard and pay these yound fooled sheeple due along with their bands the stars that they are.They were not victims a large corporation tho ones who put these yound sheeple,who wanted to sing.They made their large sums of money and were even stealing of “stars” they made by witchcraft and propagands and all puppet master mind control game.My point here is that they have given in to the greed and money machine of a large corporation which will only ruin the lives of these young people.And most of you after reading this will still set anxiously awaiting for your Idol show the come on each week.Turn your TV off people or simply deal with your simplicity of life with blinders as you ignore your spiritual calling.

Twitter and Social Networks:
I have taken myself off of these social networks before because they are nothing more than black holes also sometimes.They suck the life out of you.But i got my life back and i am back on these places for a purposes of communication and to bore you till you wake up!Facebook and MySpace are sucking you into their black hole void so that they can sell your information thus making them more money.They are the biggest traps for identity theft, viruses and ways for the governments to look at you in more depth.When i say goverements,these are run by dark forces themselves materialised,so be aware,and don´t fear,they feed of that energy.They lie about selling your information to third parties.They lie over and over again about these things.As I was once on both of these social networks I realized that it was sucking the life out of me and taking important time away from my spiritual growing.Then we have twitter.This is the web site for those of you who truly have no life whatsoever or you think you’re somebody important so you want those with no life to follow your every move. Hey look at me I’m going to the mall now, I’m going outside to check my mail, I’m going to a party today, listen to me bitch rant and rave, I’m going to take a shit now. Get a life people! Stop following the false idols and stop twittering about your every move in your daily life. This is a great way for someone who wants to break in your house to know when you’re not home.Hey I’m going to a party today… hmmm thinks the criminal.This would be a great time to break into their house were there at the party or perhaps I will wait until they come home so I can rape them to.See my point? This also gives the FBI, CIA and any other government agency the ability to know everything you’re doing who are dark forces of fallen angelic armies of hell to eat,kill,rape,decive,and do all manner of evil to you again,they also use technology,and technology like this,to spy on you,and watch you take shit literally,i mean iiittt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I myself prefer privacy.I don’t want people to know where I’m going or when I’m coming home.For this gives them an advantage over me.All this time that you people spend on Twitter could be better used working on your spirituality and raising your vibrations so that you will be better adapted for this world´s evil times that are ahead now of life here on earth…

Video Games:
We all love video games and yes I myself loved the violent ones also.But I have changed my views on that after being made aware of the effects it has on my mind.It is okay to play video games that are nonviolent for they do stimulate the mind and this is a good thing.But the violent games of killing people and monsters brings about negative vibrations within our own aura.It plants the seeds within subconscious mind.This does not mean that if you play violent video games that you’re going to go out and kill someone.It does however mean that it is planting seeds of negativity within your subconscious mind thus slowing down your chance of spiritual progress and keeping higher vibrating beings away from you the good ones the guardian angels.Thus attracting lower vibrating Spirits the Fallen angels and their children Demons. This also goes for violent and bloody movies that portray killing as a glorious thing.By playing and watching these sort of things we attract to us the negative entities that thrive on this lower type of energy.I am not saying that violent video games should be banned in any way shape or form.I am saying to those of you who are reading this to simply understand the effects it has on your spiritual growth.It is a form of brainwashing…a method of keeping you in a state of lower vibrations.For some of you this may lead to wanting to join the military so that you may go and kill people.For others it will simply dumb you down just like the MSG in that egg roll and fried rice you a last week.Something to think about.

Cell Phones & Texting:
This will be quick… put down yer damn phone and stop Texting!Many of you live for this shit.I don’t know how you have existed in the days when you had no cell phones before you bought them.That was when you as baby child simply enjoyed life.Put yer damn phone down and do something that will make a difference in this World or in your life.I lived this nagging life,and i bored sevelar people extremly with phone calls and SMS messages,i awoke 2 persons,i did,i bored them and they only talk to me on the street now not even here on facebook and these social networks,and i understand them and support them in that,because dark forces can manipulate all things between,and also i can speak with them when i see them,no need for phones and internet social netwoorks!!I less now text and talk with these communication technologies,and got hold of myself,God put to spirit of those 2 persons and several more people to teach me a lesson of these communication crap decives wich are tracked and listened by devils themselves!!I knew that before,but i learned from that and more visions like this:”the more i communicate with them here,the more they (devils) feed of info we excange here with these communication devices and more they plan to do more evil things then”.Once again we have a device out there (cell phone) that sucks you in like a Black Hole and helps you dummy down some more.

Music is a big influence on people’s vibrations and thought process.Music can be very brainwashing.I am not hating on music,but i am saying,i am warning that some music can be that,but life without music and love would be a mistake,you see that is ultimate universal truth,but i also extremly love music,i can´t have day without music,at day and night i both listen to music,i can´t live one day without music,but watch out what music you listen to!!!This can be good and this can be bad.Anyone who has studied the effects of music knows that certain types of music bring about different types of feelings.As some music makes you feel like you are in love or that you are heartbroken and sad…some music such as New Age music helps you get in touch with your higher good vibrational energies and helps to raise your vibrations.It actually helps your auric field and strengthens it.Then you have hard rock which once again lowers your vibrations. Don’t get me wrong… I love some types of rock music wich is not manipulated by demonic forces and always have been made by pure talent without of help of fallen angels and demons and witchcraft and channeling and sorcery,ect.For example Red Hot Chili Peppers,before you jump on a backwagon attacking and slandering me,these have good music,new music they have is better,and they have been delivered of the sorcery,and produce good music,but not all are like them to open eyes,but this band is good,don´t get me wrong,they are good,i am not promoting them,but i am just saying that they are good.Although I listen to much less of it these days as I’m trying to raise my vibrations.Ask anyone who is been to War and they will tell you that they listen to hard rock before going into combat.Many of them listened to a band known as ”Slayer”. An excellent hard rock band they are indeed.But this type of music brings about anger,hatred and aggression.This type of music gets you pumped up and ready for aggression.So I totally understand the method to the madness when it comes to listening to this sort of music before going into combat. Even when you watch commercials for the Armed Forces you will hear music by dark death ghotic metal.I have to admit that even when I watch the commercials it makes me feel like joining and going out to shoot the enemy.I remember when I listened a rock band for several days,about 4 or 5 days.I saw there that this would get people into an aggressive mood.So I know how it affected them and how they acted in society.I have since outgrown that era of my life.So my point is that hard rock music affects your auric field and puts you into a state of aggression and negativity as it is lowering your vibrations and causing higher vibrating beings(guardian angels)not to be around you.When you want to listen to rock music,pray to God to find out what one is good and not charged by sorcery,and are charged by witchcraft and sorcery.Then of course we have Rap music. So many of you may like this music and that is fine also,and i like that music,and i dress in that stayl and listen to this music.But this music also lowers your vibrations if too agressive,find old school hip hop,and non comercial rap music wich is good,killuminati rap,2pac,old school,dj eazy rock and rob base,dj premier and guru(gangstarr),Ali G,Will Smith,ect… and this types do good for your auric field,for your aura.
The other effect that music has on the population is that of creating false idols.You should be worshiping the Divine Creator of evraything within your whole being the GRATE CREATOR THAT CREATED EVRYTHING OF LOVE,GOD IS LOVE,THE MOST HIGH GOD ADONAI ELOHIM “I AM”(I AM=YAH): FATHER YAHUVEH, MOTHER IMMAYAH,Lord YAHUSHUA.Instead you are worshiping Lady Gaga,Madonna or Justin Bieber.These are demonicly possessed individuals,i am not sayingspot listening to their music,but don´t worship them!!!Sorry folks i am not hating on these persons i named here nor i am not jelous but this is the truth,just don´t worship them,i am not saying stop listening to their music,but don´t worship them,there is a big difference!!!Young teens especially teens yea get excited and cry when they see their idol in concert.All I can say is WHAAAT?So you see the effect that worshiping these false idols has upon you.If you watch old footage of the Beatles or Elvis you will see many women crying and fainting when they see them.These stars that you worship are simply normal people with more of a destroyed life by illuminati elite.They are not gods,but possessed by evil Celestial fallen angelic races and they need not be worshiped,but these dark forces in them decive you into this in order for them to recive that energy.But now you see the effect that music has on people’s lives.

So now you see the affect that these types of music have on the mind and how we act in society.Thus we have a form of brainwashing.My suggestion to you is limit your listening to most of these types of music except for that of New Age music wich is 90´s music,neurokunk,cyberpunk(but not all),old school hip hop,electrodance,rave(old school hacienda the 80´s),technotronic, old school POP,RNB(not comercial),ect….If you want to attract higher vibrating beings the holy celestial angelic spirits around you…then you need to be listening to New Age music i listed or classical music also or music like this,just listen.For the vibrations in the negative and extremly comercial types of music is much lower as they were originally channeled from dark forces,these types of music were channeled from the Underworld and the lower Astral Planes.

Here we have the biggest liars on the face of the earth.NASA=N.A.S.A.=NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SPACE ACTORS=FREEMASONIC LUCIFERIAN SPACE CULT!They release stories and pictures from outer space so that can see the beauty of our Universe AND PHOTOSHOP pictures with realms of fallen angelic beings that gave them.The truth is they are brainwashing you into thinking that there other life out there is all frendly,when first those who they reffer as frendly are your biggest enemies that are devils who are pure hate energy masked as good.They have covered up and lied about intersimensional satanic contacts of iluminati for years.They doctor up photos so that you do not see the “spacecraft” of fallen angels in the pictures!They lied to us when they said they landed on the moon several times.They did 20 years later and on mars the same year when they realy landed and not recorded,the 1969 video records are pure studio made up show brainwash.Can you say bullshit? That was all filmed in a studio and when i tell you that anyone involved in this project were threatened with their life if they ever supposed this information.They have brainwashed everyone into thinking that the planet Mars is red.Can you say Photoshop?They don’t show you the pictures of buildings and Pyramids on Mars or the cities that were destroyed by nuclear weapons and these cities were builded with pyramids on earth and on mars by fallen angels and destroyed on mars by them.NASA knows that there was primitive life there and destroyed by fallen angels and is life of fallen angels only remaining on Mars there.They know that there is life on many planets.But they want to keep you brainwashed and thinking simple.They want you to think that these are the only good living beings in this Universe,when these are evil devils who want to destroy all life here now… Just as they lie about all the UFOs that have been seen by humans thousands of times.They sometimes promote them,and sometimes hide them,they play puppet master games of show and hide wich is control opposition game that like for example they put David Icke and Alex Jones to preach things,but without solutions with fearmonger and mix with lies even sometimes.I myself have over 3,000 UFO pictures that I have taken personally myself.I have also communicated with the Celestial beings.NASA is as corrupt as they can get. But the Bible does reference UFO’s:
Lucifer/Satan is Prime Creator of The Galactic Federation Of Light & all The Biological Beings Therein.Lucifer Manipulates Human & Animal DNA from the True Creations of God during Abductions performed all over the world,to Create His Third Dimensional Species of the Universe that You will get to See on First Contact.Lucifers Hybrid Humanoid Creations do not have Souls all of them.Only the Humans Created by God.Lucifer & His Angels Roam the infinite Realms of the Fourth Dimension.His Main Purpose is to discredit YAHUSHUA (Jesus)as our God and Creator.Lucifer teaches mankind the distorted knowledge of the Heavens & the awareness of Self Exaltation.He will set up His Kingdom on this Earth & Help the Governments of this World bring Humanity Together into a New World Order.There are connections found between the fallen angels,the pagan gods,because they are one & the same,New Age Luciferian Alien agenda Satanic New World Order they bare.We can safely determined that the origins of the New World Order are Satanic to the core,given down to us in a pyramid like manner by these fallen angels;in order to create an evil empire that will be ran by them upon their return on 2012 in 21 the december.The head of the movement?No other than Satan himself.He will appear first peacfully to decive,yes Marduk Ra Lucifer with his Reptilian Dracos Nordic Blondes fallen angels from Orion Galactic Federation will arrive and Satan will pose as Ashtar Aryan commander.They Shall Mingle Themselve’s With The Seed Of Men.”Daniel 2:43 Seraphim,Cherubim & Ezekiel’s Wheels Alien hybrids,Nephilim & the Days of Noah Do not rejoice O Philistia,all of you,for the rod of your striking is broken, because a viper comes forth from the root of the snake and his fruit is the fiery flying seraph.Isaiah 14:29 Fallen angels and other fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeings have Technotronic Projection Inter-Dimensionals Travel Draco/Borg Cybernetics Implant Technology Stargates. The Media:
This consists of World News,magazines and newspapers. They are all controlled by the illuminati.You are only shown on the news that which they want you to be shown.They show you that in which they wish for you to believe the certin crap bullshit devil womits.Just like in war they have implanted reporters to show you the war the way they want you to see it.They are not going to show you the atrocities that are committed.They are not going to tell you details about the illuminati or any secret shadow government organisations run by them,because Lucifer is prince of this world.Anyone who ever points this out on the news is simply made out to be a terrorist,or “criminal” or any other bullshit devil womits to keep you demonicly possessed,hypnotranced and in deep sleep.
All media and all government officials are calling these people terrorists and that they have blood on their hands,when illuminati realy does that.This is because our governments and military are scrambling to debunk people to have more control and by control opposition.They do not want the world to know about their atrocities,greed and corruption.They don’t want you to know the truth of why they are really at war.They don’t want you to know that war is all about funding World Bank’s and weapons builders.They don’t want you to know that that war is also about “Culling” the population.If they can´t always stop people from exposing the truth,they get them to control opposition shows of for example Alex Jones and David Icke and there stop them talking the most important things,like they did with those who know the most things.But thanks to many hackers out there… There have been hundreds of mirror sites up and running to keep his information on exposing corruption and greed to the public like i and other real deal truth supporters do.So I must thank all you hackers out there for a job well done ispecialy those who keep the info of Tila Tequila the insider,she knows also a lot!She exposed many things as 2 pac did,and many famous people like that who escaped illuminati slave program.I would love to shake your hand on keeping the truth accessible.So you see this shows you how the news media works for the government and how they want to brainwash you into thinking that this person,they he or she is a terrorist.This person has never blown up anything nor has he convinced anybody who commit acts of violence. They have only exposed the actions of greed,corruption and murder of many governments around the world who are run by draconian illuminati.As time moves forward you will see many others come forth exposing the truth of the dark ones.Till dark ones bite you,don´t fear,use spiritual strenght and God´s help by prayer and wooden sticks and bind them in the name of YAHUSHUA!As I told you before the time has run out for the illuminati/dark ones.More and more they will be exposed thru other means of media from us truthers other than the world news and control opposition,this is promise of God!Thanks to the Internet this information will be exposed to the world as God keeps these forces restrained for sime time for more people to be wake up,come on wake up peopl,should i say sheeple,yes,don´t be offended you act like one!But as you can see our current administration is trying to implement a bill that would give Presidents of the world´s goverments the ability to have a “kill switch” for the Internet.They try to say on the news that this is simply so that they can shut down terrorist web sites.This is only partially true.Yes it is a good thing that they will be able to shut down terrorist web sites but it also gives them the ability to shut down web sites like what is truth wich is 2% like this out there what i give,and those who expose control opposition wich gives truth and mix it with lies.They want to be able to shut down the Internet if they have done something bad and they do not want the public to know about it. So tell me… What makes our governments any different thansomebody want to shut you up by hand on your mouth?Yes we have more freedom here sometimes then when it comes to speech on TV but trust me our governments are working on curbing that freedom,but they won´t vbe able to do it,because God won´t allow that,they will bite their reptilian skin and cry to Lucifer,but one day in 20 years in future they will do this,and one day after that soon YAHUSHUA WILL COME AND THEIR LUCIFER WILL EVEN FIRST BOW DOWN AND CRY LOUDLY YAHUSHUA NAZARINE YOU ARE LORD OF LORDS,AND KING OF KINGS ALPHA AND OMEGA,AMEN!!!YAHUSHUA IS THAT AMEN I SAY,AMEN HE IS!!!Their agenda of Satan´s New World order is one of totalitarianism wich Satan/Lucifer himself introduced them to. Do not accept the crap for a minute that this is the work of the Democrats or the Republicans.This is the work of both parties together as they have the same agenda behind closed doors.Everything you see on the news is nothing more than a dog and pony show.I ask all of you out there to expose the truth when you find it.Do not worry about the consequences.As long as you are not committing acts of violence or hatred then you have done nothing wrong is the crap they speak.It is not against the law to expose atrocities or acts of greed or war crimes.Stay strong,stand tall and become a beacon of light for you will stand stron and be protected by God so that you may rid this planet of those who choose not to raise their vibrations and work with the light.
Of all types of brainwashing there are… The world news is also in the worst of the worst offenders. The news is designed to make you angry and get you worked up so that your energy levels are in sync with the darkness… therefore enslaving you to the material world.They do not expose the truth of what goes on behind closed doors in our government.They only expose that they choose for you to know and be aware of.The best advice I can give to all of you is to turn your damn TV off!At least stop watching the news.Watching your local news is not quite as bad and that will help you to know about things that are going on in your local area but the world news is the one that you need to stop watching.It will only stir up your feelings of anger,hatred and negativity wich feeds dark evil multy hyper interdimensional forces.This messes with your own energetic field aura bringing your vibrations to a new low vibrational friquency each day as you watch this crap that they try to brainwash you with.Even networks like Fox news who is known for showing both sides of the fence is nothing more than crap designed to get you worked up.They put a left-wing moron against the right wing moron to argue things out,the two devils fighting for who will be at the top.This way you think you get to hear both sides of the argument.But truly this is doing nothing more than getting each side of the fence worked up into a frenzy of anger and hatred.

So please do yourself a favor and turn your TV off.Spend your time in a better way by going on fresh air,dooing sports,beeing with your good friends,praying to God for higher celestial holy angelic beings to bring the truth to your conscious mind.

Magazines:most all of you know how fake the covers of these magazines are.Simply look at how airbrushed the faces and bodies are of these celebrities that are on the covers of these magazines.No one looks like that in real life.This is pure crap.Photoshop is right there at work.They take many celebrities who are more full figured and make them look skinny.They takethem who are already thin and make them look even skinnier.Thus making young girls think that this is how they are supposed to look…another form of brainwashing.I will take for example the cover of the recent Rolling Stones issue which shows the singer Katy Perry.She is a beautiful young lady who makes you crazy.But they have airbrushed and altered her image to make her flawless.She is already naturally beautiful and did not need for them to do this.But that is ok… Rolling Stone magazine… your days are numbered.Your sales have plummeted.Who the hell wants to buy an overpriced magazine that is more like a freaking newspaper?

There are also many magazines that use subliminal messages on the covers and in the advertisements.Hidden words in photos that you see but your conscious mind does not pick up on them.However you subconscious mind does.Sex is the most common word used to sell products and you won’t see the word sex…but it is there hidden

I’m going to make this paragraph somewhat short because it could truly go on forever and ever.The truth about politics is that humanity is all brainwashed into thinking that our vote counts.I am telling you the truth when I say that your vote means absolutely nothing when it comes to voting for a President.Presidents are not elected.They are “selected”. Yes they are selected by the illuminati according to their bloodline and they are nothing more than puppets for the illuminati.This is why we have some brainless wonders every four years.I don’t care if you’re a his or that president fan. You need to get your head out of your ass and understand the truth on how politics work.You must understand that presidents come from the same bloodline.Their bloodline goes way back to the time of Hyperborea,Lemuria,Atlantis,Egypt,Sumeria,Babylon,Mayans,Greece,Persia,Rome.You must truly understand this or the joke is on you.
Politics around the world are controlled by shadow governments/illuminati.Here in this world we have we have yes we do two political parties,the Democrats and the Republicans or left-wing/right-wing who are only now here after communism has been destroyed by illuminati´ s one button push just as int he momment they created it.This is nothing more than a means to pit one man against another.It is designed to create anger and hatred towards fellow brothers and sisters.This is easy to see when you look at people who get so worked up to the point of violence against someone who does not accept the same cra what they do when it comes to politics.This is a good reason not to ever put a political sticker on your new car unless you want to be keyed by some asshole on the other side of the fence.I have some friends that are well studied in the occult yet they still accept he crap that being a conservative or liberal and only voting for one party will really make a difference.What an joke dark forces pull on them and decieve them with.They do not understand and they refuse to see the light when it comes to the government being controlled by a darker force then their elemental witchcraft home ground or nature worship slamander elemental spirit evoking candle lightning is. Everyone needs to stand back and take a deep close look. Do not stand on the left… Do not stand on the right… Stand in the middle and pay attention to what is going on!!!Do not hate your fellow brothers and sisters because they accept some different crap than you and if most of you do not know your own words and words of God and holy angelics,but of demonic forces that is fine also,you may pray to feel the truth,so when you hear it to know it also when you read it here to understand it!Do some homework and study about the illuminati,ask me i will explain you evrything about them.Most mainstream people have no freaking clue of what the illuminati is or its agenda here.These Democrats and Republicans work together behind closed doors on their agenda of creating a system of totalitarianism hence the Satanic Luciferian New World Order.But the New World Order is not going to be how they so choose.There will be a Luciferian New World Order that only will be on the restrictions first by God not allowing satan too much to do for more souls to be awakened from the slumber.The government that you see in place now is nothing more than a Satanic organization that deals with devil pacts and is deeply involved with blood sacrifice and pedophilia in secret places in that are cover of darkness.They performed blood sacrifice on children in such a way to keep the entities that possess their bodies happy.These high government officials who are possessed by fallen angelic draconian reptilian overloards of chaos feed of energy of fear and suffering,murder hate,death,and all negative.They are possessed by beings of an dragon fallen evil celestial luciferian race that want to keep humanity enslaved.This type of information on the news these entities themselves hide there materialsed in human form to just keep that info hidden.Even when a newscaster had once asked for an example President Bush about the Skull and Bones Society… Mr. Bush simply answered “I can’t tell you anything because it’s a secret”.
So do not pit yourself against your fellow beloved brothers and sisters.Pray that they will be more awakened and understand the truth about politics and shadow governments.I myself warn this out of love!So that which I’m telling you now is the information that I have told to warn out of love,i send posetive energy of love,and not of fear and there is much more to be told.This is not information that I read in some book or TV teletext,or news forum on internet,or magazine,because there is much truth mixed with lies and cover up also because that is all control opposition to make you decived.

This is the worst of them all.God have no religion,you should not to!You must have relationchip with God(spiritual connection/annointing,fellowship,and spiritual discerment)!!! The word religion,anemology of that word is: religion= relaying on the jinn and jinn is a type of fallen celestial being who rebelled against most high!Literaly everyone and even those who say we don´t have,because if people don´t have relationchip with God,they have with devil thru religion knowingly or not,because of this world´s falsehood matrix illusions crap,religion is indoctrinated into a religious system when they are young but the majority of those who escaped have been have been yea,before God pulled them off this crap.If you are in one by knowingly then from the time you are just a wee little one you are taken to pagan Sunday school and church to learn about the Bible.You are immediately indoctrinated into a system of fear and edited bible,that God did not write,they hide orignal bible,ask me to send you original bibleyou will learn the truth,these people hide the truths and sometimes give them to mix them with lies.You learn all the Bible stories which are there to make you learn something,but they use that to defeand themselves who are demonic greedy individuals to enslave you and control you and lead you to hell with them.So from this very young age you are having fear and lies and demons and all the crap bullshit illusion and falsehoods installed in you.Now you will go through life thinking that if you are a bad person and do not faloow your reptilian pastor or guru or whatever religious demonic leader…Then you will go to Hell.You are not being taught the true message that Christ came here to bring us. You’re being taught a message of fear that was developed by the church and illuminati.You will go to hell if you are religion´s puppet,but they tell you the other way of lies to keep themselves rich and lead you to hell!Yea the church and illuminati go hand-in-hand.In other countries and cultures they have their own religious systems to bring about fear and lies and control enslavment.Think of the brainwashing that the extremists of Islam a put upon their young people. Young people are very susceptible to new ideas and thoughts and are demonicly possessed by dark forces killing themselves and others going to hell faster them lightning. You have to be completely brainwashed to think that some God (wich is devil masked for real in all religion in general) is going to reward you with virgins and rivers of wine if you just blow yourself up and kill a bunch of innocent people!Wake up people…!So many people go through life with these blinders on and simply do not analyze that which they are being taught.So my point here is simply that you have been brainwashed into a crap system and therefore you go through life thinking that this is how things are and there is nothing more.You go through life thinking that the words of some religious books written by fallen angels are the words of gods,when there is only one true God in form of Holy Trinity.
What now…………..?
All must be awaken to truth.Turn off your TV.Stop reading magazines.Stop playing violent video games.Sit and relax from these matrixes.Ask God to protect you from evil to show you the way and the truth.Pray for this world´s protection to God for Archangel Michael,Archangel Gabriel,Archangel Uriel,Archangel Raphael,ect to protect this world with their Holy Angelic celestial legionsof angelic warriors and heelers and guardians.They are waiting for you to Awaken and call God for their word to be done here for their assistance so that you may become a Beacon of Light. I ask you not to act in anger or violence to those Elite who enslave you,because these fallen angelic forces in them will try to attack you back.Violence will only set you backwards on the Path of Enlightenment.Go in Peace and Unconditional Love towards all humanity!LOVE AND MUSIC AND KINDNESS IS WHAT WE NEED!

Witchcrafts and sorcery and advanced magic had been done in february in 2013.More portals of   demonic realms of transyuggothian sorcery and alchemical transmutating,astral projection and lucid dreaming and remote view,13 gates of necronomicon,9 kingdoms of shadows,7 kindgoms of hell amd imnner spiritual cities here have been connected in 2012 on 21.december and these dark forces had came here more and there is more productive programming in illuminati now and they are perfecting their deceptions more,pondemonium realms are to be last opened by satanic rituals on 17th.march in 2020!


Clown spirit like fallen angels scan your personality and take your worst fear form and they then use it against you and feed of your fear energy and these entities grow in that and have more power,the less you give them and face your fears,the less power they have over you.


Yesterday I was very outraged about the bombings

Today I’m saddened that evil plays out its plans infront of the masses without them even realising it

So many children are dying
And I can feel it on many levels

Lastnight I dreamed they are using bombing as a means of sacrifice
Yes your leaders worship evil and when they bomb children die these children are sacrifices to what they worship which are Satan and his fallen elite troops of fallen celestial beings who are pagan gods of old who illuminati cabal worship

Satan/Lucifer and Molech and Baal to be exact,not just wars are ritual sacrafice of innocent children to fallen cherubim Molec but also is abortion ritual sacrafice to that being..

I saw the bombing was a pre-planned sacrifice and that anyone holding office must do a good amount of sacrifices to the fallen angels and other fallen celestial beings.

They prefer sacrificing children
Yes they are doing so to the adults at the same time but their deepest interest is in child sacrifice

The bombing of innocents is the same ritual as done in ancient days where they passed their children through the fire

The Bible contains the heart-breaking tale of child sacrifice practiced in the name of Molech (also spelled Moloch or Molek), a god of the Ammonites. Molech worship was practiced by the Ammonites and Canaanites, who revered Molech as a protecting father figure. Images of Molech were made of bronze, and their outstretched arms were heated red-hot. Living children were then placed into the idol’s hands and died there or were rolled into a fire pit below. Some sources indicate a child might also be “passed through the fire” prior to the actual sacrifice in order to purify or baptize the child. Molech worship occurred in the Hinnom Valley near Jerusalem. Because of this, the valley became associated with the idea of Tophet, or hell (Isaiah 30:33; Jeremiah 19:12; Mark 9:45).

Well one thing christians do not get is that bible does not teach christian religion and even YAHUSHUA(Jesus) spoke against politics and religion and taring the crap out of those who sold things in tample,anyways Creator(divine) does not have religion and is both male and female,and whole creation is created in the image of Divine,and in the bible is in book of revelation in new testament alien invasion was even predicted and bible speaks about aliens in both new and old testament and also angels and demons who are mentioned fall into category of E.T. -“ALIENS”! “Today they call them angels and demons, tomorrow they will call them something else”-Aleister Crowley. (that name else today is “aliens”) Here is one of examples”:Revelation 9:11 King James Bible
And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon. ” …. (“Revelation 9New King James Version (NKJV)
Fifth Trumpet: The Locusts from the Bottomless Pit
9 Then the fifth angel sounded: And I saw a star fallen from heaven to the earth. To him was given the key to the bottomless pit. 2 And he opened the bottomless pit, and smoke arose out of the pit like the smoke of a great furnace. So the sun and the air were darkened because of the smoke of the pit. 3 Then out of the smoke locusts came upon the earth. And to them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power. 4 They were commanded not to harm the grass of the earth, or any green thing, or any tree, but only those men who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads. 5 And they were not given authority to kill them, but to torment them for five months. Their torment was like the torment of a scorpion when it strikes a man. 6 In those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will desire to die, and death will flee from them.
7 The shape of the locusts was like horses prepared for battle. On their heads were crowns of something like gold, and their faces were like the faces of men. 8 They had hair like women’s hair, and their teeth were like lions’ teeth. 9 And they had breastplates like breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the sound of chariots with many horses running into battle. 10 They had tails like scorpions, and there were stings in their tails. Their power was to hurt men five months. 11 And they had as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, but in Greek he has the name Apollyon.
12 One woe is past. Behold, still two more woes are coming after these things.
Sixth Trumpet: The Angels from the Euphrates
13 Then the sixth angel sounded: And I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God, 14 saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, “Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.” 15 So the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, were released to kill a third of mankind. 16 Now the number of the army of the horsemen was two hundred million; I heard the number of them. 17 And thus I saw the horses in the vision: those who sat on them had breastplates of fiery red, hyacinth blue, and sulfur yellow; and the heads of the horses were like the heads of lions; and out of their mouths came fire, smoke, and brimstone. 18 By these three plagues a third of mankind was killed—by the fire and the smoke and the brimstone which came out of their mouths. 19 For their power[a] is in their mouth and in their tails; for their tails are like serpents, having heads; and with them they do harm.
20 But the rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands, that they should not worship demons, and idols of gold, silver, brass, stone, and wood, which can neither see nor hear nor walk. 21 And they did not repent of their murders or their sorceries[b] or their sexual immorality or their thefts.”)

Easter is pagan holiday that has nothing to do with resurrection of YAHUSHUA(Jesus),anyways the holiday that is known as easter is pagan worship of Ishtar fertility goddess that is also known as Astaroth and is also appearing as male figure Ashtar Sheran which is the one you see in picture,that creature is fallen cherubim who rebelled against Creator Father God Yahweh and Mother Goddess Shekinah,Lord Yahushua in havenly realms with Lucifer/Satan/Lilith who is also fallen cherubim,who have on his/her side who rebelled with him/her 1/3 of celestial beings! PASSOVER IS TRUE CELEBRATION OF RESURRECTION OF YAHUSHUA AND NOT EASTER!

ashtar sheran


Satanic Pedophilia Network Exposed in Australia — it Starts at the Top, Just Like in the USA and UK

Friday, April 22, 2016 10:49

The New World Order cult that rules the world administers a Satanic Pedophilia Network, including top-level politicians like Australian Prime Ministers and US Presidents.

The Satanic Pedophilia Network which underlies the New World Order was again exposed in the last few months by another brave whistleblower. Australian woman Fiona Barnett showed a ton of courage in going public at a Sydney press conference in October 2015 and naming names.

Fiona, a former victim of Satanic ritual abuse and part of an international VIP pedophile ring, not only exposed the existence of the Satanic pedophilianetwork and its international child trafficking ring, but actually named 3 former Australian Prime Ministers and 1 former US President as perpetrators.

She reveals that this network, composed of famous actors…

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Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Chapter 6: The Transdimensional Activation of DNA Enables Quantum Superimposition of Awareness Beyond The Biologically Generated Fractal-Holographic System, The Fractal-Holographic Time-Matrix, The Soul-Awareness, and Activating Extra-Dimensional Self-Awareness

Disclaimer: The situation with the energy centers is challenging because in order to know this one must have the experiences themselves. As well, there is a possibility that some activation is advantageous for discerning. And there is a still a possibility that activation could lead to a form of liberation, however the reality of the soul-trap, the interdimensional ‘custodians’ still exists and is a certainty. In the other possibility, some interdimensionals are ‘assisting’ in the liberation of humanity, however, this is about as likely as a politician washing your underarms during a morning shower simply because they suddenly felt compelled to take care of that for you.

As well, the actual process of reducing the entanglement with the false-construct may be experienced differently…

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